Barnabas - Exchange student from India at the University of South Australia

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 26.08.2009


Hi I'm Barnabas Provin from
Madras Christian College, Chennai, India.
I'm here in Adelaide
on a student exchange program with
University of South Australia.
I'm doing my field placement with Alberton Primary School
which is in South Australia.
I'm working with the Aboriginal kids in that primary school
and I am in focus with the child parliament which had been
initiated by my seniors in that place.
So, I'm working on it to implement that one.
That, child parliament, is basically to enhance
the leadership qualities in the students
of the Aboriginal kids as well as the Alberton Primary School so that
they take up initiatives and maybe they
assess what their needs are and things like that
and they come into the parliament and put it in
and they will pass on things like
what they need to the principal and things on
and they'll work on it and they'll fulfill their needs.
So it's basically like enhancing the leadership
qualities within them so that they will be productive
citizens for Australia... to the world too.
We have heard our professor saying
that international social work and going abroad
and things like that, and I take this opportunity
or I see this opportunity as a wonderful one because
I have heard about international social work and
this is the second time I am experiencing it
and I think I may take the knowledge
which I get over here and I'll
surely practice it in my country in regards with
social work practice and I'm sure
that this international exposure will give
me a good knowledge base with social work profession
and I'll go back to my country India and
will give all the things which I have got
here to my people there who are troubled.