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Uploaded by ligiapop on 02.05.2011

We all know that green, leafy vegetables bring an added dose of energy to our days.
This energy comes from the earth, through the minerals these plants extract from the ground,
and solar energy, transformed into chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll helps us tremendously by carrying extra oxygen in our blood, which keeps away disease.
It's hard to eat a salad with every meal, as nutritionists advise, so I propose a solution: the green smoothie.
What is a green smoothie? It's a simple, blended combination of water, leafy vegetables and fruits.
Some may wonder why we combine fruits and vegetables.
Blending the leaves with the fruits is the only proper way to combine fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables don't normally combine well, but their leaves work well with fruits.
You can drink up to 2 liters of green smoothie every day, without problems. You can drink it in the morning,
before eating breakfast, or instead of breakfast, or in the evening, before your meal or instead of it.
There are no hard and fast rules about when you can drink a green smoothie.
If you're going to eat after drinking a smoothie, wait 30 minutes for it to be digested first.
A good green smoothie is very consistent, full of nutrients, just what our body needs, detoxifying,
it's a great solution for those who suffer from constipation, will not cause gas or cramps,
so I heartily recommend it!
If you intend to drink it during the day, you can put it in a glass thermos or bottle and take it with you to work.
It can stay at room temperature without problems, it will not go bad, provided you drink it the same day.
If you want to drink it daily (which I recommend), you can alternate between different leafy vegetables,
by using spinach or salad leaves one day, and other leaves the next. Avoid strongly aromatic leaves,
such as garlic, onion, thyme or dill leaves. The leaves which work best are the various salads or cabbages.
You can also add other comestible leaves, as you shall see in a few moments.
This particular recipe uses less leafy vegetables. It's meant as an introductory green smoothie recipe.
Try this first, and as you develop a taste for the smoothie, alternate the leaves and add more of them.
A simple rule is to add a good handful of various leaves to two liters of water, plus fruits to your taste.
We'll need a liter of water, 1 banana (or two if you want it sweeter), the juice from half a lemon,
two kiwi fruits, 1 apple (or two if you want it thicker), a few stems of parsley leaves, three strawberry leaves,
(they've barely come up and I'm already pulling them out...), blue curled kale (the seeds are on my site),
and a few dandelion leaves.
Let's start adding the ingredients into the blender. We'll slice the apple first.
I used this utensil to slice the apple -- you know it, I've talked about it before.
Now for the banana.
The brown tip at the end of the banana should always be thrown away. It's full of pesticides.
As mentioned in other videos, bananas and kiwi fruits (and other citrus) should be washed before they're peeled.
Now for the kiwi fruits, and the juice from half a lemon. I took out the seeds first.
Now for the leaves. You can add them directly, with the stems. A strong blender will mince them right up.
If you have a weak blender, you'll need to dice each of these first and add each item separately.
The parsley... with the stems... and 3-4 dandelion leaves. Let's mix them up.
Always check to make sure all the pieces have been blended.
Don't blend for more than 2 minutes. After that time, the blender's blade becomes hot and warms the mix.
We know that anything warmed over 40 degrees Celsius is altered, so blend everything under 2 minutes.
This is ready, everything's been blended, it's perfect.
Let's pour it into a glass. Taste it first, and if it's to your liking, drink it.
If it isn't sweet enough for you, add another banana and blend it a little more.
Don't be scared by the way it looks. It smells great, it has an exotic aroma. The mix of ingredients
has given it the right taste. The green leafy vegetables are masked by the fruits.
The taste is similar to a liquid fruit sorbet. You can also add cubes of ice to bring out the sorbet taste.
If you look closely at the glass, you'll see that the contents have separated. Water is on the bottom,
and the blended leaves have gathered on top. I want to remind you this is a beginner green smoothie recipe.
I recommend you add more fruits and more leaves, as you get accustomed to its taste, so it's thicker.
When we prepare raw vegan foods, particularly green smoothies, there is a rule you must know.
You should combine the five tastes: salty, sour, bitter, spicy and sweet. We did that with this recipe.
Thank you for joining me, and I hope to see you next time!
The taste is for beginners...
I promise tomorrow's smoothie will be much stronger.