Learn Basic Computer Skills : Copying Files in Microsoft Windows

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Hi! I’m Ross. Thanks for visiting expertvillage.com. What can we do with computer files? Let’s
find out. In this clip, I’ll show you how to copy a file. You need to be able to see
the file first. I’m using Windows Explorer to do that. Now, I need to select the file
I want to copy. I’m going to click on story ideas. Now that it’s highlighted, I could
do a couple of things. I could go up to edit and then copy. You can see over here it says
control C. That’s the keyboard short cut. I’ll select the file again, and I’ll do
control C from the keyboard. Now that I have done a copy, I can paste it where I would
like. The other way to do it is to right click on the file, come down to copy, and left click
on that. Again, it’s ready to be pasted. Now, I’ll go into creativity and inside
creativity, we can see the folder name is creativity, there is nothing there. I’m
going to right click and say paste. I could have also used control V to paste, or go up
to edit and paste here. That’s how to copy a file.