Vice President Joe Biden on Medicare - Blacksburg, VA

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on 15.08.2012

[Vice President Joe Biden] They make massive changes to Medicare turning it into a voucher
system, this is mentioned. That means seniors will no longer have guaranteed Medicare. They
get a voucher. They get a voucher to go out and buy private insurance coverage. And you
know how confusing it is to begin with?
[VP Biden] And I am not being facetious. They get a voucher. And because the voucher would
not keep up with rising health cost, seniors would be forced to pay based on studies, an
extra $6,400 a year under the Romney-Ryan plan.
[VP Biden] We see an America where Social Security is protected, where Medicare is available
to distressed people. And where Medicare fulfills its original mission. That's why we have strengthen
Medicare to extend its life by eight years. Made reforms that have saved millions of seniors
hundreds of dollars in prescription drugs. That's why we have proposed reforms to save
Medicare money by getting rid of wasteful spending on healthcare systems without cutting
a single penny in Medicare benefits.