Ju-On 2 (呪怨2 ) Full Movie (Eng subs)

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A Curse born of a strong grudge held by someone who died.
The place of his death gathers his grudge.
Anyone who comes into contact with this curse shall lose
his life and a new curse is born.
Produced by Toei Video
Production Cooperation by
Planning by
Producers ICHISE Takashige
DAIKE Yuko (Suzuki Kyoko/Tatsuya's sister)
ASHIKAWA Makoto (Suzuki Tatsuya/Kyoko's brother/A realtor)
Are you done with visiting students' homes?
One more family to go. Their kid hasn't been coming to school.
Have you contacted his parents?
Can't you get in touch with them?
SAITO Mayuko (A Clerk) FUJII Kahori
Hey, do you remember a girl from college named KAWAMATA?
She was...
Kind of Creepy girl, wasn't she?
YANAGI Yuurei (Shunsuke Kobayashi/A schoolteacher of Toshio's)
DUNCAN (Small Packet Delivery)
Anybody home?
Supervisor TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
Toshio-kun, Do you remember your drawing?
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Here it is.
You drew the picture very well.
The other teachers thought so, too.
Directed by SHIMIZU Takashi
Yes. Yes. Yes.
No. I will be late.
That is right.
His parents still haven't came back yet.
The child? He is sleeping.
Yes... Somebody came?
Yes. I will call you later. OK.
Mother, did I do good?
You did good.
Mother, where were you?
Sensei is in the house.
I know.
Sensei wants to see you, mother.
Mother, father left the house for good.
I'm telling the truth.
Mother, why do you always go somewhere?
I'll stay with you forever soon. Don't worry.
Father killed Mah.
Are you not really my mother?
I'm always behind you. Remember that.
I am opening the door.
Toshio-kun, were you talking to somebody?
Your parents are late, aren't they?
Today, I had eyes with Kobayashi-kun.
My heart began to fill and beat rapidly.
Thoughts of him are inside of my head. Kobayashi-kun today again...
he was reading Manga-comics
Kobayashi-kun didn't come to school today... Kobayashi-kun often reads while standing at the shop.
Every week... But tomorrow, Kobayashi-kun will certainly get better
Every night... That girl is acting too familiar with Kobayashi-kun and is following my Kobayashi-kun
She is always with my Kobayashi-kun I worry about Kobayashi-kun because has a weakness for alcohol
and he always drinks too much
Kobayashi-kun threw up along the road.
But because I am better than that woman
Because I know where Kobayashi-kun lives
In Kobayashi-kun's room, probably his favorites are...
I took drunk Kobayashi-kun to his apartment.
I went to his apartment many times.
The two of us rode a taxi. Kobayashi-kun drank too much sake
Sleeping Kobayashi-kun... Painful Kobayashi-kun...
Toshio-kun! You can't stay here!
Wait here.
Toshio-kun, let's go!
So this is KOBAYASHI Sensei.
I'm Kayako's husband.
Kayako... Have you met with her?
After today, please take care of Toshio.
What are you saying?
Until now, I took care of Toshio instead of you. Now take your turn.
Lets take turns.
Instead of me? Take turns?
Oh that is right, KOBAYASHI Sensei...
your baby was born.
It's a girl.
Hello. Mother?
Yes. Yes. I understand.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
You are busy as usual.
Yeah... Please sit.
I am leaving.
OK, see you later.
Kyoko, you done with work today?
How about a little bit?
What's wrong?
Thank you, but no thanks.
Nobuyuki-kun is probably waiting at home. You are the only one for your son.
OK. OK. OK. I understand.
What was that you said you wanted to talk about?
Yea, Sis, I would like you to see one house.
You want me to look?
Yea, just one house that is for sale.
It's not consignment or something.
What do you mean?
Yea, we have one house now.
The house has had a past.
A past?
Previously there was a family who live there. They died and their bodies became missing.
Well the way I look at it, it will be OK if somebody buys it soon.
But nobody has bought it, yet.
I think having an exorcism is a little excessive, am I right?
I am afraid that will scare more people off.
Sis, I want your unique opinion and insight.
My opinion? You want me to do it today?
Well just a little, it is only looking around the house.
It was a complete failure.
Well originally we got the house cheap because of the incident.
It is a nice house and still is pretty.
I don't know where people heard about the house and the incident.
There is even a rumor about the house on the Internet.
I am surprised that you are worried about that, because normally this kind of stuff doesn't affect you.
I am being a little superstitious.
If we can't sell the house we will lose money.
I still have to pay Shinobu alimony.
It is nice and quiet around here.
Here it is.
MURAKAMI Residence
Hey, what's wrong?
After the deaths the police investigated,
they left everything inside the house.
I hope the buyers will buy the house with everything left inside of it.
Hey, you already feel something?
The incident that was here, you said MURAKAMl-sans?
Yea. Well the father is alive.
There was only one person left?
Where is he now?
According to the police statements, he is in the hospital.
I see.
His wife and her daughter died at the same time.
That's wrong!
There wasn't only two people that died here!
I don't understand this very well.
Well. Come inside.
Saeki. Who is this person?
They lived here before MURAKUMl-san did.
As I say cheap things come with trouble.
It is quiet around here, and the station is also close so I thought I could sell this place.
This house... It's too much for me.
Huh, wait a minute!
Is there Refined Sake here now?
Refined Sake? You mean a Japanese Sake?
Bring it!
Is this OK?
Promise me you will do what I say from now.
What are you saying?
Before somebody buys this house,
make them drink this sake.
Promise me!
If the customer says that sake isn't any good or spits it out,
never sell the house to them.
What a minute. What are you saying?
Refined Sake reacts naturally to the presents of spirits.
During ancient times it was often used to bless everything on ceremony alters.
A person will be able to taste a difference in sake that has been touched by spirits.
So if a person who drinks the sake and the taste is strange, the house is too dangerous for that person.
Leave the sake in this room for some time.
Promise before somebody buys this house you will make them drink this sake.
I have to go!
Hey, Kyoko!
I am sorry. I need to leave this house as soon as possible.
Room 205 SUZUKI Residence
What? You sold the house?
Why didn't you call me before you sold the house?
Is that so?
Did you do what I asked you to do?
Yeah, the sake, right?
Yes, it was OK. They drank it.
They were OK when they drank it.
They loved the house.
It's OK. Don't worry
Can you come to my home in a couple days?
What for?
Nobuyuki has been looking
and acting strange lately.
He doesn't say anything to anybody.
He'd gone through a lot of things, though.
Yes. I will come.
Hello, this is SUZUKI Speaking.
I am trying to quickly find out something.
Is it possible for you to help me, Sato-kun?
I have the name and address for an incident that occurred 1 to 2 years ago.
Thank you.
SUZUKl-san, you are curious.
I don't know what you are investigating.
That incident is dangerous.
A lot of people died.
And they are still missing.
There are still no answers to what happened.
Well, SUZUKl-san, you can't die, you know.
See ya!
A whole family mysteriously dies.
Missing MURAKAMI Tsuyoshi
Elementary School Teacher dies unnatural death at student's home.
Suspect SAEKI Takeo
Say, who is this SAEKI?
Good afternoon.
The president is out of the office now.
Please give this to him when he returns.
I will.
Can you please write down my brother's new address for me?
Yes, I can.
Room 205 SUZUKI Residence
OFUDA Tablet or amulet on which is written the name of a deity. Made of wood or paper, Taken home, they may be enshrined on the household kamidana and worshiped to obtain divine aid.
Nobu-chan, you are going to die if you stay here.
I'm coming.
I am HASHIMOTO, your neighbor
Is everything OK?
What is it?
There was a terrible scream.
Now... your home... a baby's cry.
A woman's scream.
I heard it.
There is no baby in this home.
Tragedy falls onto couple during the night.
Murder took place in Apartment 205 in this Apartment Complex.
KITADA Residence
Oh, KITADA-san?
Ah just in time.
Could you please sign here?
How long have you lived here?
We have only lived here for about a week.
Probably so.
This house was vacant for a while before.
Here you go.
Thank you for the delivery.
To KITADA Hiromi From [Sender Unknown]
Mom & Dad Drawn by SAEKI Toshio
It's not good to buy different coffee beans.
We decided to buy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.
You grew up in Aoyama, so you know nothing about life. (Aoyama is a rich area in Tokyo)
The egg yolk...
I always say to make the yolk runny.
I think that she should go to the hospital to see a doctor.
I don't think that a doctor can fix what she has.
You always say that.
What can we do for Kyoko?
Don't you understand.
She doesn't have an ordinary illness.
Don't say that.
I think father is right.
You know something, don't you?
Did something...
happen to Kyoko?
The apartment...
Nobuyuki and I
moved in...
Kyoko was possessed in the apartment by something.
Shut up and listen.
since she has been little
she sees strange things such as ghosts.
When I was a child, I saw ghosts.
So it was easy for me to understand about Kyoko.
Dear, you never mentioned this to me before.
I didn't tell you.
What if I told you?
If I told you about seeing ghosts,
it would only scare you.
But I didn't think Kyoko would be effected like this.
I shall be happy...
Even if she is sick, even if she is possessed
I want Kyoko to become better.
Tatsuya, please do something.
Tatsuya Tatsuya.
Stop it.
He can't do anything, don't talk nonsense.
You should go home soon.
You... But... Kyoko...
It is not only Kyoko problem.
Go home now
and do something about your home.
If you don't do something soon,
you will be taken too.
Oh its me.
Uh. Nothing.
I am going to KITADA-san's place and then I will return to the office.
I will be a little late.
President, Kyoko-san is waiting.
She has been waiting for some time. What should I do?
What are you talking about?
I am hanging up.
As I said earlier, he will be late today.
Is that so.
Good afternoon.
I apologize for me not calling before coming over.
It is no trouble.
Please make yourself comfortable. I will make some tea.
Please don't trouble yourself over me.
This place's appearance has changed a lot.
Mom Dad Drawn by SAEKI Toshio
Here you go.
Please have a seat.
Where is your husband today?
Unfortunately he has been out since this morning.
Is there something you want to talk about?
Oh no. I just happened to be passing by the area.
I see.
My husband also has been ecstatic since we moved into our home.
So you are going to have a baby next?
My husband and I like children.
We hope to have one soon...
Ah, please excuse me.
Speaking of children. SUZUKl-san, you have a child, don't you?
Yes. He is in his first year at Junior High School.
What is this?
My child drew this.
He doesn't like me to put his drawing there.
But this says SAEKI...
Ma 'am?
Unfortunately today...
he's been out since this morning.
What did you want to talk about?
That's enough!
Oh dear! Kyoko Laughed
Kyoko, laughed!
I am leaving now...
That is
my diary.
Is something wrong?
Ahh, Boss has a nice house.
Don't say anything unnecessary.
Hello. It's been a long time.
How do you do? I am IIZUKA.
is he at home?
He can't see you.
YOSHIKAWA-san quit suddenly.
He has helped us out a lot.
We weren't able to thank him.
My husband is unable to meet anybody now.
Is he sick?
Yes, he is.
He doesn't feel well.
He was looking better before...
I will tell him that you two came.
What is wrong with YOSHIKAWA-san?
But it is warm.
I know that.
That is YOSHIKAWA-san, isn't he?
Hey Stop!
Please leave.
Probably 1 month before
his mother and grandparents committed suicide.
Now he is living with a distant relative.
He and his mother lived in that place before.
Have you heard about it?
There was an incident with a teacher named KOBAYASHI and his wife, do you remember?
It happened in an apartment, didn't it?
Originally the KOBAYASHIS live there before.
The same room
KOBAYASHI's wife was murdered there.
But it is just
How about the house where KOBAYASHI died?
After that, the MURAKAMIS moved in the house and the mother and daughter died.
The son is still missing.
The father who is in the hospital
has been missing since last month.
After that
The KITADAS moved in and are now missing too.
It seems people are dying and becoming missing one after another.
The real estate agent SUZUKI.
The junior high school teacher and student.
After all that
only that kid hasn't died or became missing.
All the missing people are not necessarily dead.
there is a criminal involved in this.
YOSHIKAWA-san investigated this case and now he is acting strange.
Do you really think you can follow up this case?
A few days ago,
I was looking through YOSHIKAWA-san's stuff
and found a strange picture.
A picture?
You should see this.
It is picture of the house while YOSHIKAWA-san had it under surveillance.
In the window is KITADA YOSHIMI before she became missing.
This is the picture of KITADA YOSHIMI before she moved into the house.
What do you think looking at that?
She has changed a lot, don't you think?
Don't you think that she looks like somebody else?
What are you doing?
I don't care if people laugh at me.
I don't want to be involved in this case.
It will also be good for you to wash your hands of this before something happens.
Dear, it's time to get up.
IIZUKA-san, you have a visitor.
I see.
Oh this person...
You know her?
She just came.
She's here?
Are you sure that she is here?
Couldn't it be just somebody that looks like her?
What did this person do?
This person
This person...
this person is already dead.
You are joking.
Then who did I see?
KAMIO-san! What happened?
KAMIO-san, please get a hold of yourself.
Wait here.
Please wait.
Here ya go. Here. Here ya go!
- OK. - Here ya go!
Here ya go.
Here ya go.
Boys be more serious in your cleaning!
The boss has bark out her orders? Scary!
Stop calling Megu-chan, a boss!
Oh a new boss appears.
Both of you don't be so irresponsible.
It's unfair that only the girls are doing the cleaning!
That is ungentlemanly.
Shut up. I am cleaning.
You are doing nothing.
Where have you cleaned?
You girls are not ladylike!
Toshi, bite your tongue!
You can't do anything without Naoki.
That is enough.
They just don't understand.
Just leave them.
Why don't you guys follow Suzuki-kun as an example.
He's a little strange.
You two are much more stranger than him.
What makes us strange?
Tell me!
Hey, Nobuyuki.
Quit acting so serious.
Whoa... What did you do that for? That was a creepy look.
Suzuki-kun, don't listen to them.
I agree.
Open House
Oh, Saori we'll be in trouble if somebody catches us.
Close the window.
Don't worry.
What is it?
Somebody coming.
Just an ordinary woman.
She is looking at us.
What if she comes inside?
There is no reason for her to come in.
Kazumi, you are too timid.
What is that?
Why is it in this place?
Uh, I can't believe you.
What is this? It's not Sake!
What was that sound?
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