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Hey, y'all.
Celestina here.
All right, so Bunheads season finale.
Take a deep breath.
All right, so this episode, there
are a number of patch-ups.
The ladies patch things up.
Boo and Carl make up.
I'm really excited about that.
Sasha's back.
Fanny just kind of accepts it, and looks
like things are great.
But of course, there's always something.
She has hired this girl, The Ringer, to come and perform.
And she is amazing.
And obviously, Sasha's not having it.
The Ringer was like, psh, I'm here, honey.
I don't know what you're doing here.
But I'm playing Clara.
I kind of like the ringer.
Her personality was cute.
She was just kind of like, mm-hm--
Battement to the face, and keep it pushing.
Ginny has approval to date Charlie.
They go in for the kiss, or whatever that was.
It ended in a crash.
I just knew he was just, like, over it.
And I was right, because what happens?
He shows up to rehearsal, or at least to pick up his
sister, and he's got another girl in the car.
So that's a little heartbreak for Ginny.
But, yeah, he wasn't worth it anyways, girl.
The Nutcracker is looking great.
Things are perfect.
Sasha's like, I've got this role.
Whatever, to The Ringer.
But Michelle, moving too quickly, picks up the wrong
spray, Maces the girls down.
Everyone's blinded.
And it's a disaster.
And I was actually thinking that maybe it was going to
start off like a disaster, and it was getting crazy, and then
somehow they were going to play it off
and come back together.
And we'd be like, oh, that was funny.
They were all like fainting.
And, no, it just didn't get better.
And of course, The Ringer, she was like, oh,
I'm taking the bow.
She snatches that bow off of Sasha's head, puts it on, and
goes out there and just handles it.
But no one was really watching.
I think all the parents were just upset at what was going
on with their kids anyways.
But she didn't really care.
She was doing her thing.
I thought that was a little bit funny.
But it kind of gets a little serious because they have to
take all the girls to the hospital.
For Michelle, everything goes back a few steps.
I mean, Fanny is upset.
The parents aren't really happy.
And Mr. Luscious did cameo in this episode.
And it was smooches all the way down.
And a lot of people didn't seem to like that as well.
So Michelle is in a lot of hot water right now.
Everyone seems to not want Michelle there.
But our bunheads love Michelle, appreciate her.
And they want her to stay.
But, yeah, Michelle's like, that's not good enough.
All right, so that was the season finale for Bunheads.
We hope to see you guys next season.
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