TOWER HEIST review [no spoilers] - Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Alan Alda

Uploaded by BlindFilmCritic on 04.11.2011

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Are you sure this is a heist? It was only $22 for the tickets.
(Josh Kovacs) Good morning, Mr. Shaw. Everything's set for your dinner party.
(Agent Clare Denham) That guy stole from everyone who works in your building.
They're gonna get our money.
(Kovac) It's all gone.
(Mr. Fitzhugh) I'm thinking of becoming a male prostitute.
I think I might have a better idea.
(Tommy) Walking out of the theater, I'm thinking to myself, this movie was fun.
You know, I really enjoyed it.
There is a great cast of characters. Ben Stiller, very believable as Mr. K.
I was totally rootin' for him. How do you not root for that character?
(Stiller as Kovacs) I don't want you talkin' to me for the rest of the robbery.
You know, and opposite to him, Eddie Murphy.
(Murphy as Slide) I will blow your face clean off your face.
(Tommy) Terrific.
This Eddie, I thought, was a little more intense than he has been in other roles in the past.
He was almost a little bit darker.
As you might expect, Eddie Murphy's the funniest guy in this film, right?
(Slide) I'ma be inside havin' sex with Rita.
(Tommy) The star of the show for me? The great Alan Alda.
I love it when I guy plays a character that you just hate, hate, hate.
It still sounds like Alan Alda, right?
You know, it still sounds like Hawkeye Pierce from M.A.S.H., right?
(Alda as Hawkeye) Yeah, well, remember don't use that arm for anything.
But this time you hear the arrogance in his voice when he plays this character.
(Alda as Shaw) It was his baby. And now it's my baby.
And you know who's even better than Alan Alda?
The guy who plays Matt Lauer.
(Matt) Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is just moments away.
(Tommy) Wow! It's sounds just like him!
You fooled even blind people!
So, the soundtrack of this is a little bit different.
Because it's not a bunch of pop music in this one, it's all Christophe Beck.
He creates a lot of tension, and some forward motion too, you know? It goes somewhere.

So, occasionally in this movie, there are sight gags, which is fine.
Like here, for example, when they're having lunch.
I cant' afford to eat here anyway.
Hey, we can order whatever we like, 'cause, um,
(whispers) lunch is on me.
(Tommy) What? What just happened?
What, was that funny because of all the "Shrek" money he's got?
(Slide) Why you talkin' like that?
So, for "Tower Heist", I'm gonna go 3 out of 4 eyes open.
The thing is, blind people, you're gonna have to go with somebody.
Don't go alone, 'cause you're gonna need to ask people
about the last 20-25 minutes of this one. Trust me.
I'm Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait for "Tower Heist 2".

No, I don't. You know what, honestly, I've no idea what happens in that scene.
What would he be doing? What is he, taking somebody else's money out of his pocket?
I have no clue.
(voice offscreen) Huge cockroach inside it.
Wow! How about that?
That's what's so funny?