MacBook Air を賢く買う方法を伝授したかったのですが...

Uploaded by jetdaisuke on 21.07.2012

You can customize Mac, when you buy it at the Apple Store on web. Very convenient.
But I bought the new Mac at the Apple Retail Store in Shibuya. Why?
MacBook Air… Highest spec
When we host an event at the Apple store, we can buy at a discounted price Mac.
So I went to the store to buy this...
At first, I entered the store and told to shop assistant about my event.
Next, we choose spec of the MacBook Air.
Then, he told me unbelievable truth that the discount was quit.
Currently, there is no discount to the event organizer
At the end, a little trivia
Japanese JIS keyboard has very short space key. It is difficult to type smoothly.
So I bought US keyboard version. It has long space key.
US keyboard has long space key. easy to type.