Miss Perfection sung by Serafina Brown

Uploaded by wmsmock on 09.07.2011

Has she ever needed work?
Daintily she trips along, a cloud of pink,
Nibbling a Madeleine.
She is a tulip wrapped in mink,
Blooming for us yet again.
Does she have heartaches? Does she bleed?
Does she have parts that aren’t real?
Are there some faces she can’t read?
And are there hearts she can’t steal?
It must take some energy to deal with all
the stalkers and wannabes,
The leaders of show biz, commerce and basketball,
Falling to their knees.
Maybe it’s not so bad to be
A girl with a lopsided smile.
And maybe it’s not so sad to be
A little lacking in style.
I am not the mannequin in Macy’s window
Mademoiselle Après-ski.
Cancel the chocolates. Take back the big bouquet.
All I am is me.