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C: I bought some breakfast. Smoked salmon, eggs.
Play your cards right, I'll even rustle you up some pancakes. Poached or fried? S: I should go.
C: So you think you can just waltz back into my bed, have your fun, and then leave, is that it? S: I'm sorry.
C: Sorry. That's all you can say, isn't it? 'Sorry'.
You got any idea what it's been like for me since you turned your back on me?
Watching you and Amira play happy families? S: We're not playing.
C: Then what are you doing here, then?
S: It's the way it has to be. C: Yeah, it's the way it has to be because you're a spineless, gutless man,
hiding behind his religion as an excuse for not living your life. Well I've got news for you, mate.
The rules are changing. You can't have it always anymore. S: What do you mean by that?
C: Either you are with me, or you're not. Make a choice. S: You don't mean that.
C: I am better than this. I deserve better than this.
S: Christian- C: No, Sy: either be with me, or just leave me alone.
All: Happy birthday!
A: Why didn't you come home? S: I wanted to get the bedroom finished for the flat.
A: I tried calling you. S: Yeah, sorry, my phone died.
A: Babe, I was worried. S: I know, but I just want everything to be perfect for us.
Z: Right! Time for the presents. S: Look, you shouldn't have got me anything.
A: Don't be silly, it's your birthday. Z: Okay, this is from your father and I. S: Thank you.
T: This is from me. I guess it's not much. S: Aw, cheers Tambo. Z: It's the thought that counts.
A: And this is from your loving wife. We can have some special time later.
S: Thank you, everyone, this is great. Cheers.
A: Babe, you alright? You look a bit peaky. S: No, I'm fine, I've just got a bit of a headache. It's probably lack of sleep.
Z: Well you better perk up for tonight, because I'll be cooking you a special dinner.
A: I was going to invite Christian over later. Z: No. A: Why not?
Z: This is a family thing, isn't it? M: Yeah. A: Yeah...
Z: Yeah. So just go and get something for your head, okay.
Z: Feeling better? S: Yeah, much. Z: Good.
Why didn't you come home last night? S: You know why.
Z: Because you were working on the flat. S: Yup.
Z: So you weren't with him? S: I was on my own.
Z: So you haven't been alone with him? S: No.
Z: You haven't wanted to be alone with him? S: Look, Mum: it's over, you know that.
Z: Yeah. But does he. S: What'd you mean?
Z: Nothing. S: Mum.
Z: He cornered me last week, alright? And he said to me that he was going to try and get you back.
S: Yeah, well, I was never his. And I never will be. I should get ready for mosque.
Z: Come on, we don't want to be late. A: Christian! Why don't you join us later?
C: What for? A: Syed's birthday dinner.
C: Yeah. Love to.
Z: I thought I said 'family only'. A: Christian is family. S: Come on, let's get going.
(Praying in Arabic)
M: [Arabic] Take care, see you soon. Tamwar! Where's your brother?
T: Inside talking to the Imam. M: Alright. T: I'm going to wait in the car.
M: Ah. Syed. Is everything okay? S: Yeah, fine.
M: Well, it's just you were praying up quite a storm back in there. S: Was I? M: Yeah.
S: Just got a lot on my mind, I guess, what with the new flat and everything.
M: Yeah, Syed. I just want to say how proud I am of you. You know that? Taking on all this responsibility. S: Dad.
M: No, it has to be said. We've come a long way since you came back.
My two sons and I praying together again at mosque.
And when he's old enough I'll bring Kamil, and all four of us can pray together. S: Yeah
M: Well of course, you'll probably have your own son by then.
Just imagine: three generations of Masood's praying side by side.
S: We should probably get going. You know what Mum's like if you keep her waiting. M: Yeah, alright, hang on.
I want to give you this.
S: You've already given me my birthday present.
M: Yeah, no, this is something else. This is... this is something from me.
Something I want to give you here. This is the copy of the Koran my father gave to me, and his father gave to him.
S: Dad, I can't, it's too much. M: No, I want you to have it.
And one day, when the time is right, just like the time is right for me, now, you'll give it to your own son.
It's our way, Syed.
S: Thanks.
S: This looks great, Ma. Z: Well, I made all your favorites. I'm glad to see that you're feeling better.
M: Oh come on, let's tuck in. A: Oh, Christian's not here, yet.
Z: Oh, don't worry about him. He's probably got a better offer. A: Maybe I should call him.
S: No, leave him. A: Well he should be here.
S: No, everyone I want around me on my birthday is right here.
A: What was that for? S: Do I need a reason to kiss my wife?
T: Please. M: Oh, don't knock it 'til you've tried it, Tamwar.
T: You know what, I'm fed up with being the odd one out: find me a wife. Z: Really?
T: Yeah. Z: I'll go and get my book of suitable brides.
M: He's joking, Zee.
Z: I knew that.
A: Babe, is everything alright? S: Uh, yeah... it's from Mrs. Patel.
She says there's a gas leak in the area and she wants me to go and let the gasman in.
A: Why can't she do it herself? S: Well she's not around.
A: Well get Christian to sort it out. Z: Oh, no, you know what: Syed you need to go. Just make sure it gets done properly.
M: Oh, come on, it's his birthday, Zee. Let the boy enjoy his food.
S: It's okay. Mum's right: I should go, it's my responsibility. Won't be long. Sorry.
Z: Well here, cover his food, keep it warm: here. A: Tamwar, could you pass the rice, please.
S: I just wanted to check you were alright.
C: I'm fine. Shouldn't you be at your birthday meal? S: Can we talk?
C: Have you made your mind up?
Then there's nothing to talk about. S: Please.
C: Well? S: Not out here.
C: I stayed away from your birthday dinner, because I thought that's what you wanted.
S: I don't know what I want. C: Maybe it's time you did.
I didn't even know it was your birthday.
S: I didn't want a fuss. C: No, because you want a quiet life.
S: I should go; my family will be wondering where I am. C: This how it's going to be, is it?
S: You know, my father gave me his grandfather's Koran today.
C: Well that's nice. S: In recognition of the man I've become.
As a gesture of his pride that I'm continuing the Masood family line. C: I'm sure you'll make a great father.
S: And Amira, my wife, who adores me, is expecting me to make love to her later. C: Then you shouldn't keep her waiting.
S: I know you want me. C: Not like this.
S: But... I'm a married man. There are expectations, I have a responsibility to my wife, to my family, to my faith.
C: And to yourself? S: That's who I am! Son, brother, husband, Muslim.
C: And you're also a man. A living, breathing mass of blood, tissue, feelings-
S: I can't... I can't do this. I've made my choice. C: No Zainab made your choice for you.
S: I've got to go.
C: Then go.
M: I'm sorry.
S: Was that my dad?