Milla Jovovich interview on Russian TV (with subtitles)

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Milla thank you very much for your coming today to us.
Let's applaud once again.
Milla, when I have seen you I was surprised.
I'm watching for your creativity, and you are always have busy hands.
Look at all this photos.
You are always have guns in your hands.
Btw, the weapon becomes you well.
Thank you very much.
Sometimes weapon even fit the color with your dress.
I wonder why you have come today without weapon.
In fact, I always carry one gun in my handbag and another one in one's bosom.
Ah, now I know Milla Jovovich!
Let's not remove the guns, they'll prove useful for your bad jokes.
I am calmer when my "friends" with me.
Milla, now you come to us in Russia for the premiere of you new movie "Vikrutasi".
I persuaded the producers, and they invited you to appear in this movie.
Tell us about this film, because we haven't seen it still.
We will not disclose the mystery, I can say only one thing ...
The Killer is a cook.
Well, tell us.
In one scene I had a knife in my hand.
In the next scene, I begin to speak with a thin voice.
I watched the trailer to this movie, Milla there all the time in a wedding dress.
Well, I bride in this movie.
And I'm waiting for my fiance, but this guy comes instead him.
That is in the credits it's written: as "this guy" - Ivan Urgant.
Milla, we would like to talk with you today about weddings.
Because the Russian wedding is very different from American one.
What special traditions are in U.S. weddings?
On American wedding all bridesmaids dressed alike.
In Russia nobody would wear the same dress to the wedding.
Yes, you can mix up the bridesmaid.
Came with one bridesmaid, and walked away with another.
In Los Angeles, in general, all girls look like - blondes with a plastic surgery faces.
All the same, like clones.
And in America they rehearses wedding partys.
Yes I know. It's called a rehearsal dinner.
Yes, they pretend to drink.
Yes, in Russia it's impossible, because if they drink, they do it really.
Olga Petrovna you have 250 kg of weight, you are will not be able to repeat tomorrow
this gymnastic bridge in the middle of the table.
Yes, over the goose.
This famous dish - goose under a bridge.
And is a wedding night rehearsed too?
Although I live in America, but I'm Russian, and we didn't do rehearsal.
Because you're just as we're dislike America?
Yes, these "capitalistic pigs"(n. waggish phrase from soviet times).
I'll explain: "capitalistic pigs" - politicians from Capitol.
It wasn't about an ordinary intelligent Americans.
Milla, is it true that in America before the wedding, they don't drink?
The difference between America and Russia that in Russia you can drink vodka whenever you want,
but in America it's called alcoholism.
I'll tell you a secret that we are called this similarly.
But the difference is that we like it.
And is there a tradition to tie empty tins to the car of newlyweds?
Yes, and yet they do so "beep-beep". How it's called in Russian?
Klaxon? Really?
Perhaps you have a lot of doctors with that last name in Los Angeles.
Honestly, is it called Klaxon?
Well, I also call it "beep-beep".
Btw, the Russian cars do not need to tie tins, so they emit the same sound.
I know there is a tradition in America to take pictures of the whole company at the wedding.
And in Russia we always take pictures before the wedding, till the dress is still white.
I just have remembered another one tradition, when father leads a bride to the altar.
Is it not so in Russia?
In Russia they carry him already drunken.
And his feet trail on the floor.
And they carry him not to the altar, but outdoors to make water.
It was the first warning! I understood everything!
There are still two warnings.
Milla, besides the fact that you're a Hollywood actress,
you're by and atour the face of a major cosmetics company.
You know, we all filmed in the commercial.
One of us advertised yogurt, second - sofas,
while the third promoted financial pyramid, which has deceived millions of people.
I didn't deceive anybody.
Vanya advertised yogurt, and I advertised the sofa.
Milla, how do you think in what commercial we could filming now.
Well. You, Vanya, should advertise "Vikrutasi" - our film.
Alexander, like Bruce Willis, could advertise some sort of bank.
And what can advertise Sergei?
I think, shall remain sofas.
Well, yes, no options.
Milla, you had starred in many action-movies, had shot a gun.
You possess martial arts.
And that how easily you took away guns from your guard, talking about it.
We would like to see you today confirmed your status as an action-lady.
To do this, kill Sasha.
Why me?
Just easier to hit at you.
He had already drank for courage.
Take an apple.
Sergey, bring a gun.
Sasha, better get up on the background of a red curtain that blood was not visible.
Have we a chalk to outline Sasha?
Milla, your task - to hit into the apple.
But not into the eyeball.
What? Right from here?
Well, you can shot him point-blank, but there will be no intrigue.
Silence in the studio!
Here it is - the miracle of television editing.
Nice shot.
Milla seems decided to finish our gatherings.
What you say?
Nothing, you say.
Well, what the next theme?
I have prepared a small gift.
Here I am in a dress.
Wait, let me guess.
You're in the middle.
For the first time on First Channel Svetlakov ate Urgant's head.
Sergei, it's of plasticine!
Ah, so this is not your figure?!
Eat cake, not dolls.
Now, I just have attached the nose.
Dear Milla, we have a tradition of singing at the end of each broadcast.
You sing great.
You have Ukrainian roots.
Let's sing Ukrainian song.
So Ukrainian folk song performed by folk artist of Ukraine Lyudmila Jovovich.