Ghost Stories Told By Japanese Celebrities - Rie Shibata (with English Captions)

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Today I would like to talk about my personal scary experience. Shibata Rie
This story takes place before we started the WAHAHA Honpo agency.
When I was with the Tokyo Vaudeville show produced by Mr. B Sato.
The Theater of Horror: Shibata Rie
This happened in an old theater in Nagoya.
It was the night before a Tokyo Vaudeville show.
The producer B. Sato, being a veteran, was staying at a hotel.
Shibata, who was a novice back then...
...was getting ready to sleep in a huddle...
...with all the other actors of the company in a large room in the theater.
After dinner, the exhausted Shibata san quickly got into her futon before all the others.
She had no way of knowing that after that... unimaginable horror experience was awaiting her.
That night, in spite of being very tired, Shibata san couldn't fall asleep for some reason.
At that moment...
A sudden feeling of paralysis.
“Ah, I'm suffering. I'm paralyzed. I can't break free.”
I thought “I'll try to ask for help” so I tried to touch around me, like this.
However, although she extended her arms...
...for some reason the group members who were supposed to be next to her...
“Ah, there's no one here! There's no one here!”
Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why wasn't anybody there?
She thought how strange that was... and in that instant...
On her left hand she felt someone's presence.
She turned her face timidly...
...and what her eyes saw was...
An eerie man wearing a tuxedo, sitting next to her pillow.
I thought, “Why is this man here?”
I wasn't afraid.
I wasn't afraid. It's just that...
...he was looking at me with a very sad expression.
Looking straight at me.
At my eyes.
Looking with a expression of deep thought.
I was thinking, “Why is this man looking at me?”
I thought “Why does he have that sad expression?”
I was just looking straight at him too.
While Shibata san was feeling closer to the man, he disappeared.
Then Shibata san fell asleep.
The following morning...
Shibata san told everyone about this strange experience.
It's true, I'm telling you.
I was paralyzed and couldn't move.
And by the way, why none of you guys were in the room?
Well, you were making struggling sounds in your sleep.
“Ugh, ugh”, you were so loud like that!
From where all of them were, I looked like I was having a nightmare, struggling.
"What's wrong with her? What's wrong with her?"
So they rolled themselves sideways inside their futons.
It seems that because of this the space around my futon got wider.
So I thought there wasn’t anyone there.
So the ghost was you.
What's with you?
No matter how much she explained it to them, they wouldn't believe her.
Then it must have been a hallucination after all.
But then...
Could you... come here a second...
It was one of the junior members, Itoh san.
The truth is...
I saw him too.
You saw him too?
I thought that, in fact, I was the only one who saw that man.
But Itoh san had seen him too.
Itoh san had looked sideways...
...and had seen us looking at each other.
I said, “Well, Itoh san, if you saw me like that why didn't you do anything to help me?”
She said “Hmm...”
“I wanted to go to where you were but...”
“Next to my feet...”
“There was a woman looking a mirror and putting makeup on and on...”
“ I couldn’t go to help you.”
How frightening was what Itoh san saw at her feet.
The spirit of a young woman putting on makeup was there.
I thought “Oh, my...”
There were many, many spirits of people like that inside that room.
According to Itoh san, there were many other spirits moving around the room.
What could have happened in that room?