Eine kurze Geschichte der Typografie

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"A Short History of Typography"
Part I A Visit at Dr. Emanuel Typowitz
Please undress, Mr. Ali!
Well, on the front you can see here a nicely developed 1) Serif
that flows over into the 2) Thin Stem
that at the 3) Apex runs into a 4) Thin Stem
That thing between is the 5) Crossbar...
his 6) Cap Height complies with the standard...
The gentleman is healthy all around!
Thank you, Ali.
Miss Tanya, would you be so kind...?
Thank you.
Here you can see two wonderfully rounded 1) Counters in the "a"
2) Bowl and 3) Terminal/Tail are within the 4) x-Height
overhead outgrow the 5) Ascenders, below the 6) Decenders.
One-sided as well as 7) Double Sided Serifs complete the figure of a
dignified Antiqua from a good house. Thank you, Tanya!
On Mr. Ahmed I can demonstrate well 1) Bowl and 2) Stress
as well as 3) Terminal and 4) Teardrop.
And finally the... 5) Shaft.
Well, the 5) Stem, the... 5) Main Stroke.
Well... thank you Mr. Ahmed, thank you...
Part II Benefit Gala in support of Blackletters
Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the DIN 16518 benefit gala
of the most beautiful fonts of all times.
Star designers present fonts of good families in
in classy and timeless, yes, even sporty outfits.
"up next: an infomational broadcast of the society of an unpolitical re-integration of Blackletters."
Before we start I ask you to commemorate fonts that are doing not as well as you.
"Broken Fonts (=lit. 'Blackletters' in German), Broken Souls"
The Blackletters that originate from the dip pen carve out a miserable existence.
The Gothic, the Rotunda, the once so popular Schwabacher and
especially the Fraktur have been abused shamelessly in WWII,
and even before, and were exploited and used terribly as a political tool.
Thanks to many reintegration attempts the situation meliorated
but it is not over yet. Help too, to give the Blackletters back self esteem and presence.
"THANKS for your donation"
But enough with grief and into the colorful play of today's gala!
Janson and Manuntius designed back in 1465 this harmonic and open Renaissance Antiqua.
Marvel at the round and atilt serifs. Slant, slantier and slantest: Even the
e-crossbars are anything but even.
Attention-attractingly the ascenders often peep over the versals...
But the French designers cannot tolerate this:
In the 16th century Claude Garamond took the Renaissance Antiqua as a model
for his collection and improved her proportions what made her all the more popular.
The e-crossbar slips even with Garamond. Dainty!
A French Renaissance Antiqua therefore.
Rebel William Caslon tried to put one over the two and plots
in the 17th century the Old Style Antiqua. More contrast, more tension,
away with the rounded off serifs. Who is different shall take a stand:
equally thick stems are only for conformists.
The seperately orperating team of Bodoni and Didot induces the retro-wave
of the 18th century, paired with technical austerity.
Ruler and dividers show that contrastiness can be classiness.
No round serifs anymore, no ascenders above the versals, just straight!
Or do you like it jaunty? The scripts that emerge since the 18th century
can be something for you: Light or Black, Demi or Broad, just at your leisure.
But what is this? In the 19th century many designers were looking for new shapes - and found them!
Just look at those shamelessly accentuated serifs. How pithy they
try to attract glances. Have you seen anything like this? Take a good look!
In the beginning of the 20th century we can see that it works even without any serifs.
How Grotesque! How linear! How Sans Serif!
These sans-serif Neo-grotesque Antiqua variants try hard to distract from their entirely lacking serifs.
Some try it in a humaist manner, others geometrically accurate.
Let those designers have their own ways, ladies and gentlemen...
Now it is the time for a cage full of Antiqua variants anyway!
Anything that doesn't fit into an category will fit in here:
Colorful, gay, frisky and shrill: Algerian, Jokerman, Fifi Paws and what they may be
called are having a wicked party!
But is there all there is? There was something...
Something is out there on your computer screen...
It's assembled of little squares that form serifs and thick stems and stems...
and not out of lead anymore!
Is that the end of the writings?
Or their resurrection?
I cannot tell the future
but I am sure:
Narrated by: Sebastian E. Prittwitz Idea, Text, Animation, Edit: Philipp Strahl