Team Belgium Virtual Tour - Solar Decathlon 2011

Uploaded by DOESolarDecathlon on 26.09.2011

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The tagline, actually, that is with E-Cube is “an affordable zero energy house” because
everybody should be able to live in a house that’s energy efficient. That we do by using
as less as energy as needed so we don’t need as much as solar panels on the roof.
Also, we have an expectation of this building that it’s do-it-yourself. The homeowner
can the build the house itself. That’s also why we students could build it up – it’s
very easy and it can be done. Also inside the house we have a structural system that
is a pallet rack system, and industrial system that’s already available on the market,
and that allows us, together with the panels on the outside that are all the same module,
to expand the house when the family expands.
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Most of the build-up went very good because we in Ghent, Belgium, we already built it
up once in almost 24 hours – the structure and the shell – so we already had a little
bit of routine and everybody knew what they exactly had to do.
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With our house, we’re trying to use as less as energy as possible. It’s a passive house
standard house, so it's a very energy efficient home.
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