Social Media 2011 - Presentation to Auctioneers at NAA Conference

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Presented by Certified Real Estate, Nora Sullivan for Myers Jackson, Auctioneer. This is our Social Media 2011 - Presentation to the Auctioneers at NAA
In this Presentation we'll go over Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin and some tools to use with each.
Some recent statistics gathered for Social Media 2011
Twitter is a Microblogging service
Use Twitter to Create Reminders, Find People with Like Interests
Twaitter is an add-in for Twitter good for scheduling tweets.
TweetDeck connects social media accounts
Access Twitter applications from your Settings in Twitter
Hash Tag is # sign attach it to the front of a word to see all info for that topic i.e. #Auction
New 2010 and 2011 Social Media Statistics for Facebook, and log-in data
Facebook fastest growth is Baby Boomer population
Facebook Fan Page is great tool for your business but there's some important things to know
Facebook Applications and how to Customize your Facebook Fan Page and Incorporate things such as Youtube
Profile Pic Dimensions for Facebook and size for the thumbnail
Best time to post to social media such as Facebook and Twitter
Linkedin is a B2B or Business to Business and growing in popularity
Linkedin is a good tool to access other business professionals or get involved in group discussions
Make sure your Linkedin Profile is set to public
That was a cute video created by Youtube Help for Social Media in 2011
YouTube Community and How to Get Involved Review
How to Find a Company or Person / Channel - Just Search
Subscribe to Channel and opt to receive notification when they add new videos - Become a Friend and Add Comments - Share Content
SEO Tips - And how to make your videos more friendly to hearing impaired
We use CaptionTube to add our captions because we often set our video to music so the auto translate feature offered by YouTube does not work
This way we can add additional content to the video and also expand the audience of people who can understand the video
Here we are just demonstrating you just go to that website and then access your Youtube videos
You can play the video while you type the captions so that you control exactly where they go.
There are two time clocks on CaptionTube screen on left is where text will be placed and on the right is the # of Seconds the caption appears or stays on screen.
When the video ends, select PUBLISH
I select Copy/Past - Control C to Copy
Open Word and Paste text - MAKE SURE TO SAVE AS Text File
Go to Youtube and select video, Captions and select the text file you just saved in Word and your captions will be uploaded to the Video on Youtube. Select Preview to View your Captions
Captions only show if CC at bottom right is selected in YouTube Play Screen
Captions will be Indexed by Search Engine
Presented by Myers Jackson, Certified Real Estate Auctioneer or
Presented by Myers Jackson, Certified Real Estate Auctioneer or
Don't get Overwhelmed by Social Media,