HITMAN 101 - Episode 5: Devils In The Details

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[Carnahan] Don't be too alarmed, this is merely an informal visit
no harm is meant to pass.
Mace, cut him loose.
I owe you one.
[Carnahan] Don't mind her, as I said it's merely a harmless visit,
no one's mad you knocked my brood around a little,
hell, eradicated is probably better wording
but I can always find more when needed.
It was only a test, and you passed.
I figured it must be something along those lines.
Really? How so?
Well, for starters the only reason I'm here right now talking to you is cuz I allowed it.
The moment "stinky" didn't blow my brains out
I could see where this was going.
As for the test, if it was really real,
they'd have all attacked at once.
Lets cut to the meat and potatoes.
I can only assume you got the envelopes and the code.
And we're aware you took care of Diaz for us
and we thank you for that.
The thing is, you weren't supposed to get those envelopes.
I wasn't?
Who was?
Not really your concern, the point is this project,
contracted out to one person
somehow managed to also get sent out randomly to an unknown number of
professionals, including yourself.
This here meeting is a courtesy to let you
know your not the only one working on this project,
but I expect you already guessed that.
Somehow got sent out?
If we knew how or what happened we probably
wouldn't be having this conversation.
Whatever the fuck up was,
we're now adjusting,
adapting to make it work.
Our employer, you're employer cannot abort.
This is a one time only affair so my crew and I are here to oversee,
make sure we get to the finish line without fail.
And how do you do that?
A bit of skill, a bit of luck.
We obviously know the code.
My crew have been working on culling the herd.
The ones we like, such as yourself we're letting continue on.
So what,
I'm not the only one kicking your guys asses.
[Staal] Watch your mouth!
No, not everyone needs to get tested.
Not everyone is a mystery.
I don't get it,
why not pull me off the project if you have your own guy?
Hell why don't one of your lap dogs just do it,
they seem itching to kill something.
This job was set up meticulously.
Any suspicion could easily connect the dots and steer it off course.
There's a timetable set and our employer is
hellbent on seeing this through.
As I said, we don't know how many others are out there.
We aren't about to stop those who seem to know what they are doing.
I'm like a back up?
[Staal] If it were my call you'd already be chum.
I'd be remiss if I didn't inquire about a few things before we leave you be.
One, Do the cops have anything,
is the project in any way in jeopardy?
No. But I'll be staying clear of them from now on.
Two, we know where you've been staying,
how did you acquire such a quirky suite?
Met a guy on the internet,
said I could live with him,
thought I was twelve.
Who the fuck are you?
The right guy to finish the project.
You don't seem like a hitman.
[Carnahan] Hey!
[Carnahan] Staal! This is not that.
Two more envelopes,
two more jobs, then pay dirt.
But from now on any and all payments get paid at the end.
You understand there's competition right?
>> Yeah.
We know the code and we're watching.
You're only an asset until you aren't an asset, capish?
Who killed Singer in the stairwell, how'd the cops get there so quick?
Informal visit's over. Mace,
take him home.
[Carnahan] Yes!
You were dead.
[Carnahan] Staal!
[Carnahan] Leave him be.
Good boy
I pray we meet again.
I count on it.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Turned into quite the shitty couple days.
Failed my assignment,
cops know my face, gangsters know my place,
they even got the drop on me.
She gave me a fucking fake number.
I thought we connected.
A fake number, I don't get it.
Uhhh, buddy.
I know you paid for an hour,
but if we aren't going to do anything, then I'm just going to go.
You might as well go.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
And a word of advice.
Sex with strangers, never solves girl problems.
I have girl problems.