Jab We Met (2007) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 1

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Adi.. - Although going to the court is beneficial to her..
In just 4 hearings the matter will become clear..
And she will know what she genuinely deserves..
.. and what she should expect from this company!
Look, I don't think we should jump to any conclusions!
Good morning, sir. - Good morning, sir.
Hello, Mr. Kashyap. Nice meeting you.
Passengers, attention please, this is the train, boarding to..
Delhi from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus ... from platform no. 5 at 8:05.
Mister, hold this luggage! - Let me get in!
Give it! Give it! Give it to that gentlemen!
Madam, you quickly get in!
You don't worry about me! Just load the luggage inside! Quickly! Here!
Ma'am, I told you in the beginning itself you have luggage enough for two coolie's!
Here.. Hold the frame carefully! Its Babaji's frame!
Is there more luggage?
Don't worry! No matter how much more luggage there is. Let it come.
Here! - Here! Here! Hold this! This is really risky!
Ma'am, you please look ahead! - Yes, I am! You just quickly load the luggage!
Come on! Come on! - Give me your hand! Give me your hand!
Oh God!
This was the limit, I crossed the line today!
Do you know what?
Till date I have not missed a single train!
Thank you, Babaji! You saved me from breaking my record!
one minute.
I am inside now. - Yes
You can leave my hand now.. I am not that beautiful!
I prefer travelling in a Non-AC compartment.
But my family.. they say 'you are a girl!'
As if I don't know that I am a girl!
Mister, is this A1 ? - Yes!
Thank you!
Now what is the connection between AC and a girl?
I don't understand that!
I am not travelling alone for the first time!
That too in this train! This is like my second home!
Please show me your ticket.
Hello! I am talking to you!
Hey! This is my seat. 23!
Strange. Hey, mister! This seat is mine! 23!
Nobody likes to take the passage seat But I always insist on the passage seat.
The reservation uncle gets very alarmed and worried.
But my logic is that.. my journey doesn't end with this train!
I am going to Bhatinda.
My house is there. My family is there.
Everybody has a family. I have one too.
Everybody says that Mumbai is a crowded city.
What do you mean by crowded? People like us form the crowd!
They are a part of the crowd! Still they crib!
I am leaving Mumbai! Forever! Do you know when I came here?
When Mumbai was Bombay! Hostel! Hostel! Hostel!
St. Teresa's boarding school hostel in Shimla!
Missionary hostel for college girls in Bombay Central!
I swear! Henceforth I will never live in a hostel again!
I hope the road digging stops before the monsoon.
Otherwise do you know what will happen?
Anyway! What happened?
What are you doing?!
.. last time a kid fell and died.. It's really dangerous!
Are you dumb? You can't talk?
Or are you shy? Or are you just insolent?
Something is surely the matter! I have asked three times... but still no answer!
Ticket please!
It's on the berth! I will just give it to you!
Excuse me, mister! Ticket please!
Hello, mister! First come inside! Come on!
Show me your ticket!
He wants to see your ticket. Ticket!
Where is your ticket? - I don't have a ticket.
Actually you see what happened is that..
his plan was made at the very last minute.
So there was no time to buy a ticket.
By the way the train is quite empty - So you can give him a ticket now.
There is no problem, right?
Mister! Are you convinced or shall I say more?
Ticket for where?
Where is this train going? - What?
Last stop. Delhi. Give him a ticket to Delhi.
Look. I might as well tell you. A tragedy has occurred with him.
He is going through bad times. So that's why he.. Delhi!
Oh Mister! What's the matter? Are you doing drugs?
Look, if there is any problem, then you can tell me.
I don't mind! Tell me!
All my friends tell me their problems! And I solve it!
Do you know? I am that kind of a girl!
Like an agony aunt whose articles you find in the magazines?
I'm just like that! Tell me! What's the matter?
Tell me what is your problem?
Tell me! Don't feel shy! What is your problem? Tell me!
You are my problem! You are talking non-stop!
Don't you understand that I am not interested in talking to you?
I don't want to talk to you!
I don't want to know whether you are going to Bhatinda or Benaras!
Whether you lived in some hostel or some brothel!
I just don't care! All right!
So just please! Please! Leave me alone! All right!
That thing about brothel was not right!
Yeah! I.. look.. I..
I know! You are clearly very upset about something!
That's why you got upset with me too!
And you started talking nonsense! But it's okay! I don't feel bad!
Actually nowadays I don't feel bad about anything!
Do you know why?
Because I am going to get married! Very soon!
Listen! I am eloping!
The guy is not Sikh so my family won't agree!
But what can anybody do after the marriage?
We will go and fall at their feet! They will have to forgive us!
I like mountains a lot! Really!
Since childhood I had this craze for marriage! By God!
What is the difference between hill and mountain?
I could never understand.
I was just waiting for my college to get over And his travel agency to open up!
But you don't find good shoes there. That's why..
Hang on!
Hey! The train is leaving!
Listen! Hero! - What's his name?
Hey, mister! - His name is mister!
Look here! - Is he with you?
Oh God! - Listen!
Where are you going, ma'am? The train is leaving!
The train is leaving! - Ma'am!
Ma'am!... Ma'am!
Hey, black pant! - Ma'am!
Hey, Mumbai guy! Listen! The train is leaving!
Are you mad? The train is leaving! Come on!
What? Go to hell!
Ma'am, what have you done? Where are you running away?
Who will pay the compensation? - Leave me! The train is leaving!
Stop! Somebody pull the chain! Stop!
Such a fat woman!
Even a blind man could see such a big basket!
And this crazy girl!
Now I don't know in which corners my tomatoes are lying!
I will pick it up from here! You pick it from there! - Okay!
You stupid weirdo! Which world do you live in huh?