How To Make Stuffed Baked Cucumber : Storing Stuffed Baked Cucumbers Left Overs

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi, This is Rich Buccola here of New York City and today on behalf of Expert Village
I am going to show you how to make stuffed cucumbers.
Alright, were back I just want to talk about storage. Realize these are soft when they
cook them. I know cucumber's are a time. I just want to show you. So, you might not want
to put them in a Tupperware. You might just want to grab from your plate , just grab a
little saran wrap. Just put saran wrap over them. They are good to heat up in the microwave.
You can heat them up right in the microwave. They will stay good in your refrigerator for
about 3 days after that I wouldn't eat them. I guess you can go a little bit. You know
what, when I say three or four days I got to tell you that's how long it usually lasts
as a leftover in your refrigerator. So, if you do cook well. You won't have leftover's
because they are going to eat them fast. So, you won't have to worry that much about storage.
So just give it a nice saran wrap. When I come back I am going to talk cost. These were
delicious. They brought back old memories. I hope they serve to be good memories , future
memories to you here on Expert Village.
Alright, cost of cucumbers, cheap as could be. Bread crumbs, cheap as could be. Garlic.
You know you could make a lot of these for really cheap. Spend ten bucks, I bet you could
make an army. I bet you make enough for an army. But for cooking like four of them, which
would be like eight halves. I would say five dollars or six dollars and you have got a
beautiful, fresh, nice snack that's healthy for you and your family. Cook with your family.
I thank you every time for letting me a be a part of Expert Village. With that said.
From my family to yours on behalf of Expert Village. Thank you for watching.