Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora Episode 6 (Final Episode)

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aozameta machinami yureru boku no kage The pale street, my swaying shadow, 青ざめった町並 揺れる僕の影
nibui ashidori wa yuku saki wo shirazu I walk slowly, not knowing my destination. 鈍い足取りは 行く先を知らず
kawasenu omoi My feelings can't reach yours. 交わせぬ 想い
kimi no hitomi no naka utsushidasu mono wo The things reflected in the depths of your eyes, 君の瞳の中 映し出すものを
uketomeru tame ni hashiridashiteita I started running in order to catch up to them. 受け止める為に 走り出していた
sashidasu sono te wo hodokerai youni nigirikaesu I grip your outstretched hand without letting go. 差し出す その手を ほどけないように 握り返す
hanbun no tsuki no yoru wa bokura wo terashite On this night, the half moon shines upon us. 半分の月の夜は 僕らを照らして
oikaketekita jikan wo boku wa furikitte I shake off the flow of time chasing after us. 追いかけて来た時間を 僕は振り切って
hanbun zutsu no bokura wa egaku saki made mo mieru We're half of ourselves, but we can draw the future. 半分ずつの僕らは 描く先でも 見える
What do you mean?
Did the operation fail?
No, it went well.
Everything that could be done was done.
Even if we do it again, it won't go as smooth as this one.
Does that mean...
it's a success?
We'll observe her for the next two days and if nothing happens, then it can count as a success.
Then, what do you mean by that?
Why is it the worst?
You'll know soon.
Whether you want to know or not.
Our Hands Will
Note: ICU stands for "Intensive Care Unit"
You scared me there.
Umm, how's Rika?
Well, everything looks normal.
I see.
Then, let's go.
Not even I have the means to sneak you into ICU.
Hey, Yuuichi.
What is it?
About that...
It's nothing.
Anyway, have you been studying?
Ah, not at all.
If you don't study hard, you'll have to redo a grade.
Rika is working hard right now too.
You'd better work hard too.
What I just said, did it sound like something a nurse would say?
Children today, honestly...
Why can't you just say "I'll work hard"?
What are you doing?
Okay, hurry back to your room.
Yeah, yeah.
Do you know yet?
About what?
Hurry up and go back, brat.
What are you planning to do after you graduate from high school?
Are you going to university?
In Tokyo or Nagoya?
You want to leave Ise?
I see.
Good luck.
Will Rika get better?
What do you mean?
So she can go out...
and return to her normal life.
That's none of your business.
I know you have a good relationship with Rika,
but please don't misunderstand.
You're not part of Rika's family.
Just one of her close friends.
As her chief physician, I have a duty to keep it confidential.
I can't just tell anyone about the condition of the patient.
Is there something else?
Why did you say this is the worst outcome?
What does it mean?
Because you will always be here.
Later then, brat.
What do you plan to do, doctor?
About what?
Do you plan not to tell Yuuichi the truth about Rika's condition?
That is against confidentiality.
That idiot may be stupid, but he must have noticed it too.
Everytime I see him, he looks like he's about to cry.
He doesn't even have the power to pretend to act tough.
I see.
Can't you make an exception?
You're not afraid that I tell everyone about you drinking during your shift?
Go right ahead.
You're not afraid that I tell everyone that you beat up a patient?
Go right ahead.
If people found out, you'd be fired.
Then my life would probably be a lot happier.
Damn you! Don't try to act tough!
Why can't you think from their perspective?
For Ezaki...
It's better for him not to know.
Besides, the situation is different now.
Rika's mother made a request.
Take a seat.
Rika will leave ICU today and return to her room.
Her condition has stabilized and will be observed in her room from now on.
This is a warning.
You are not allowed to go over to the East Wing from now on.
You brought a patient who could've had a relapse at anytime out without permission.
To tell you the truth...
It's troublesome for us too.
Rika's mother is very angry about this too.
Her mother...
Let me repeat it again.
You're not part of Rika's family.
To her, you're just an outsider.
You are not allowed to go over to the East Wing from now on.
If you don't heed to this warning, you'll be forced out of the hospital immediately.
That's it.
Go back.
Go back, Yuuichi.
Stand up.
Let's go.
Hey, your hand stopped.
If you don't hurry, you won't be able to finish.
Though I don't mind.
You are the one who'll need to redo a grade.
How did it go?
Was that girl's operation successful?
What do you mean?
I can't help it!
I don't know either.
I'm disappointed.
You haven't gone to visit her?
Isn't now the most important time for her recovery?
why did you go through all that trouble at school?
Shut up!
Oh, Ezaki.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for you.
What? Still awake?
I guess.
You're not going to sleep?
How annoying.
Stop it.
Stop it!
What is it?
I told a lie.
A lie?
I told Ezaki something not even I can believe.
My hands...
Hey, Tanizaki...
Let me tell you an old story.
An old story?
My friend's...
boring, old story.
Fine, I'll listen.
That guy was in the same year as I.
He entered the number one medical school,
became a number one doctor,
and was planning on having a number one life.
He used to have a really cute girlfriend.
Even though she can't be compared to those idols...
She's an innocent and honest girl.
The two got married when he was still in medical school.
Even though they weren't rich, their lives were filled with happiness.
They both believed that they'd be happy forever.
Until that day...
Dilated cardiomyopathy.
His girlfriend's heart held an unpredictable time bomb.
She was diagnosed with cardiac insufficiency...
and was saved with an operation.
The five-year survival rate is only 50%.
Out of every two patients, one will die.
Even if the illness is under control, she'll never be able to fully recover...
And even if she can somehow hold on, she won't have long to live...
Isn't that...
Yeah, it's like Rika's condition right now.
I don't know if it's because of his ability or his luck...
He had a lot of promotion opportunities.
But if he wanted to be one of the elite, she'd become a burden.
He had to set his life and the time he could stay by her side on a balance, and choose.
Even if he chose her, she wouldn't have long to live.
Honestly the worst possible outcome.
This is probably the worst outcome for you.
Is anyone there?
Damn it!
Why is it like this?
Why did it turn out like this?!
Because you'll always be here.
So you're saying...
it'd be better if I'd never met Rika?
"At the risk of my life...
I'll become yours completely."
Tsukasa, please come back me up a bit.
You'd better not break it.
I took it out without my dad's permission.
Thank you.
What are you going to do, Yuu-chan?
Hang down from that water tower,
and get to Rika's room from the outside.
Why don't you use the door to get in?
Her mom won't let me in.
I'll be forced out of the hospital and never see her again.
Can you not go from the opposite roof?
The East Wing's roof is always locked.
It's dangerous!
I'm going to do it!
Definitely gonna do it!
Rika has already...
We've run out of time.
Let it go.
Let Ezaki do what he thinks is right.
I agree with Yamanishi-kun.
Why do you always have to wear that zebra mask?
Ah, because...
One of my relatives is working here as a nurse. It'd be bad if I was discovered.
Here I come!
Rika, I'll be right there!
Good luck!
Damn it!
Just a little more, Yuuichi!
Th-This is bad, Sekoguchi!
Yamanishi-kun, there's a cell phone in my pocket.
Can you call someone for me?
This isn't the time to call!
Is it impossible after all?
How embarrassing...
Ta... Tada-san?
What happened, kid?
Having such a tired expression on your face...
Tada-san... I...
When the girl you like appears...
You have to declare your feelings loudly!
One day, you'll meet a girl you like too.
You have to cherish her!
Oh, Ezaki.
What are you doing?
Waiting for you.
You probably think that fate and the future are all pre-determined.
All those are up to you.
Whichever it is, no matter how harsh they are...
You won't be able to escape it.
We have to endure our harsh life in this harsh world.
If fate and the future don't agree with you,
you can deny them,
twist them.
Maybe you can do it,
maybe you can't.
But even if there's only a 1% chance, you can't give up!
Do you understand?
For Rika's sake, you can do anything, right?
If there's something you really long for,
you have to reach for it.
That's exactly what your hands are there for.
My hands...
One more time!
Pull me up!
It's impossible. Forget about it!
I can't!
This isn't just about me!
Rika is waiting for me!
I'm going there no matter what happens!
Alright, let me lend you my strength.
Zebra mask the second?
Ah, that's my brother.
He did it!
You are...
Please open up!
Just what do you intend to do?
I'm begging you!
Please open up!
You should stop messing around.
Breaking in from the window in the middle of the night...
Do you have any common sense?
Please let me talk to Rika.
I understand that what I'm doing is out of line.
But I just want to talk to her.
I won't allow that.
I'm begging you!
It's okay.
Yuuichi, you can come in.
You're an idiot.
I didn't think you'd come in through the balcony.
You knew that I was coming?
I thought you would be screaming and crying at the door and get chased away by Mama.
Hey, Rika.
Can I be at your side?
Can I always... always...
be at your side?
We can't be together for long though...
But it won't be that short either.
I understand.
You'll have to give up everything for me...
I understand that too.
Are you really fine with that?
This is something I've decided.
So you can't oppose it.
You are an idiot.
We'll be together forever, Rika.
Together forever...
How long did that girl live?
After the first attack, she stabilized for three years.
When the second attack happened,
her heart was as weak as it could get, not being able to undergo a further operation.
Even like that, she held on for a year.
I see.
He gave up the promotion and chose to stay by her side.
And now he has nothing.
Ezaki will be facing a similar road.
Rika's defects can never be completely cured.
No matter how much he sacrifices...
One day, he'll lose everything.
So what?
For Yuuichi, it may be like that,
but for Rika, it's completely different.
What do you mean?
When Rika is with Yuuichi, she's always laughing, right?
Before, she never laughed at all.
But now she's laughing so happily.
Maybe one day she'll die.
Dying without any happiness and dying with a smile...
Which way is more fulfilling?
For a girl, even if it's only for a short time...
No, because it is only for a short time...
For them to be happy to their hearts' content,
or be filled with joyous laughter...
If such moments exist, somehow I can accept their fate.
Rika is...
right now very fortunate.
What happens to the people who are left behind?
They have to endure it.
It sounds like it's nothing when you say it.
Then just what is the most precious treasure?
Your own happiness?
Or the happiness of the person you love the most?
I'm going outside for a smoke.
Men sure are stupid.
Even though they don't realize it,
they already have everything.
At that moment,
a silver, half moon hung in the night sky.
Even though it's not as bright as a full moon,
the world has dissolved into the color of the night.
But it still uses its own light to brighten the world.
nee, yubisaki de anata wo kanjite ねえ 指先であなたを感じて Hey, I felt you with my fingers.
nee, anata to miteita kono keshiki ねえ あなたと見ていたこの景色 Hey, while seeing this view together.
tsutawaru yasashisa ni mi wo yudanete 伝わる 優しさに身をゆだねて And then I committed myself to your kindness.
eien nado nai wakatte ita tsumori dayo 永遠など無い わかっていたつもりだよ I know nothing lasts forever.
namae wo yobu anata no koe wo 名前を呼ぶ あなたの声を I will keep your voice, which calls my name, in the bottom of my heart,
mune no oku ni shimatte oku kara 胸の奥に しまっておくから I will keep your voice, which calls my name, in the bottom of my heart,
hirakareta tobira no mukou gawa de 開かれた 扉の向こう側で On the other side of the open door,
What is it?
Come over here.
You come over.
I'll definitely...
will cherish you...
This is your second time saying it.
You said it when we were here last time too.
I see...
go on like this, hand in hand.