The Raw Lifestyle & Raw Food Diet: Durian!!!

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(Krystalle): Hi, I am Krystalle and I'm here with my beloved, Arttemis
(Arttemis): Hello. (Krystalle giggles)
And David, and Yemiah, and Thea Yay!
(Arttemis): Say Hi! (Yemiah: Hi everybody!

and today is May 4th, 2010 and its my birthday! Yay!!!
(Arttemis): Yay, how many years young are you? (Krystalle): Enough! (everyone laughs)
I'm just the right amount
And for my birthday
we're having
Durian (Arttemis): Oooh...
(Yemiah): Mmmm... (Krystalle): Everybody except Thea, cause she is not a fan, and thats okay.
(Arttemis): So, tell me about durian. (Krystalle): I'm doing a durian intro because I noticed when I announced
on facebook today that I am having durian for my birthday
most of my family's said, "What?" (giggle)
So durian is
a big tropical fruit from Asia and it
and it is on the outside
and it comes, I usually find them at Asian markets. And they come packaged like this.
I left it in the package so you can see it. You can find a freezer section because they come frozen
that's how they get here from
(Arttemis): And they were big helmets under the trees
(Krystalle): Without big, stinky... durian has a very particular aroma (David): Like flowers.
(everyone chuckles) (Krystalle): Like flowers.
(Arttemis): Some say it smell like dirty socks (Krystalle): Some people say it smells like dirty socks
and some people say... i think it smells like propane
yeah- the first durian i ever smelled i walked in and that was my first question-
Oh my God where is the gas leak? (Yemiah): Really?
Yeah, its really... (Arttemis): Its the sulfur.
It was a really strong durian though, and it was indoors.
so one of my first rules of thumb about durian is,
I always open it outside.
(Arttemis): Yes that's helped (Krystalle): much better
I think it...
Durian is a very particular
some people love it when they first try it
and some people don't like it at all
I didn't like it at all
until about the 5th time I tried it
I wonder why I tried it that many times
(everyone laughs)
because I kept being at parties and there were people...
(Yemiah): Mmm, it smells good I smell it.
(Krystalle): You do already? (Yemiah): It smells like a good one.
(Arttemis): For most people, durian is definitely an acquired taste.
So its very pointy and sharp and durian grows in the tropics. And durian trees are
mature trees are a
hundred feet tall
and the durian
falls from the tree
can you imagine
being under
a tree when something like this falls out of a tree
(Arttemis): They wear big body armor
and these are really sharp
I actually poked myself once
(Arttemis): Yes.
In the legend and lore, the durian farmers of ancient Thailand would sleep under their trees at night
to keep thieves away from the prized fruit so it was so special. (Krystalle): Yes
And theres a little passage
in the Whole Foods companion
as ancient lore has it, there's a saying that goes
When the durian
falls, the sarongs rise
So durian is known as
it is "Naked Tuesday" after all Durian is known as an aphrodisiac
(Arttemis): Yes. Its a very sensual looking fruit, see!
(Krystalle): Heh, its not very sensual looking
not on the outside So when we open it, its different.
So the key to choosing a good ripe durian
is um,
ask God
because they all pretty much look the same
So um I asked God
to find me the durian and he said "Find the ones with the smiles"
So you see right here
this durian has a smile (laughing)
(Arttemis): Yes, the sarongs will be flying off!
then what I do is I take them home
and about a day and a half before I'm ready to eat durian I defrost it
So on a warm day like this its about
uh eight five to eighty eight degrees outside
I just put it outside
and today I put it out in the sun
and what usually happens when it starts to ripen is it will naturally start to crack
See this crack (Arttemis): Oooh..
So the easiest way to open something this prickly is to
wait for it to naturally ripen and defrost then all I'm
required to do is peel it apart
I just put my finger in this little crack
and come all the way up the seam
(Arttemis): Ooh, that's so easy. (Krystalle): Yes! (Arttemis): Ooooooooh
What's inside is...
(Arttemis): Its fruit
Is very sweet
(Arttemis): Ah, what is it? (Both): Its durian!
it's a very sweet and yummy
sensuous and it does have a particular aroma
but this one smells more fruity than normal
I think, smell...
(Arttemis): Have Thea smell it!
Here Thea come and smell it.
(Arttemis): It's not so bad
So this is called a pod. This is a durian pod.
and each pod has a seed in it
(David): Mmm it is a good one.
(Arttemis): Oh, that's a good one.
So I open the pod and there's a seed and I just
take the seed out
or if it's like this one I may have to clean it off with my mouth
(David and Krystalle): Yes, yes
so my favorite weight to eat durian
is in its
pristine form
without the fly
Just like this
(Arttemis): How is it Krystalle? (Krystalle): Mmm...I like it!
And its a little stringy and it gets stuck in my teeth sometimes
and this part
this is the best part
the soft gooey part
this is the part that is the sweetest
and tastes the most rich
So durian has a really high sulfur content
making a really good for hair, skin, teeth and nails
and um
it also for a fruit has a pretty high fat content similar to avocado
so umm
its yummy, it feels good, it tastes good it smells...okay
(laughing) (Arttemis): You eventually get past the smell trust me.
And so I'll open another pod
so you can see
got one opened
and I find the next one oh, durians flying
(Arttemis): Well we better clean that up or tomorrow its gonna...yeah...she has skill
Krystalle has durian skill.
(Krystalle): And so I just pull the pods out and everyone can eat their seeds
Some people like to do crazy things with durian
like put it in a Vitamix blender and add
chocolate and make some kind of
durian shake, smoothie,
or pudding with it
and that's okay
at the beginning that was the only way Arttemis would eat it
(Arttemis): Everything's better with chocolate
(Krystalle): My favorite is just durian plain just by itself.
So thats how you do it. Usually there are 4 to 5 chambers inside of this durian
this is the final one
now if you happen to find a durian with five pods you have hit the jackpot that's happened
(Arttemis): Yes. Only once or twice
was a five pod durian.
(Krystalle): And then its empty and it looks like this.
(Arttemis): Oh pretty!
(Krystalle): Ta-daa! That's your durian experience for May 4th 2010!
Thank you! Bye bye! (Arttemis): Happy birthday!