Alejandro & Diego - 009 (English Subs)

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A picture of a teacher naked!?
It's kind of hard Maxi. What if they haven't taken nude pictures of her?
Don't fuck with me! I already know where you're going with this.
I don't plan on seeing the principal naked again, not even in my reincarnation, dude!
No, look. The one I like is Ms. Miranda. The literature teacher.
(FROM ELIZABETH): I'll be waiting for you at Yesenia's. "I'M ALONE"
She's like this: *muah*. I want to see her in every position out there.
Yes, she's very pretty, But I prefer the ones my own age.
And look, I like just about everything, 'kay?
I would even do Ms. Paty that favor.
I can't stand her, But she's got some melons..!
okay, okay. Enough said. Enough said. I bet on Ms. Miranda's picture.
I don't have any dough to enter, but I'd like to see those pictures. Okay?
I'm willing to pay $500 (€381).
If it lands on heads,I bring Ms. Paty's pictures. But if it lands on tails, you bring Ms. Cruz' picure, Diego.
Look, I'm not only going to bring you the picture. But I'll take it face-to-face when I have her right here.
Flip it!
Tails! You lost Diego! You lost!
On the contrary, my friend. I won double. Because I'm not only going to eat Ms. Miranda.
You're going to pay me double! For the picture and for the fuck!
I'll start the attack TODAY!
Oh, so-rry!
Hey. Yeah?
Hey, am I giving you a ride home, or what? -No
I'm going to go see Elizabeth.
Hey dude, What do you think happened with the African-Latino's accusation towards the Anaconda?
No idea. But I can only imagine her face when she see's what we left her.
Oh, love of my life! Where are you that I can't find you?
Are you waiting for someone? -No.
Ah, okay then. Maybe it's Santiago that came to help us with the moving, I'm guessing.
As long as it's not Mauricio.
Can you? -Ok.
Look, if it's Mauricio... Then he'll get a heart attack and never return.
It's not that bad.
Ok. It's a box.
For you.
Yeah! So strange that they left it on the floor, don't you think?
What does the card say?
For a beautiful woman. From someone that is dying of love for you.
Aww. Just look at them... They are so pretty... You're sooo lucky, Miranda.
No one ever sends me flowers, you know? You get admirers of every age and sizes. Very well.
But who could have left a box without a name? Without showing their face??
With a card saying: "For a beautiful woman, From someone that is dying of love for you"
Who else? Mauricio.
Of course he didn't write his name to not get you in trouble. But seriously, he's obsessed with you.
Well... But this is very romantic... Don't you think so?
Do you really think it was from Mauricio?
I think so.
Well if it was from Mauricio. Then he must be near. And I'm going to teach him a lesson so he learns.
She threw them away!
Darn it!
It's going to be hard to win this bet.
Hey, my phone has been ringing all day. What's up? -Hey, here with my bro-in-law, we have an idea for the bet we did the other day.
Look... Relax... I've already starting working on that, my friend.
Ms. Miranda doesn't want to collaborate... But that makes it even more interesting!
You already started?... I mean.. I mean why do you say that?
I placed her some flowers and a love note outside the door. And you know what she did?
No... What did she do? -She threw them away in les then FIVE minutes.
What kind of dudette doesn't like flowers?
Hand me over the bet, Diego Let me be the one who bring you Ms. Miranda's picture.
Let me go!
What are you doing over there, dude? Come over here with us.
Come on, man! -Ale!
Now I want both of you to try it.
Why don't you two kiss in front of me?
Well truth is, I don't have a LOT of money. But I do have something that might interest you.
I trade you the bet for my account on the WET game. I have my characters maxed!and all the guild items so you can enter to any guild you want.
What do you think?
My. Well, I only have two characters. -Well, you decide.
It's a deal, bro! Bro Ms. Miranda is all yours.
Hey, hey. Bro-in-law, if you take Ms. Cruz to bed. And take a picture as proof. -I'll double the profit, $2,000 (€1526) for banging the teacher.
Hold on, my friend. In this country that's impossible. For a teacher to sleep with a students means only two things:
News and Jail.
Well to do it, do it. I don't know if I'll be able to.
But I will bring the nude picture in exchange for the $1,000(€763).
Yeah?... Yeah... Okay?... Yeah...
C'mon. It's just a peck. A kiss between friends.
There's nothing wrong with it, or is there?
You two... You two should cool down a bit.
Or end up getting heated up. Ugh, Ale. Come here. Don't leave!
Ale! -Ale come here!
Would you have really dared to kiss him?
Why not?
Do you like Ale?
Look, I'm very sure of my sexuality. And because of that, I wouldn't care giving a kiss to someone I see as a brother.
Because, Ale told me the one you like is me that it's me that you like.
I'd have to be blind for me not like you.
I was your brother's girlfriend.
And Rodrigo just died, Sebastián.
Can't you see?
And what do you think happened the other night when I was kissing you and I could even get an erection?
I was thinking about Rodrigo.
Whatever you and I do would be betraying my brother's memory.