James Kyson Extended Interview from Settlers of Catan TableTop Ep 2

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 20, 2012


I'm James Kyson.
I'm an actor.
I guess most people know me from Heroes.

Well, I was working on Hawaii Five-O, earlier this year.
And I'm actually getting ready for a
project in San Francisco.
And I started boxing.
I love playing board games, because it's with people.
And I just love that idea of getting together with a group
of friends, and you're interacting, you're competing,
in a fun and healthy way, for the most part.
When I was going to college in Boston we used to play lot of
Taboo, which was one of my favorite games.
It still is one of my favorite games.
And the thing about Taboo is you have to sort of act out--
it's kind of like Charades--
where you have to describe words without saying the word
that's actually on the card.
You're constantly thinking on your feet and sometimes you
say the craziest, dumbest, or the funniest thing.
I loved playing Nintendo when I was a kid.
In fact, my family was kind of working class, so I only had
an Atari 2600.
Under $50, I still remember the commercial.
But my next door neighbor had a Nintendo, so I used to go
over every day and we used to play Mike Tyson's Punch Out,
Super Mario Brothers.
And Zelda was one where I didn't even need to play.
I would just let him play, and I would just watch because it
was just so fascinating.
And the story would go on for hours.
Gaming has evolved into such a new level that you literally
get to live out a movie.
Gaming is fun.
Gaming is a must.