Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 2

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See there is a bird there. - In the night? It must be a bat.
Not the flying one, buddy. The one that makes us fIy.
See there. - Oh !
She is not in our IeveI, buddy. Her father must be a miIIionaire.
After marriage we reduce the miIIions.
This had to go bad now. - Mercedes doesn't have its..
..Earlier reputation. - Yes, buddy - Why don't you buy a Ferrari?
I was going to buy that but there was only one piece in the showroom.
Sachin was adamant in buying that. - You mean TenduIkar. - Yes.
I left that car for the sake of the nation and he is crying..
..for such a small thing. - Yes, buddy. So sad.
Oh Mercedes. Mine is also a Mercedes. Any problem?
Look at this. The door is not opening.
Opening things is my specialty.
Come on, give me the kiss. I mean give me the keys.
Here you are.
Your fingers seem to have magic in them.
all my eIeven fingers have magic in them.
Then show me that magic. - No, not here.
Let us go to a place where both of us are all aIone.
Sure! Then let's go. - Come on.
Let's go. - Where shall I leave the Mercedes?
Leave it at Krishna cottage. - Okay.
Can I ask you something? - Yes.
Don't you have any boyfriends? I mean..
Actually I like the height of the MusIim boys and the width..
..of the Gujarati boys. It is not only difficuIt to get such a..
..combination but it is also impossible to find one.
You didn't tell me your name. - Nasiruddin Shah.
So you work in the movies. - No, I'm not that one.
God is great! His fortune aIways takes him forward and.. fortune makes me climb from the back.
Sir, the commissioner has called for you.
I had called for the HavaIdar, why have you come?
I'm HavaIdar sir.
Then why are you wearing the uniform of an inspector?
Sir I'm an inspector. - You're an HavaIdar (constable) & an inspector.
Two positions at the same time.
Sir, my name is HavaIdar and I'm an inspector in the force.
I'm inspector HavaIdar. - Shut up.
Your case is more compIicated than this case.
This is the fifth case in the Iast 2 months.
Sir, a girl has been raped and murdered in the lift.
What is the poIice doing in this connection?
What are you doing? - I'm shaking it up. - What?
I mean that I've shaken up the poIice force.
If the poIice can't soIve this case then we'll take the heIp..
..of an expert. - Expert! What type of an expert?
A person with the experience of rape and murder. - What?
I mean a person who has soIved such cases before.
What can be the motive behind such murders, sir?
Time pass. - What, time pass?
When there is rape the motive is cIear. Sex.
Sex can be bought with money too.
Every one is not as fortunate as you are, madam.
How are you sure that all these murders have been..
..committed by the same person?
That is because this time also there is a red rose near the..
..dead body and a part from the body is also missing as Earlier.
This time which part is missing, sir?
That is.. Sorry, I can't tell in front of a famiIy audience.
In your opinion who couId it be who is committing all these murders?
To look at he will an ordinary man you and me but behind..
..that mask of an innocent man is the face of murderous, inhuman deviI.
I'm sorry Mrs. Gaitonde. I'm in a heIpIess situation.
I don't know what you are but you are like a cow to me.
Good morning Uncle.
will you tell about this to anybody? - Have we toId tiII today.
No, thank you.
What's this? Stop it.
The day I catch you that doII of yours will be finished.
The suit taken on hire has been damaged.
That stammering feIIow Popat of the Iaundry will kiII me.
Sir, someone has unnecessariIy instigated you.
There is no ghost in this house.
I need money badIy, so I'm seIIing this house cheap.
The IandIord. I think that we must vanish now.
Come. This is the flat with 24 hours water and 24 hours eIectricity.
You'll also get fresh air and a good view for free.
Now you bring your wife and start Iiving here.
Why can't I Iive with another woman? - Of course, why not?
One minute. - Okay. One minute.
Hello darIing, I had come on a work hence couIdn't ring you up.
Who are you?
I don't have a name. - Why?
Since my rebirth hasn't happened yet.
I'm looking for a body.
Were you looking for me? - Yes.
I can go anywhere. Inside your phone too.
Why my phone? - Isn't incoming free? - Yes.
Where is he? - You have to Iend me your body.
'Praise the Iord. Lord save me from the miseries.'
'The Iord who shall keep ghosts away from you.'
The ghost is itseIf chanting prayers.
How many misunderstandings do human have?
How many times have I toId you that..
..they don't stay here anymore? Go from here.
Why don't you understand what I'm telling you?
They have given me this address and toId me to come.. and take the suit from them. - Shut up.
I have given it on hire them. I have a Iaundry.
You are talking obscene you dirty man.
I'll not leave you. I have suppIies suits to a lot of big men.
Get lost.
What is this happening. Someone is shouting ghost..
..and someone is shouting for his suit here.
How hard that fatso hit me on my heart.
In the backside there is Popat and in the front it is the Iand Iord.
How do I go out from here?
This is seventh customer that I brought and he ran away.. if he saw a ghost. - Ghost!
What is wrong? Why did you get startIed?
Have you also seen the ghost? - Yes, sir. - Where?
On the CD. - On the buiIding stairs? - No, on a pirated CD.
I'm not talking of that movie. I'm talking of real ghosts.
Are that chaps Karan and Rahul coming here steaIthiIy?
What are you saying sir? Some one 5 foot and 10 inches..
..tall will go through this place without me noticing.
No one can escape from my eyes.
Hello. Are you like this from chiIdhood?
Have a nice day. Bye. - Bye.
Go carefuIIy.
How unkind god is? He will have to remain aIone throughout his life.
No, darIing. God makes a pair for everyone.
See he has made you to be paired with me.
That's why I say that god is so unfair. - Come home.
Hey Auto. Come here.
You can run away from this world.
How Iong will you run away from your seIf?
please look at my paIms and tell me about my fortune.
I don't have to see your hands. I can see your face and tell.
The Saturn is annoyed with you. Sunny DeoI. I mean Iord Shani.
Give me one thousand rupees. I'll go out and perform prayers.
I don't have 1000 rupees. - Then 800. - I don't have that too.
500. - No. - 200 - No.
At Ieast you must have 100. - No.
Then how much do you have?
all put together I have twelve and haIf rupees.
Then you don't have to fear for anything, son.
Even the Saturn can't do any damage to you.
Go. Vacate the place.
It seems that he has become emotionaI.
Listen. You seem to be a good person.
Come here and listen to me. - tell me.
A girl will come into your life.
girl! - Yes, she won't be an ordinary girl. She'll have a..
..moIe on her chest. - MoIe on her chest! - Yes.
Once that girl comes your fortunes will change.
Fame will fall at your feet. The world will be behind you and.. shall be ahead of the world.
Where will I get such a girl? - You get the god if you seek for him.
Go and seek.
What are you staring at? Shall I give you some thrashing?
Karan, what happened? - This? That girl with whom..
..I went Iast night on the Mercedes. - Accident!
Did it hurt badIy? - No, you have to grow up.
You don't know, some women like it wiId.
WiId! - That too in a 5 star hoteI.
Then she gave everything over to me.
He said that he is Nasaruddin Shah and forced me to sit in the car.
I didn't know that the car was stolen.
I promise you that I didn't steaI the car. I have done nothing.
I just opened. - What? - Door.
Now I'll give you a thrashing, get inside.
Then we went inside her room. A deIuxe suite.
Then she slowly started undressing.
Lucky man. After that? - After that she tied my hands.
Sir, don't dare to touch me.
Why not? Your fingers have magic, isn't it?
They don't have now they had it. - Shut up.
Why are you siIent? tell me after that.
Then she took out my beIt.
will you open it again? Nothing of yours will open after that.
How Iong did it carry on? - For the first ten minutes I was..
..conscious and thereafter I don't know.
When I gained consciousness it was all over.
Then how did you come here?
She dropped me in her Mercedes.
It was one wiId night, isn't it? - Yes, buddy.
The girls like it that way these days.
The night is over and everything is forgotten.
But she will not be like that.
She! Who's that?
The one who'll change my fortune. - Who will change your fortune?
That girl who will have a moIe in her chest.
Yes, buddy. One astroIoger toId me today that one girl..
.,like that will come into my life and change my fortunes.
You do as I suggest. You find a girl first. Then you put a moIe..