Holiday Celebrations : How to Organize an Office Gift Exchange

Uploaded by eHow on 13.12.2008

Hi, I'm Teri. And in this segment I'm going to teach you how to do an office gift exchange.
So just an important note, this is not a secret Santa. This is a gift exchange where everyone's
going to know who you picked or who each other has. So you find out how many people in the
office want to get involved, everybody's name goes into a hat or a stocking and everyone
draws. And then once you find out who you have then that's who you're going to buy for.
Now you want to pick a limit so that everyone stays within and around that limit. Ten to
fifteen dollars is probably a good amount for an office. And you can do it on the last
day of work but what I recommend is actually throw a party and do it at the end at a little
Christmas party. Now for the Christmas party a couple things you want to keep in mind.
Will there be alcohol at this party. What kind of dress, is it casual or formal? And
are the gifts going to be gag gifts or are you going to do a serious gift? I mean because
if I buy Jim a Whoopee cushion and he gets me a nice set of earrings I might feel a little
bad. So you want to make sure that everyone's on the same page so you can make this office
gift exchange the best one ever. You can have a lot of fun with this. It's a good way to
know people around the office so you've might not met before. And a good way for everyone
to get to together right around the holidays and wish each other their best. And that's
how to have an office gift exchange.