Online Shopping Scams and Smishing in Fairfax County

Uploaded by fairfaxcountygov on 05.11.2010

the shoppers
our always on the lookout for
well up holiday season the scam artists don't take a break in fact the mall apply which
you can find is that of proliferation of power but messages from online auctions sites
the offering all these and pass items that are the most wanted one
and even often both and very good bargain prices
and what you're going to find out if a lot of these of the his sights
although been doing is setting up shop for the holiday season for trying to capture
our information
so if you go to one of the sites that you've never done business with that you have no
information about
and this is what you can expect
what will happen is that you give up your information you get credit card information
they'll never get the product that you ordered what the scandal and will do is they'll use
a credit card information and they're gone shopping and my lot of things for themselves
and he did give a personal information they wouldn't use it for I do think that
so it does holiday season's is not the time
time to go on to the splashy on line options thanks
you want to make sure that your only doing business
with companies that you already have an X gathers reputation with
and that are legitimate as it wasn't for me with fishing well there's a new twist on fishing
and it's called fishing
and what the %uh interesting the state uses are found and institute a mistake e mail message
senate above its web site the lesson is a short message a text message right on are
telling us about this and taxing bargain or this new deal that only available for a limited
time is just half the club special number
that's in the tax message
if you call that number than most likely you're going to be going to blow this fight that's
going to capture your information and they're going to
the front you
so if you get a tax message
on York poland
from a company that you have had a relationship with the bell call the number on the text
message to go to the web site for that particular company or to the information you already
have on hand
and only home that number
that's the only way you can be sure that you're not calling somebody gets number and delegates
can buy this measures