Beer Can Turkey How To

Uploaded by BarbecueTricks on 02.01.2012

Hey y’all it’s Bill West from and I’m going to share with you -I think
- the easiest, most fool proof, way to cook turkey on the grill. You’ve heard of “beer
butt” chicken? Yes, this is “Beer In The Rear Turkey”. The poor thing gets violated
with not just a regular beer can but you use the big Foster’s Lager sized can of beer.
You can find it in most grocery stores. You’re gonna want to punch some holes in the top.
Enjoy about half of the beer on your own. Put some spice rub in the beer can as well.
And then you get to the bird…where you clean off the bird really well and make sure you
get all the different things out of the inside of the cavity of the bird. They hide it in
different areas… the neck, the gizzards…and then you just insert the can upright inside
the bird. With the spice rub inside the can… the steam and the beer flavoring will actually
steam kind of through the bird and really infuse it with a really super flavor keeping
the bird moist from the inside out. You’re not going to get much from the outside in
because the skin of a turkey is kind of like a wet suit. So that’s why we’ll use this
spice rub technique where we’ll actually rub the spice under the skin or a technique
I call getting to second base with the Turkey. Get it under there the skin is really pretty
resilient and pretty thick so you’re not going to damage anything. And then you’re
ready you got the bird on top of the can making kind of a tripod of sorts. And then put it
on a big baking sheet as you carry it carefully out to the grill. Now, if you need a little
extra room on the grill you may want to remove the bottom grill grate and put the roasting
pan actually on the floor of the burners of the gas grill. You won’t even actually turn
the burners on under the bird. Si it’s gona be cooked indirectly temperature is gonna
be 325 to 375 if you have a temperature gage on your gas grill – it’s usually like
one maybe two gas burners on and the other two off. You can start by putting some wood
chips in a smoker box or using a foil pouch. To make a smoker pouch really easy and then
just let it cook. About an hour – open it up turn the bird around let it cook for another
hour it will then be golden brown on both sides. Real easy way to do a beer can turkey
just be super careful removing that can. The liquid is hot. Check out the weekly podcast
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