Fighting for Peace

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John Paul Lederach: My name is John Paul Lederach, and I am a peace builder.  Here is Columbia
the Violence in the form of an armed conflict has been going on for 50 years.  Peacebuilding
is an effort to reduce, if not end violence and to build relationships between people,
communities, and nations.  LaIndia is the gateway to a whole number of villages that
came together in response to the level of violence between the guerillas and the paramilitaries
in the national armies.  They stood up face-to-face with the armed actors, and they did it without
weapons.  It's a wonderful example of a community responding creatively to violence
and I'm trying to add whatever understanding and experiences I have to what they have been
doing, increasing this as a possibility for the rest of Columbia, and the world.  
Lucia Zapata: My name is Maria Lucia Zapata, I am from Bogota, the capital of Columbia.
 It's been very very tough for us, complete generations have been raise under the framework
of violence.  Everybody said we need to work for peace, we need to do something about it
because we can not continue at the same path as we are at this moment.
Narrator: The
University of Notre Dame is committed to help communities in Columbia solve conflict in
a nonviolent manner.  Internationally recognized for his pioneering work in peacebuilding,
Professor John Paul Lederach, is leading that endeavor.
Lederach: Its been an increasing
effort to bring the activities of the classroom to the actual communities that are most affected
by the conflict and violence we are studying.
Zapata: This is something that we have the ability
to do, not only for us, but for future generations.
Narrator: The University of Notre Dame asks what would
you fight for?
Lederach: Fighting for peace, we are the fighting Irish.