General Hospital 01/20/11 Part 2/3 with subtitles

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Claire: Rolling in a little late this morning?
Sonny: I got held up. There was a-- I don't know, something on the road.
Claire: Well, never mind.
I have a terrible habit of asking questions I don't want the answer to.
The contracts for the distillery purchase require your signature.
Sonny: Yeah, right, um. Where is it that you need me to...?
Claire: Here. And here.
Sonny: Okay.
So uh, permit violations for my coffee delivery trucks. I mean that seems a little...
Claire: Oh yeah, it's not uh, exactly earth shattering, I know.
But it's the extent of your business Diane has entrusted me with for now.
Sonny: I like the-- I like your shirt.
So, uh...
Claire: Yes?
Sonny: You know, yesterday I told you about the, you know
Setting a date for the wedding, right?
And then you-- You come here today. You didn't send a messenger and I'm-- It's fine.
Claire: Well, maybe I'm trying to prove I can handle it.
Sonny: You don't have to prove anything.
Claire: I accepted a job in the law firm that represents you.
You're by far their biggest client and I've never been one to avoid
What's staring me in the face. Ergo my personal visit.
Sonny: That cut and dry?
Claire: You're getting married. Not much gray area there.
Sonny: Yes, but what I'm saying is you don't have to go the extra mile for me because
I feel bad that I can't give you anything in return.
Maxie: So, did Dante cheat on you?
Because if he had an affair with Brenda like three years ago
Technically that's not cheating. That's before you guys met.
Unless, you know, they slept together recently.
Lulu: No, Maxie, I don't know. He's obviously still hung up on her.
Maxie: Brenda's engaged to Sonny, so... It's not like she's really a threat.
Lulu: Yeah, but Dante made a huge sacrifice for her and it could have cost him his job.
But he cared so much about Brenda he still did it anyway.
Maxie: Yuck.
Lulu: Yeah, he obviously still cares about her.
Maxie: Look maybe he didn't tell you because he didn't want to hurt you.
Okay let's face it. When it comes to relationships, men are total cowards.
And the longer he waited the harder it was to tell you.
Lulu: Whose side are you on?
Maxie: Yours! But I'm just saying.
If you guys are really over you're gonna be miserable.
Lulu: I did not fall in love with this Dante.
The Dante that I fell in love with was the Dante that I wanted him to be.
Maxie: I disagree with you.
I think Dante's one of those people who genuinely tries to do the right thing
Even if he doesn't always succeed and I'm not trying to downplay whatever it is
That he did to hurt your feelings. I'm just--
I'm saying that I've had a lot of experience when it comes to creeps and losers and
I don't think he's one of them.
Lulu: Maxie, none of this matters if you don't have trust.
It doesn't matter.
Maxie: You could try forgiveness.
Lulu: I-- It's too late.
Maxie: Is it?
Or have you reverted back to some stupid idea
That all Spencers are doomed when it comes to love?
Dante: You know I wanted to tell her.
I wanted to tell Lulu about me and Brenda but I figured what good would that do?
And then what do I do next? I tell you. I have no problem telling my brother
Confiding in him that I got feelings for Brenda.
But the woman I'm trying to build a healthy relationship with? No way.
Michael: Dante all that stuff, it's easier to see in hindsight.
Dante: You know what the worst part is? I made her think-- I messed with her head.
I made her think she can't even trust her own instincts.
That's one of the qualities I've loved most about her. It's her perceptiveness.
Michael: Do you mind me asking how she found out?
Dante: She found out from someone else. Now she thinks I'm hiding who knows what.
Michael: Okay. I can't say I blame her.
Dante: I know it was wrong to keep secrets.
This wasn't about her.
These were promises I made to Brenda.
I love Lulu. I love her more than I ever have. Nothing's going to change that.
Michael: For you. But for Lulu it's--
Dante: No, I have to fix this.
I gotta find a way to turn it around and get her back.
Theo: The goal of, course, is to get a postponement on the wrongful death suit
against Brenda Barrett and Dante Falconeri. But I am far from optimistic.
Diane: Tch. Huh. You know, Theo, sometimes I just hate being right.
Theo: I take it there has been some unfortunate development?
Diane: One of our associates, Claire Walsh, just dropped off some material
to Sonny Corinthos. In person. She didn't use a messenger.
Theo: I fail to see the cause for concern.
Diane: Yes, well. Since you're going to be working out of this office for a while
You should know that Sonny and Claire had a relationship.
More to the point, Claire put her career at the justice department on the line
To have a disastrous affair with Sonny which is why she's now working back
In the private sector.
Claire has a brilliant legal mind. She's tenacious as a pitbull.
But it all goes out the window when it comes to Sonny Corinthos.
Theo: Isn't it all a bit irrelevant now that Sonny is engaged to Brenda Barrett?
Diane: You'd think so. Except Claire's inventing excuses to be around him.
She's behaving like a lovesick schoolgirl.
And that is very bad for business.
Sonny: Sorry about yesterday. Jason and Brenda walking in.
Claire: Brenda's your fiancée. I'm sure I'll be seeing her often.
Sonny: Yeah, I just don't want to, you know, put you in that position.
Claire: Well they were obviously here for some urgent reason.
Sonny: Brenda's still a target and things get tense.
Claire: Well if you need my help let me know.
Sonny: I don't want you getting involved.
Claire: Sonny, my days as a federal prosecutor are over.
So there's no conflict of interest here.
Either professional or personal I'm on your side.
Sonny: Thanks.
Jason wants to postpone the wedding.
Brenda wants to go ahead. So do I.
Claire: Well, you're not concerned that Brenda could be vulnerable at the wedding?
Sonny: We have tight security all over. Whatever it takes, you know.
We've waited too long.
Brenda: Hello! I'm so glad you're here I have a million things to tell you.
Robin: Well, you look good. Must be happiness.
Brenda: It's because Sonny's perfect.
Robin: Yes, yes I heard somebody's getting married February 18th.
Brenda: How'd you know that? I wanted to tell you.
Robin: Your wedding planner.
Brenda: What?
Robin: Yeah. She-- She came to the hospital and she informed me that
I'm your matron of honor and that my skin coloring is all wrong
And that if I didn't agree to a makeover I was getting axed from the wedding.
Brenda: That wedding planner is the rudest woman on the planet.
But she's got amazing taste.
In fact you should have seen, she was so rude to Sonny.
Robin: Really?
Brenda: I'm gonna fire her.
Robin: You should. Where did you find her, anyway?
Brenda: Oh she was a gift from, uh, Spinelli.
Anyway, she's got great ideas for the wedding.
Robin: Hmm, well, I mean if she can pull off a great wedding
In one month flat maybe she's worth it.
Brenda: It doesn't really matter because I'm marrying the man of my dreams so...
Ah! Everything's going to be perfect no matter what.
You're gonna be my matron of honor.
Robin: Yeah, she couldn't scare me away. Can we just drop the matron part, please?
Brenda: Yes! Sorry. You're gonna be--
You're hotter now than you were the first day we met.
Robin: God, I wish Stone could be here.
He would be so happy seeing you and Sonny finally getting married.
Brenda: I know. He's smiling down on us.
Robin: I know, he's finally getting his way after all this time.
But you have to promise me something.
Brenda: Yeah, of course. What?
Robin: That you will be honest with Sonny. That you guys will trust each other. And...
If at any time you feel angry or shut out or
whatever it is you're feeling You have to tell him.
I mean if Patrick and I communicated better I don't think Bitch from Hell
Would have ever been able to work her way between us.
Brenda: I thought said things were
Getting a little better after Christmas, right?
Robin: Yeah, but there's a lot of things to be worked out.
A lot of issues to be resolved.
I mean just this morning I snapped at him
Because there was some budget cuts for the Stone Cates Wing.
Patrick, he didn't really say anything out of line but I still snapped at him anyway.
You know, it's just like anything that has to do with Stone
Because it was such a great part of my life and-- but bad.
And I don't know, how do you really explain that to anyone, you know? Including Patrick.
Brenda: Of course.
Robin: But on the bright side there's a cute new doctor at work. Terrell Jackson.
He's really cute and-- and smart, and funny and easy to talk to.
Brenda: And a doctor.
So, should Patrick be worried?
Robin: No, it's not like that. It's just...
Terrell, he had a friend who died from complications of AIDS and, you know
He gets it.
Brenda: Yeah.
Carol: We need to get a few things straight.
Brenda: Yeah, we do, actually.
Please close the door when you come into my apartment.
This is my wedding and I'm the boss.
Michael: If it's any consolation, Abby's not seeing me anymore.
Dante: What? Why not?
Michael: She said seeing her could make a whole mess of my life.
I told her not to give up on our friendship, but she said it was for the best.
Dante: I'm sorry, Michael. I know how much you cared about her.
Michael: The point is, that when somebody says they don't want to see you
It's probably best to take them at their word.
Dante: It's a different situation between me and Lulu.
I'll never give up on her.
Lulu: Hey.
Dante: Hey. I'm glad you came back.
Lulu: I'm just here to get my stuff.
Michael: I'm gonna take off. I'm gonna be late for school.
Dante: Yeah.
Lulu: So the woman that you'll never give up on, would that be me or Brenda?
Brook Lynn: Yeah, I know it's the hot club, but you're the bouncer. You can do this.
Yeah. No you can. I believe in you. Okay. He's a big tipper, so.
See you tonight. Okay, bye.
Elizabeth: Nice outfit.
Brook Lynn: Oh, um, yeah. Nikolas likes it too. He picked it out.
But if you're looking for him he's out riding right now.
Elizabeth: That's okay. I'll wait.
Brook Lynn: Okay, well. Why don't we just get this over with?
You can tell me what your lame excuse is for being here. Gonna use your son again?
Elizabeth: You're quick.
Brook Lynn: Yeah. Look, Liz, I think this is
really disgusting already. Yeah, and Lucky didn't fall for it,
Nikolas isn't going to either. He's actually busy tonight. He has plans, so.
Elizabeth: Plans change.
Lisa: So, how you doing with Robin?
Terrell: Not bad. She begged me have sex with her
But I told her not without a steak dinner and a movie.
Lisa: I think maybe you haven't answered the question.
Are you making progess?
Terrell: Sorry to disappoint. But I'm not the kiss and tell type.
Lisa: Okay, we had a deal.
Terrell: Trust me, I haven't taken my eye off of that prize.
Lisa: Well it's not going to be as easy as you think 'cause Robin
is a sexually repressed holier-than-thou skank.
Terrell: You hate her, okay? I get it.
Enough already.
Lisa: You know that's the third or fourth time that you've jumped to that little
twit's defense.
Terrell: I'm gonna do this my way, darlin'.
You can accept that or you can find somebody else.