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Why isn't she here?
What's going on?
I clearly told her to come over.
Has she arrived?
What are you doing?
When did you get here?
Just now.
But why did you come out from there?
I was wondering where you were.
Where are you going?
Yes. Mom and Dad suddenly wanted to meet me.
Right now?
Yes. I'll go and come back.
There must be a reason.
There must be something she can't say.
Please come in, Miss Han Myeong Wol.
I'm sorry that we have to meet under such a difficult situation.
Is Mr. Choe Ryu okay?
Mr. Choe,
isn't he within the grasp of Miss Han Myeong Wol?
Yes, you brought the book, right?
Before that, can I ask you something?
Why does Chairman need this book?
Just for the Four Joint Books, you're doing this things to such extent?

This is exactly,
what I want to ask Mr. Choe and Miss Han Myeong Wol.
Why are you looking for this?
What's your true identity?
As expected, you can't answer.
I'll take it as 'no comment' then.
Maybe, from the beginning, just because of this,
you investigated Gang U?
Gang U said that if he has this item,
he can find out what caused his father's death.
Perhaps this is associated with the death of Gang U's father?
For an item that has no value to you,
you're really quite concerned about it.
I've no idea how Gang U's father died.
But I don't find it necessary, for me to answer to those questions.

Please reconsider.
If for Gang U, this has such an important significance,
you know how precious these items are to him.
If that's the case,
then why did you bring this here?
Knowing full well how much it means to Gang U,
do you think you have the right to be raising this issue?
No matter what,
Mr. Choe's friend has indeed been a great help.
Choosing to betray her loved one to support a friend,
and leaving Gang U as the victim.
Being oblivious to the situation,
he still firmly trusts in Miss Myeong Wol.
Why? Do you have something else to say?
At this moment, your focus should be on saving Mr. Choe.
Make sure you stick with the agreement.
Have we obtained the other two books?
Yes. We found them in Mr. Choe's room.
What do we do now?
Well, since we no longer need him,
get rid of him.
Let's go.
Get him out of here.
Who are you guys?
What are you doing?
It's Chairman Ju's orders.
And also, thank you.
What? He escaped?!
You bunch of idiots!
Fortunately, all the items are in your hands.
Is he the type of person that would nicely let you off the hook?
Furthermore, he knows way too much.
If we don't take care oh him, he might come back with a vengeance.
No matter what,
find him and get rid of him!
Could it be that Grandfather is a loan shark?
Ah, I don't care anymore! It's none of my business.
I'm still shocked.
Just now, he looked quite handsome.
What am I thinking right now?
Wake up, Ju In A.
And also, thank you.
I'm crazy, crazy, crazy.
I'm not thinking about this.
Let's go up first to treat your wound.
Don't worry about me, I'll take care of it myself.
With your body in that state, where do you think you can go?
You can't go anywhere.
If you're seen together with me,
you'll be dragged into this.
They won't do anything to me.
After all, I'm a public figure.
That's true.
The other comrades still don't know yet.
We shouldn't drag them into this.
I absolutely can't leave you like this.
Choe Ryu.
Don't tell me, it's because of that guy?
Why that guy?
Who exactly is he? He already tried to deceive me.
The wound from before has worsened.
For now, I'll administer first aid.
But, is it all right to not go to the hospital?
I'll be fine after I rest for a few days.
It's fine. I can do it myself.
Don't move. Just let me do it.
How could you be beaten to this extent?
I'm sorry. I didn't want you dragged into this.
What are you talking about?
To me, not only are you a comrade, you are also like family.
When my father passed away, you were like a father to me.
Like a father?
Is that all I am to you?
What's that supposed to mean?
That's how it should be.
I really respect you.
And every time something went wrong, you would scold me severely.
I'll see if there are some antibiotics.
Yes, it's me.
=Where are you?=
=Why are you not back yet?=
It was late, so I went home right away.
=Really? Good.=
=I'm in front of your door.=
It's me. Open the door.
Open the door, Han Myeong Wol!
You're here.
You should have let me know in advance.
I called you a few times, but you never answered.
What's wrong?
There seems to be a sound.
I thought there might be someone else here.
Who else could I be with?
Have you eaten?
If you haven't eaten, let's go out and eat.
Don't be like this. Let's go out.
I don't feel like going out.
Don't be like this. Let's go out.
I said I don't want to go out!
What's wrong?
I'm not going out today.
Don't you know what I mean?
Don't be like this.
What's the matter with you?
We're a couple, aren't we?
We love each other, don't we?
Then it's fine to do something like this...
Don't be like this!
I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting that.
Do you dislike it that much?
Fine. I understand.
I'm sorry.
Are you angry?
Don't misunderstand.
Misunderstand? Misunderstand what?
It's just...
Why? Is there something else you want to tell me?
You still haven't got it. You're being completely deceived by her.

She's using your sincerity to put up a show in front of Mr. Choe!
She's very strange.
She's always hanging around you.
And suddenly saying that she wanted to be an actress.
Don't be like this!
Who exactly are all of you? Who the hell are you?
What relationship do you two have? What relationship?
That's how it seems. Dae Gang has been going shopping!
Everything that's happened is the same as what we thought.
Of course it is.
All that's left is our triumphant return!
What should we buy? What should we bring over?
Do we have to go shopping?
I've served as a resident spy in the South for 30 years. Can I return empty-handed?
I must, at least, get some souvenirs!
What souvenir? What's there to remember?
Not being caught until now wasn't easy.
Moreover I have prepared a Homecoming Commemorative Speech. Do you want to hear it?
Homecoming Commemorative Speech?
You even prepared that?
Homecoming Commemorative Speech.
My dear Comrades,
Having left our hometown for 30 years, and being able to step foot in our beautiful homeland.
The hometown that I missed so much.
You can only see your comrades, when you realize your dream of return.
It feels like a million bucks!
Comrades? What comrades?
Take the shoulder, come let's do it. (In comrade harmonic tone)
Dae Gang, would you like to do it together with us?
Forget it! It's so hot. What are we doing this for?
Is it? Well if you don't want to, then forget it.
Hey, why do you look so edgy?
I'm so annoyed.
Yesterday he said he was going to propose. So I had to light candles. It was such a torture.
And now he wants it cleaned up.
And I'm not even Gang U's subordinate!
What is the meaning of all this?
Doesn't that mean that he hasn't proposed yet?
I just saw some candles and a cake. What are they for?
It's nothing.
You will die if you let go.
If you are still angry about what happened last night...
You don't need to bother.
So. Did someone perhaps, came to your house yesterday?
The Four Joint Books that I mentioned before...
it's missing.
I'm wondering if it could have been stolen by a thief.
Did you sense anything unusual?
No, I didn't...
Then if we search for it, perhaps we can find it.
The response from the video we sent to the US was pretty good.
Really? That's great!
Of course.
Since we didn't depend on Chairman Ju's, connections, it'll take us more time.
there may be more obstacles to overcome.
Gang U will surely do well.
And also, your activities should start soon,
since your television ban has been lifted.
They're probably all waiting for your ban to end.
Everything is happening all at once. I'm up to my neck in work.
Gang U, are you listening?
It'll be okay if you just pick a good one for me.
What? You want me to pick one? Don't you want to choose it yourself?
I'm tired so I'll leave first.
I want some time by myself today. I need some rest.
What's wrong? Did the both of you quarrel?
No, nothing happened.
Then why is he so out of it?
So, what are your plans from now?
It's a pity as you have a lot of supporters. Are you really planning to quit like this?
Hey, are you guys not going to listen to me?
I'm sorry.
What's this? Why did you want to see me?
You came.
Yes. I've come, can't you see?
I'm a busy person. Why did you ask me over?
Make it quick. I'm short in time.
Is that so? Then I'll just tell you next time.
Who allowed you to just leave like that?
Since I'm already here, just tell me. I'm listening.
Okay, thanks.
If we're going to talk, why don't we find someplace we can talk and eat?
I know a really good Indian restaurant.
Didn't you say you were busy?
Then hurry up and say it!
Choe Ryu, have you heard...
Choe Ryu? What about him?
How is he? Is he going to make it? Did he die?
Oh, it's nothing.
That friend of yours... how did you get to know him?
Why are you asking?
I'm just curious.
I'm not too sure myself.
Grandfather brought him home one day, and just said that he was working for him.
Is that so?
But the first time we met was way before that.
I first met him in Singapore.
It was when I went to Singapore for the showcase.
I met him on the street, by chance.
After that, I met him once more in Korea.
The strange thing is, we kept bumping into each other.
And that person, is also into the book that you bought before.
The old interesting book you bought at the auction.
He seemed interested in that book.
I said that you had the book and his eyes seemed completely different.
It seems like he ran into some problem with my grandfather over this.
Did something go wrong?
It's nothing.
When we saw him at the Singapore Showcase, didn't it seem like he already knew Myeong Wol?
Myeong Wol?
I don't think so.
Why? Is there a problem with Myeong Wol?
Nothing? Something must have happened. What is it?
It doesn't matter. Thanks.
Didn't you have something do to? You can go now.
It's fine. If it's for you, I can rearrange my schedule...!
No, My Gang U is finally beginning to suspect Myeong Wol...
I must try to split the two up!
Choe Ryu?
I first met him in Singapore.
It was when I went to Singapore for the showcase.
And also, he saw the book you bought before.
Yes, it's that interesting old book sold at the auction.
He seemed to be interested in that book.
Could it be? You guys were seeking the Four Joint Books...
So that's what it was.
Are you okay?
Are you okay now?
Just lie down. You shouldn't be moving.
You really look worried.
Did something happen with Gang U?
It's nothing.
Sorry, it's all because of me.
No, it's not.
I'm fine. Don't worry about me.
It looks like you're saying that because there is something wrong.
It's just that I've got a lot of things to be sorry for. I've been keeping it to heart.
Is it because of the Four Joint Books?
Is that what's weighing you down?
Is it...
that painful?
He's a person that will give me everything he has.
Despite everything that has happened...
He still came to believe and accept me.
A person like that...
just thinking how I'm letting him down...
That's why you're hurting...
because it's between your happiness and your comrade.
Because you worry so much for him.
Come over for a moment.

I'll be right back.

Do... do you really have to leave?
-=Crazy brat.=-
Sorry, I can't make it today.
I'll see you tomorrow morning.
In the end, she still lets me down.
I wanted to give you a last chance to explain yourself.
You're the one who gave up the opportunity.
Comrade Myeong Wol.
What's with your expression?
Your whole face is full of worry.
What's wrong?
Are things not going well with Gang U?
Not long ago, you liked him to death!
What happened?
I'm not sure.
It's because there's something that's been weighing in my heart.
And I'm not sure if it's just me.
Something weighing in your heart?
It's nothing.
Is it because of the burden we loaded on him?
Burdened on him?
The truth is...
we wanted him to propose to you.
We kept working at it.
According to Dae Gang,
It seemed he was really all prepared to propose.
Don't worry about it.
Between couples, there are always ups and downs.
How can it be great every day?
It's only like that at the beginning.
So the longer you get along, the more challenges you'll face.
You have to manage yourself well.
Manage myself?
Since we're on this topic,
just for today, spend more time on your looks and go out and have fun.
So that others can see it.
Relationships between couples needs this.
Were you looking for me?
Have you been busy lately?
How can I be busy with hyeong being like this? (Hyeong - older brother)
I'm hyeong's manager.
Then help me out with something.
If you're going to ask me to prepare another proposal,
I'll have to decline.
You'll just need to use your eyes.
You often visit Myeong Wol's home, don't you?
Yes. So what now?
Whatever gets spoken about and happens in that home,
as long as it's got to do with Myeong Wol,
if it seems strange, let me know.
But... why so sudden?
Do you want to get fired?
Just do what I tell you to, don't let anyone else know.
Do you understand?
Myeong Wol, what's going on today?
You're so gorgeous! What's happening?
You want me to see if it fits you?
It's just...
Then I should return your sincerity.
Let's go.
What is this?
He's completely different just now.
There aren't any problems between the two of them, right?
Whose hand is this?
It's Hallyu star Gang U's hand.
If you let anyone else hold your hand after this, you'll die.
It's all right.
The hand phone I had before was pretty good.
This is my private hand phone.
In the future, you can't pick up anyone else's calls. Only mine.

Asia's top Hallyu star only uses the most top class stuff.

What, you don't like it?
It's so pretty!
How is it? Is it good?
Isn't it too expensive?
Dating Asia's top Hallyu star, Gang U...
these are the things you have to bear with.
Really, it's all right.
It's Gang U!
He's so handsome!
It's Gang U oppa.
I'm sorry.
It's just...
I'm sorry.
Have you enjoyed it?
But I don't know for how long we can enjoy it.
So I'll let you enjoy this moment.
-=Hallyu Star couple Gang U and Myeong Wol dating beside the Han river.=-
Not publishing the news of their breakup...
and I thought they were having issues... was I mistaken?

She's here! That brat!
Omo, Eonni. (Eonni - older sister)
Why are you at the television station?
I heard you haven't had anything new.
Let's find a quiet place to talk.
While I'm being nice,
obediently come back to me.
If you really beg this time,
I will re-instate you.
Even now, you're not clear about the situation.
I know, I know.
What do you actually want?
You don't want to carry my things.
I got it. Then don't carry them.
What else do you want?
Fine. Do it.
Is that okay?
It's just a couple of small favors are all I need. You still have a problem?

You're the one begging me, right?
This is ridiculous. Have I gone crazy?
Why should I beg you?
If you don't want to, then forget it.
Okay, forget it.
Are you really going to be like this?
Then ask me properly.
I formally ask you,
to please come back as my assistant.
Is that good?
That's good.
Then I formally reject you.
This girl, really!
Know your place!
did you know I have over 10,000 fans?
That's even more than Eonni's fans.
Furthermore, I still support the Gang-Myeong couple.
So why should I help Eonni?
If you're really going to keep this up, you're going to get hurt.
Be careful.
Eonni, it's you who should be careful.
I wish you'd fall as you walk.

Hyeong's too much... putting me in this position, and actually asking me to do such things.
are things between the two of them going well?
I'm not sure. What about today?
Speaking about that...
The higher-ups is expecting us to go back soon.
What 'Higher-ups'?
Are they being religious?
The meaning of "going back soon"...
do they mean 'dying'?
What's this baggage for?
Why are there so many pictures of North Korea?
Could it be...
that they're planning a trip to the mountains?
What's all this?
Why do they have the things like spies?
This is scary...
This ajussi, really. (Ajussi - older man, uncle)
At their age, they're still fooling around with these toy weapons.
Start searching!
There's nothing here.
That's enough! Let's go!
I think it's fine if we eat dinner at home.
Help me buy something good.
But remember to buy more.
Dinner's here!
Since you told me to buy more, I bought a lot.
Why is he...
I asked him to come over.
Because he's always worried over your matters.
So to thank him, I asked him to have dinner with us.
I see...
I thought you'd be very happy?
Ah, yes...
Why? Doesn't it suit your taste?
Seeing how you're eating.
It's not that.
Then is it because the setting is uncomfortable for you?
Because you both seem familiar with each other,
so I thought you'd be comfortable.
Don't mind us. Please help yourself.
I will.
Oh, that's right.
How long have the two of you known each other?
Did you say it was after you came here?
So before this,
the two of you have never met?
Why do you ask?
Because if you only got to know each other here...
the way you care about each other seems a little too close for comfort.
Are you jealous?
Is that what you think?
Is jealousy something that everyone displays?
You have to, also, distinguish the class status of the other party.
If the class status falls far behind,
then there's no need for worry, right?
Of course, that would be correct.
But, what if it's like what In A says?
That you've always liked Myeong Wol.
And perhaps you feel that you need to do something...
I'm afraid that you might be harboring such unrealistic hopes.
Gang U!
Why? Are you not confident?
To the woman whom you deeply love,
do you distrust her that much?
I'll excuse myself.
Stay seated.
I'm going to leave.
I told you to stay seated!
That's enough!
Didn't she say she didn't want to?
Don't be like this.
Don't be like this, I'm all right.
I should leave first.
Thank you for your hospitality.
What exactly is wrong with you?
What about me?
If there's something you aren't happy with, then just say it.
Don't drag in other people who aren't involved, and make them feel uncomfortable.
You're the one...
Why is it that, if it's about him,
you're always so concerned?
Why exactly? What's the reason behind this?
Reason... the reason!?
Are you asking me the reason right now?
You really don't know why I'm like this?
You really don't know?
What, it's a fake?
That's right.
That guy!
He's not there.
He's not at Han Myeong Wol's home either?
I went to the Investigation Agency before.
And I didn't find anything.
Do you still want to continue searching?
No need, there's no need.
Forget it.
Now that I think about it, there's really no need to find him.
There's an easy way to catch him.
It looks like it's time to ask him to return again.
So if I assess the situation...
Recently, they've been planning a trip to Mount Gangnam.
From a religious perspective, they could be 'going to heaven'.
So you're saying that they're all packed up and ready to go?
That's right.
Apart from that, is there anything else on Myeong Wol?
You have to provide me with something for me to find out!
What do you mean by that?
Without a graduation photo, or even a photo from childhood,
you have to give me something to start with!
Could she have disposed of everything when she remarried? (Note: refering to Myeong Wol's fake mother)
I heard that you have only recently remarried to Myeong Wol's mother.
What? Ah, yes.
That is, although the marriage is recent...
Won't you stop yapping?
Why are you biting me?
But why are you suddenly looking into on Myeong Wol's past?
I was scared out of my wits!
You should know that Myeong Wol's father, is just like a father to me.
I'm just curious.
Anyway, thanks for that.
Is it Comrade Major?
I mean, where would he have sustain such wounds from?
Don't know. I've asked, but he won't say.
Just what exactly is he doing?
The last time when he secretly called me out,
he was looking for a person nicknamed 'Dokebi'. (Dokebi - goblin-like creatures of Korean mythology)
It's the person that Gang U was also looking for.
Oh, that's right!
But what's this?
Why are the both of them looking for the 'Dokebi'?
That's why I'm putting so much effort trying to locate the 'Dokebi'.
Is anyone here?
Aigoo, look who's here! (Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)
If it isn't our son-in-law!
Come, come, come. We've got something to ask you as well.
Take a seat.
Has anything happened lately?
What could happen? Everything's fine.
If the both of you can get married quickly, then everything will be okay.
Is there something wrong?
I just dropped by to visit, since I was passing by.
That's good, that's good!
About the proposal...
Don't feel too burdened by it.
We just brought it up casually.
But are you and our Myeong Wol doing okay?
Yes, we're getting along fine.
That's right! That's the way it should be, the way it should be.
I have a request.
Oh, what is it? Let's hear it.
May I have a photo of Myeong Wol in her younger years.
I want that.
Myeong Wol's shy, that's why she won't show it to me.
I'm really curious to know what she looked like when she was young.
About that...
In her early years, Myeong Wol and her father lived a very unsettled lifestyle.
It was not a situation where photos of a child could be taken.
What about baby photos or graduation photos? Surely you would have those?
Well, actually...
Myeong Wol's father was in the liquor business.
Whenever he drinks, he would go crazy.
There was a time when he put his own house on fire.
It was that time that all of the photos were burnt.
Did you say that Myeong Wol's father was in the liquor business?
That's right!
Your father is a soldier?
Ah, yes.
I thought that he was soldier.
How could he be a soldier?

Why is it that the more I dig, the more suspicious it gets?
You want me to recommend one to you?
Yes. You would probably know some...
relationships, graduation school, and family background...
Someone who can properly check on these.
Why would you need that?
How long would it usually take?
It shouldn't take long.
But, who are you checking up on?
Please just let me have the contact number.
Digging up on her entire background, I may require some time.
But to verify if her credentials are legitimate will only take one day.
What's wrong?
Everything on the news is good news,
so why are you drinking alone here?
Let's be honest...
Are you on bad terms with Myeong Wol lately?
Just go.
I'm not here to aggravate your situation.
What's the issue with Myeong Wol?
Why? Getting along too well with Choe Ryu?
Aigoo, could it be true?
Stop talking...
Because of that girl, you're getting this depressed?
Haven't I already told you?
I told you that she was strange!
Ju In A...
Am I right?
Aren't you being suspicious of her right now?
Why are you pretending as if nothing's wrong?
If it's like this, doesn't this just mean that both your love is nothing significant?
Just get lost.
You're too much!
How can you treat me this way?
Don't you know that you shouldn't do this to me?
Then you should be more wise.
You don't know why I'm like this?
can't you just let me know what's on your mind?
You're right.
I also want to know what's in her heart.
Even if it's only for a day, I still hope to remain in her heart.
-=Your call was unable to connect.=-
-=Please leave a message after the beep.=-
Han Myeong Wol is here with me. I'll be waiting for you.
Where is Han Myeong Wol?
I knew you would come.
I've been waiting for you.
I'm asking you, where's Han Myeong Wol?
That's right. I know how precious Han Myeong Wol is to you.
Han Myeong Wol isn't here.
I need you. That's why I summoned you.
This... is fake.
The Four Joint Book that Han Myeong Wol brought here...
is a fake.
Han Myeong Wol would not intentionally bring a fake Four Joint Book here.
So that's it...
I thought so too.
It doesn't seem likely.
Gang U must have the genuine one.
And you want me to get the genuine one?
That's right.
And the price?
If you can bring it here,
I won't dig into Myeong Wol's or your identity.
How about that?
How am I supposed to believe you?
You don't have any other choice right now.
Do you still think that I wouldn't know who you and Han Myeong Wol are?
If you don't bring it to me,
I'll publicly expose Han Myeong Wol's and your true identities.
Now who is this? You crazy brat.
Let me go get you a glass of cold water.
Hey, Han Myeong Wol.
Han Myeong Wol!
I'm right here.
do you love me?
I'm asking you if you love me.
I'm asking you if you love me or not!
Are you asking because you don't know?
That's right...
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Tell me,
do you love me?
Do you really love me?
I love you.
I said that I love you.
How many times must I say it?
Is it love?
All right.
You say that you love me.
Then, let's see just how much you really love me.
What are you doing? You're drunk!
Why? Didn't you say you love me?
Didn't you say you love me? Then why not? Why?
Do you not trust me?
That's right.
I don't trust you.
I can't trust you.
You say that you love me... but how could you...
You said that you love me, but why do you still...
let me be in so much pain?
What must I do, to earn your trust?
If I do this, will you trust me then?
Let me look at your heart.
I really don't know what I'm doing right now.
I really do not know why I'm like this to you.
I'm really sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
What are you doing?
Have you been staring at me all this while?
You brat! How could you still sleep so soundly?
Shouldn't you be up before me to freshen up, and then wait for me?
You even snored.
You're lying!
And grinding your teeth, and drooling as well!
No way!
Want a coffee?
I'm just going to check the mail, then I'll send it up.
Don't come down, just wait for me upstairs.
=The information that you asked of on Han Myeong Wol, I've sent it over.=
=Did you get it yet?=
Okay. As long as your heart is true,
all these wouldn't matter.
The book that you brought over was a fake.
A fake?
That's right.
No matter what, you can't stay here.
He'll be back any minute now.
You guys... what exactly...
Gang U!
Gang U!
I'll be taking this.
Comrade Major, that...
There's already no time to consider how you feel about it.
=That, Comrade Myeong Wol.=
=Is everything okay?=
=Are you all right?=
=Well, Dae Gang just came and told us...=
that earlier on, Gang U was checking up on you.
What do you mean?
The last time when he came over,
he was asking about this and that. I kept feeling that it was rather odd.
The Four Joint Books that we talked about...
why can't I find it?
I can't trust you.
You say that you love me, but how could you...
You said that you love me, but why do you still...
let me be in so much pain?
=Furthermore, Dae Gang also mentioned,=
=that he had requested Representative to help him check up on someone.=
I've a feeling that the person being check on is you.
Has there been any document in the mail?
I'm just going to check the mail, then I'll send it up.
Don't come down, just wait for me upstairs.
Were you looking for this?
have deceived me very well.
Was everything...
a complete lie?
What exactly about you is real?
Who exactly!
Who exactly are you?
Tell me...
Please tell me...
Tell me!