Mobile's Importance for Retailers

Uploaded by thinkvoices on 10.09.2011

Mobile is very important to retailers
on a number of fronts.
On the one hand, it helps the retailer reach the consumer
any time of the day at the point of interaction--
whether they're inside the store, whether they're trying
to purchase on the go, whether they're trying to communicate
to another consumer, a friend, a relative, an acquaintance.
Mobile is also important in a sense that it really allows
the retailers to personalize the offers
that are sent to consumers.
It also allows the retailer to personalize the experience
through the mobile device.
If you just look at the mobile trends today and the
proliferation of mobile devices among the consumers,
everything from the downloadable apps to the
mobile web usage, it's clear that with the adoption of
mobile it's become probably the most important device that
the consumer carries with them when they leave the house.
It's a critical touch point with the consumer.
Consumers, for the last couple of years, have expanded their
usage of mobile beyond just data and voice.
They're downloading apps.
They're shopping.
They're consuming content.
They're transacting.
And so it's critical for us as a retailer to really invest in
mobile and be at the leading edge of mobile to be able to
take advantage of this incredible channel that
reaches a lot of consumers instantly anytime, anywhere.
Mobile is at the core of our marketing strategy.
Macy's is an omni-channel retailer, where consumers
could access Macy's from different platforms
simultaneously and are expecting to receive a
personalized, individualized experience at
the localized level.
Therefore, mobile is the bridge that we see between the
physical world, which is the bricks for us, and the online
world, which is the clicks.
It's a huge part of our local strategy as a company.
And it's also a huge part of our
future growth as a company.
And we have been testing a number of different
initiatives in marketing in mobile.
And we continue to invest more and more in mobile.
Mobile is fairly early.
There is a lot of innovation.
It is happening very rapidly.
We are always making sure that we're in a position to take
advantage of the changes and evolution in mobile.
We are looking at a number of initiatives within mobile,
where we're seeing a lot of tie today between the social
and the mobile aspect.
We're trying to drive more sales through the mobile
channel, looking at the different platforms in mobile
today, really trying to get more data about the consumer
that will help us, again, personalize and individualize
the Macy's experience to the consumer.
And that mobile device really provides a lot of rich data.
And we're always looking to partner with companies like
Google and others, looking at things like payments through
the mobile device and downloadable content,
e-commerce, and even at the international level.
The biggest change in our relationship is that mobile
allows us to get data much more quickly and a lot richer
data about the consumer.
Something that we didn't have prior to the mobile device.