【MMD Drama】Usual Day Shakedown Part 2 (English captions)

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This video is fiction. People and names in this video are fictional. In addition, this video does not represent the characters shown. Please watch this video with care.
You look kinda down.
Eh? You think so?
You lost so unusually yesterday. You must be shocked.
Well, do you think it is because you missed Miku's TV program?
You're hopeless. Okay, I won't tell Miku.
What's wrong?
Nothing really.
Did you record that TV program?
Well, I don't know.
Well, What should I do?...
MMD Drama Usual Day Shakedown
In other words, by the creation of MME, the expression methods evolved remarkedly.
Next, we need to prepare a model. And sometimes we need to remodel the present model.
So we use the PMD editor.
A large-scale remodeling is difficult, but it can do simple remodeling like changing a color, parent bone...
(What was with yesterday's event?)
(It was the first time that I fought against a girl.)
(She was quite strong.)
I'm sorry that my class is boring you.
I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention in class.
I thought you could avoid a blackboard eraser.
Well, My mind was somewhere else.
You should at least act like you're paying attention.
You might also be bored with other classes except PE class.
Part 2 People in Nagisa Town
Hi, Uta.
Is there a change?
Welcome. Can I help you?
A cup of tea with milk, please.
And a salisbury steak set menu with a large portion of rice.
We're following him now.
So I couldn't eat anything this morning.
Now, I can have a lunch after you came.
If he goes out now, I must follow him alone.
I'll follow him after I eat-up.
Did I keep you waiting?
I have started eating lunch.
Who's she? A girl friend?
I have seen her somewhere before.
A celebrity? A wanted person?
Oh. A newspaper journalist!
She was in a press conference.
Is she connected with yesterday's case?
He sells stolen goods to her.
Or she asked him to?
So, you don't have a story?
No, I have a story. But it's not on hand.
Tell it to me before meeting.
We don't need to meet today.
Exactly. But...
I wanted to have lunch with Meiko.
You have started eating lunch before I came.
Can you pull it out now?
I'm attracting a lot of attention, So I can't pull it out easily.
Do I pull it out in your place?
Thank you, But I hid it in a complicated place.
Where is it?
It is...
It's yesterday's girl!
I'm sorry!
Open your eyes!
What's his hurry?
It wasn't an illusion.
What's wrong?
N-Nothing really.
Yes. Haku speaking.
Is there progress?
A journalist for the Asa-Uri newspaper.
Do they make a deal?
They won't seem to do it.
I think that they're only having a lunch.
Why is it in such a place?
Well, one half is heat of the moment.
It's sort of "Hide a leaf in the forest."
You're silly.
By chance I escaped into there.
So we postpone that story for a while.
You don't tell me the gist of the story, So I don't expect much.
No. It's a great story.
I see.
Please keep on monitoring them.
Is it good news?
No. There isn't any change.
This matter was canceled by the authority's order.
But we'll investigate it.
It won't become a criminal incident. So do we stop?
It's not clear whether Kaito is related to it.
So, No.
Let's continue it.
Yes. We continue it a little more.
And now,
I'll take a quick nap.
You too. Take a nap. We take turns again at night.
Apparently he is going to sell the data to a newspaper publisher.
That isn't good.
We want to retrieve the data forcibly.
But the police are watching him, So we can't touch him.
The police?
Is it a guy doing only dangerous work?
We don't know why the police watch him.
But, because of that, he can't retrieve it either.
Then we make use of the situation.
And we retrieve it before he does it.
Do you know where it is?
I know a rough position.
But the position is special.
So we need a little plan to retrieve it.
What's the plan?
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Len. You haven't been acting yourself lately.
You went out suddenly and were late for class.
And you were in a daydream and got hit by a blackboard eraser.
Do you have a love problem by any chance?
No. No.
Len is the last person to have such a problem.
If Len has a problem, it's a simple one.
Are you ridiculing me?
I only say the truth.
Good morning.
Everyone. Please sit down.
I have an important announcement today!
Our class has a new classmate!
Is it a transfer student?
Be pleased! It's a girl!
Hey, Please come in.
Nice to meet you all. My name is Neru Akita. I'm from Gekido town.
I will have much pleasure in studying with you all.
Thank you for watching.