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2nd Question: Enjoys watching porn
KJD: Does it have to be among god or can it be others?
YJS: If you want to press that's fine
KJD: Doesn't have to be god? YJS: I have been thinking about that too
KJD: Doesn't make any difference? YJS: No, it doesn't!
YJS: OK, let's start. 1, 2, 3... KJD: I think you forgot that I am god's JD.
YJS: Of course I knew that!
KJD: Shall we press? Is that how you're going to be?
YJS: Let's not go overboard KJD: I think you're going to regret.
YJS: If you enjoy watching it, how many times....
KJD & YJS: Per month? Per week?
SHY: (referring to danny) We don't know if he watches or not!
AD: No, I don't watch!
YJS: I think your mom is nervous again.
AD: *imitating his mom's voice* "Oh god, Danny did what?!"
AD: Honestly....
... I don't enjoy watching it.
YJS: You changed your story. You said you don't watch at all.
AD: When I was younger, I watched alot. In high school.
YJS: Recently? AD: When we lived in dorm, my computer was down.
AD: So I used Kyesang's computer who is in military duty now.
AD: As I was using it, several things just popped up!
SHY: Right, since he is in the army!
KTW: Oh poor Kyesang hyung!
YJS: He won't be able to see on tv!
KJD: Doesn't get the chance to explain.
KTW: Honestly, I will tell you. Among god members, if you ask..
KTW: ... who watched the most, Kyesang watches the most.
YJS and KJD: Doing his military duty, Kyesang...
AD: Taewoo did this...
AD: Several years ago, when he turned early 20's
AD: I came home and he was watching tv lying down -
YJS: Now, it's getting very interesting!
AD: When I walked in, he used the remote to change the channel!
AD: I was curious so I changed the channel. Previous channel.
AD: Scantily clad models, a lingerie show.
YJS: Lingerie show! We have another one here.
YJS: Shouldn't do that.
KJD: We have an expert here.
KJD: The one who introduced me to that world.
KJD: Wow, I had no idea and he really opened my eyes
KJD: Before that, I used to catch bits pieces on cable tv
KJD: "Why are you watching that?"
KJD: "It's edited and you need to hear about the product."
KJD: He recommended two channels to watch.
KJD: Opened up a whole new world to me.
KJD: Watching it, I am always thankful.
YJS: I have something to say. Can't say who it was but...
YJS: ... I was led to it by someone else.
KTW: Who is it?
god: Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!
YJS: His initial S.
KTW: Shin Dong Yop?
YJS: No, it's not Shin Dong Yop.
YJS: He was on the show last week.
* Last Week's Guests *
YJS: But, now I have abandoned it.
YJS: Meaning ... I have graduated.
KJD: Really?
AD: After graduation, must have found work somewhere.
KJD: After graduation, got a job in movie business.
YJS: We talked about this and that.
KJD: We have to hear about god's story.
YJS: No, we have to hear about KJD story.
KJD: What story? YJS: Aren't you lonely?
YJS: You can't sleep these days.
YJS: How do you spend your time?
YJS: What do you do during those long nights?
YJS: I heard you are lonely. KJD: I told you already.
YJS: I heard that you realized something.
YJS: Why don't you tell us?
YJS: Really into internet now!
YJS: When I called you, "It's really helping me."
YJS: You told me you found something that really helped you with your loneliness.
KJD: Alright, alright! If you are going to be like that...
KJD: Fine! I signed up for 3 months!
KJD: Honestly, I signed up for 3 months.
KJD: When you heard that, what did you say?
KJD: " Aigoo! If you join for 6 months, it's cheaper!"
YJS: When we join, it's for a long time.
KJD: "You never know. Use your manager's identity."
KJD: Who is the one who told me that?
KJD: If we talk more, someone is going to get hurt.
YJS: Let's forgive and forget, handshake.
YJS: 6 months is almost up!
YJS: I was just curious.