Hang Out with National Film Society + Beth LIVE! - 9/17/12 (Full Ep)

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BETH: I was trying to time my sneeze.
I lost it.
Darn it.

I lose all my sneezes.
I get too excited and then they leave me.
Hello, my friends.
How was your weekend?
Did you see some movies?
Guess what?
We have some guests here today, Stephen and Patrick
from the YouTube channel National Film Society.
We're going to look at your comments, so how about you put
in any movie questions in the chat?
Or life questions.
Do it now.
Did you do it?
Did you also do something that scared you and then eat
comfort food like I told you to this weekend?
I did.
I performed new jokes at a pretty packed show.
And then I had a big old pretzel at a beer hall.
Beers too.
And I dipped them--
not the beers, the pretzels-- in a bunch of sauces.
I don't know what the sauces were.
I was drunk.
But since it's Monday, I think it's time that we rehash what
happened this weekend.
Some news.
Here are some things that made me go, wait, what?

Number one.
Disney's The Magic Kingdom is no longer dry.
Uh, you can buy beer and wine inside the park now.
Wait, what?
You couldn't before?
How were adults convinced to go before?
Out of love for their children?
I mean, I had no idea that the only drunk people were the
characters in costume.
Number two.
Jay Pharoah is playing Barack Obama on SNL now.
Wait, what?
I mean, that shows you how tiring the presidency must be
if Fred Armisen is like, I'm kind of pooped on this one.
It helps that they have a black man with a killer
impression in the cast.
That's good.
Number three.
The iPhone 5 is now available, but you're not actually able
to get one.
Wait, what?
Or actually, none of us are surprised that it's sold out.
You know, right?
But the good news is that if you don't have a job and you
don't mind sleeping on the street, you can get in line
right now and be one of the first to get your hands on a
piece of equipment that you clearly cannot afford.
Number four.
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together.
Wait, wait?
But after she--
I mean, she-- and then he--
but actually, I'm glad about this, right?
I mean, aren't you?
Don't you really want them to be together?
Number five, lastly.
They found snakes giving virgin births.
Wait, what?
Scientists or whoever found these female pit vipers in
North America just thinking up a baby, just making it, and
then just putting another pit viper out in the open to give
us nightmares.
That's true.
And that's the news.

What are you guys talking about?
Do you have a comment for me?
Lauralee Armstrong.
"First live show!
Watch your shows everyday!
But first time live!
Love you Beth!" Awesome.
This is so great.
Are you a student in Chicago?
Is that what's happening?
So you're able to watch live.
In which case, that's a good thing.
But congratulations to the live chat.
That's awesome.
Doesn't that feel good to comment?
Doesn't that feel good?
It feels good for me.
Like I said, get your movie questions in for National Film
Society, who are joining me right here in a minute after
we celebrate McMayhem Monday.

-Hollywood can be a dirty place.
That's also what it's known for.
That's why I'm trying to change that with hand
sanitizer and donuts.
Some people are hungry and some people are dirty.
We're just bridging the gap.
What, you didn't know?
Nah, he ain't playin'.
-Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to let you know, it's
National Hand Sanitizer Day.
Who wants some?
How about you, young lady?

And I want everyone to rub their hands
together at the same time.
All right, everyone with hand sanitizer, put your hands
together and rub them together.
Thanks, guys.
What's up?
You like my face?
What's your name missburberry.com
And someone else could grab one, and they won't get
whatever's on your hands.
You guys were just going through the garbage.
That's how clean that guy is.
I could kiss his hand.
Take your bag back.
What are these?
Donuts, right?
You probably want one, right?
Hand sanitizer on you.
Rub them.
Like a doctor.
Say I'm like a doctor.
-I'm pretty confused too.
-Let me see that.
And let me see that.
-Taste it.
Taste it.
That works.
Who wants a donut?
And who wants to wash their hands?
See, that's denial, ladies and gentlemen.
There's so many germs out there.
Especially in techno stores.
The moral of the story is, don't suck a man's finger
unless you know that shit's clean.

BETH: We're back.
I'm here with Patrick and Stephen, the men behind the
YouTube channel National Film Society.
When did you start your channel?
PATRICK: September 12, 2011.
So it's been about a year.
BETH: A year?
One year anniversary just happened.
PATRICK: We had two parties.
BETH: Two parties?
PATRICK: Yeah, one in LA and one here in New York.
BETH: Is that why you're in New York, so you could have
another party?
Kind of bi-coastal.
PATRICK: Yeah, of course.
STEPHEN: Definitely.
BETH: Like, we've got to have another party.
We should go to New York.
And then be on this show too.
STEPHEN: That's what we said.
BETH: I'm really glad you're here.
STEPHEN: So are we.
PATRICK: Thanks for having us.
BETH: It's Graphic T-shirt Day, you guys.
We do it for us and for you.
We have a comment from YouTube.
Let's get into it.
"What would you do if there was a squirrel
civil war?" Oh, man.
That's a really good question.
For you guys in particular.
I would love that.
BETH: You'd love it?
STEPHEN: I would really love that because I would film it,
and I would cast the squirrels in this squirrel civil war
epic movie we would make.
And it would be awesome.
I'd put it on YouTube.
BETH: I feel like you wouldn't have to do that much to it
because I feel like they always look so alert that if
they were at war, it would be so dramatic and intense.
Just naturally.
STEPHEN: We'd give them these--
BETH: No pun intended.
STEPHEN: --these costumes.
You know, North versus South.
BETH: Oh, great.
PATRICK: It'd be like a Ken Burns movie.
BETH: It would be.
It really would be.
But also kind of like a Pixar.
BETH: But real.
STEPHEN: But, like, super violent.
BETH: And, like that video with the squirrel that's all--
you know that one?
PATRICK: Oh yeah.
BETH: So it'd be like that over and over and over again.
But they'd have little guns.
STEPHEN: Bayonets at the end.
BETH: Oh my gosh.
Let's make this happen, you guys.
Next comment from YouTube is from vanessagregoire.
"Favorite cartoon/anime movies?"
BETH: It took a long time to register that in my brain.
And I was picturing Free Willy.
And I was waiting for the joke about why--
and I was like, and then explain.
And then my brain translated what you said.
And I agree.
STEPHEN: I like The Simpsons.
So The Simpsons Movie is pretty good.
BETH: I like that too.
I'm into old school, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid.
I'm not anime.
And I understand.
But cartoon was an option too, right?
BETH: OK, next comment is from Headersuk.
"What is the donkey in the background's name?"
PATRICK: Patrick.
Patrick, National Film Society.
STEPHEN: Check us out, we're on YouTube.
BETH: Yeah.
BETH: Your hair is incredible.
PATRICK: Thanks.
BETH: Can I touch it?
BETH: It goes all the way in there.
That's real.
PATRICK: Yeah, totally.
I hide stuff in there.
BETH: I thought maybe there was another
hair underneath it.
PATRICK: There is.
BETH: It's just more of your hair.
BETH: Just checking.
True to the scalp.
PATRICK: Yep, all the way.
BETH: It's true to the scalp.
All the way, you guys.
Next comment is from michaelcorvin79.
"It's extremely important that you--" oh, see, yeah--
"--that you ask Patrick for me what the secret to his hair
and mustache are."
PATRICK: Pearl cream.
It helped it grow, doesn't it?
BETH: Pearl cream?
PATRICK: That's the stuff, right?
BETH: Like you put it on pearls?
PATRICK: In the '80s and '90s?
BETH: To make pearls shiny?
PATRICK: Yeah, it helps hair growth.
I recommend it to everyone.
STEPHEN: You try to actually grow more hair?
BETH: Wow.
You're going to overwhelm us all.
It's not working here so well.
BETH: That's good.
It's better that it's not.
I like that it's super fresh and clean clean over here.
And then it's just coming in strong.
PATRICK: Like, psh.
BETH: In the right spots.
This is amazing.
It's really impressive up close, you guys.
PATRICK: I'm proud.
BETH: You should be.

This is a lot.
Next comment is from ardeka18.
If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
PATRICK: Squirrel, so I can be in the civil war.
BETH: And then film stars.
That's a package deal.
PATRICK: Done, yeah.
BETH: So what about you?
That's still a hard life, though.
And short, probably, I imagine.
PATRICK: Yeah, but, you know.
You get to be a multi-hyphenate for
a while, you know?
You can do acting, comedy, action.
STEPHEN: Yeah, absolutely.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
BETH: I'm going to answer.
STEPHEN: I just can't answer the question.
BETH: Like a sea animal?
Or would you like to fly?
STEPHEN: I thought about--
BETH: Or would you like to be a house cat?
STEPHEN: I thought about a blue whale because you'd be
the biggest, right?
Like huge.
BETH: That's immediately where I went too.
BETH: Whales on the brain, you guys.
I think I'd like to be an octopus because they're really
smart and I'm really afraid of them.
PATRICK: And they're chewy.
BETH: Oh god.
I hate them so much.
They're so scary.
Just the idea--
STEPHEN: Are they delicious?
Do you think they're delicious?
BETH: The fact that people put them in their mouths is so
bizarre to me.
But I would be one, and then I would get over that fear.
And I would go around and scare people because I'd be
super smart.
STEPHEN: How would you react if somebody had an octopus
costume for Halloween?
BETH: I literally cannot see-- not that I'm dying to-- but I
can't think the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie because
of the octopus face.
Don't do that to me.
Don't do that.
Next comment-- we're moving on-- is OishiMedia.
"National Film Society rules!" I just said it.
PATRICK: Totally.
We do.
STEPHEN: He usually will only comment with maybe one or two
exclamation points, so--
BETH: That's what you get when you're on live internet.
So thank you.
BETH: It's like you can't contain the-- that's what
happens live.
It's great.
Another comment.
Let's check it out.
Favorite sport to watch.
We just had a big football conversation before the show.
PATRICK: Niners football!
BETH: Because I'm a Packers fan, and my
second team is the Lions.
And the niners just killed us two weeks in a row.
I'm just--
For him and you.
BETH: If your facial hair wasn't so fantastic, I'd be
not giving you eye contact as often.
PATRICK: What can you do?
BETH: Grow perfect facial hair.
But what sport do you like to watch?
STEPHEN: Basketball.
Love it.
BETH: Do you have a team?
STEPHEN: Clippers.
LA Clippers.
They're the other team in Los Angeles.
BETH: Right.
STEPHEN: Some people have heard of them.
BETH: So I suppose that's easier to get tickets.
But they have been selling out with Chris
Paul and last season.
So Clippers, watch out.
We're going to take the Lakers and play
them to our best abilities.
BETH: Do they play each other?
STEPHEN: Yeah, they play all the time.
And apparently, everybody who goes to the Clippers/Lakers
games, even if it's a Clippers game, is a Laker fan.
BETH: Yeah.
Except for you.
That's a great way to make sure that you can be a number
one fan, is to pick a team that the other team in town is
just way more popular.
STEPHEN: Exactly.
BETH: Cool.
I like watching basketball too.
I like men's shoulders, as we all know.
Next comment is from donutnazi.
Everyone likes these kinds of questions. "If you could have
anyone play you in a movie, who would it be and why?"
These are good questions, you guys.
STEPHEN: As a matter of fact, we did a video.
You can check it on our channel.
It's called "La Bamba: Greatest Movie Ever." And La
Bamba's a movie from the '80s.
It's about Ritchie Valens, who's a musician.
He's played by Lou Diamond Phillips in the lead role.
And his supporting character was the role of Bob, who was
his brother, played by--
PATRICK: Esai Morales.
STEPHEN: Esai Morales.
So we say La Bamba is the greatest movie ever because
not only does it tell our story, but we actually look
like Lou Diamond Phillips and Esai Morales.

BETH: Except that movie has not the best ending.
PATRICK: You just stop before the end.
BETH: Gotcha.
Because you're still living.
STEPHEN: We want to do La Bamba 2.
So basically, it'll start with Bob telling Ritchie not to get
on the plane.
BETH: Yeah.
PATRICK: And then we end up in present day.
BETH: I love it.
PATRICK: La Bamba 2.
BETH: Do that.
You guys have the power and the talent.
PATRICK: Help us.
BETH: Yeah.
You can help them do that.
We have another comment from YouTube.
And that is from Chester Rowley. "How would I be able
to make a good stopmotion movie?" Phbbt.
I can't believe you didn't ask me that when
it was just me hosting.
I'll let you guys answer.
PATRICK: I don't know anything about stopmotion.
BETH: You go like this, right?
You do this and then you film it.
And then you go like this and then you film it.
And then you go like this and you film it.
PATRICK: And you have a walking bracelet.
BETH: Yeah.
And that's a film.
STEPHEN: So with DSLR technology,
you can make stuff.
You can get the settings right so it just basically fires off
a few clicks.
And then you just move whatever pieces you're having
move and put it all into some editing software.
And it just works.
BETH: I could never do that.
STEPHEN: I'm sure there's tutorials
on YouTube and stuff.
BETH: I have no patience.
I'd do it once.
I'd get it all set up.
And then I'd be like, ah, let's just do it.
Make them move.
Let's go!
STEPHEN: It takes hours and hours.
And maybe days.
BETH: I'm all stressed out just thinking about that.
It makes me want to eat candy.
Next comment is from the Taiwanderer.
"The Kickstarter project is running concurrent to the CAAM
funding contest.
How is that going?" What's the C-A-A-M?
CAAM is the Center for Asian American Media.
PATRICK: In San Francisco.
STEPHEN: In San Francisco.
And so we applied for funding from them.
And we don't know if we're going to get it.
But we also launched a Kickstarter last week for our
new web series, Awesome Asian Bad Guys, which is sort of
about Asian bad guys from the '80s and '90s who would be in
action movies.
And then basically they would be fighting the hero and then
they would die.
PATRICK: We're bringing them back to life.
STEPHEN: We want to take these guys, put them together with
us into this web series.
BETH: The actors who play those roles?
STEPHEN: Exactly.
STEPHEN: Like the guy with the Fu Manchu, you know?
BETH: Yeah.
STEPHEN: The guy from Karate Kid II.
BETH: This is a wonderful idea.
STEPHEN: It's like The Expendables
meets Dumb and Dumber.
BETH: It's so good.
So you have a Kickstarter up for that you just started?
We do.
So we launched last Tuesday.
We have an ambitious goal.
But we were recently a Kickstarter staff pick and
have been getting some good traction.
So check it out.
You can get this T-shirt.
It's one of the rewards.
Awesome Asian Bad Guys.
BETH: Yes.
I know that if you go to their website, their YouTube
channel, that's the first video--
you guys launching your Kickstarter campaign.
BETH: So that's our show, you guys.
Thank you so much for being here, Patrick and Stephen.
Patrick and Stephen.
Check out their channel and subscribe.
And then watch their Kickstarter video and help
them out there.
And subscribe to us too, for goodness sake.
And Grace will be here tomorrow.
And on Wednesday, we're celebrating "Talk Like a
Pirate Day." Because that's what Wednesday is.
BETH: Not till Wednesday, you guys.
Save it.
Because the whole day has to happen.
Um, and Baratunde Thurston is going to be here.
Thanks again for being here.
This was really fun.
I'll see you guys later.
You're my favorite.