Fake Terror And The War For Your Mind

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I'm Joe Quinn, and this is the SOTT Report.
Can you remember a time when that WASN'T a household word?
To be honest, I'm pretty PISSED OFF about terrorism and the alleged "terrorist threat".
But I'm not pissed off at the terrorists,
what I'm pissed off at is the fact that major Western governments and media corporations
have spent the last 10 years attempting to shove the purported reality
of "Islamic terrorism" down my throat and your throat.
You see, having done a lot or research into this "threat",
having scrutinsed the details,
it has become pretty clear to me that the terrorist threat does not, in fact, exist,
at least not in the way US and Western governments would have us believe.
That's why I'm pissed off,
I don't like being lied to
and I really don't like seeing the entire human population of this planet being lied to
by a handful of government, media and corporate crooks.
What about you?
Do you like being lied to?
Maybe you don't even know you're being lied to.
After all, If you have precious little time to do any research yourself,
you're forced to accept as truth what you read in the papers
and watch on the mind-numbing evening news.
If that describes you, then you may well be of the opinion
that there actually IS a terrorist threat to speak of.
Let's run though a few of the facts and the cases that constitute
the meat and bones of the supposed reality of Islamic terrorism,
and then, YOU, can make up your own mind.
I'm not going to start with 9/11,
because I understand that 9/11 conspiracy theories
have been cast as the domain of wild-eyed nut jobs,
so instead, I'll focus on a few more minor cases.
Afterwards, you may have a new perspective
from which to consider the 9/11 attacks,
if you want to.
So first let's go back to 2006
and the case of the Miami 7 or the Liberty city 7.
Do you remember this one?
No, of course you don't.
That's part of the problem.
Liberty city is a neigborhood in Miami city, Florida,
and is as close to a black ghetto as you might get in the glorious US of A.
Living quietly in a warehouse in Liberty city were seven intellectually-challenged young men
who called themselves the 'Seas of David'
or the Seeds of David, depending on which one you asked.
Describing themselves as Christian-Zionist-Muslim martial artist immigrants I kid you not
they were quietly awaiting the fulfilment of Biblical end times prophecy.
It's not surprising therefore to hear that the alleged leader of the group,
one Narseal Batiste,
needed psychiatric help, according to his father.
But then, along comes an undercover FBI agent
calling himself "Brother Mohammed",
yeah, how original!
Using complex psychological profiling,
the FBI determined that poor people like money,
so "Brother Mohammed" offered these
Christian-Zionist-Muslim martial artist immigrants $50,000 dollars.
As it turned out, this, and only this, got the men's attention.
Nevertheless, The FBI's "Brother Mohammed"
had an agenda to make terrorists out of these young men,
so he probed a little deeper:
Would they like to engage in military training?
For 50 grand? Sure!
The only problem is, we don't have any weapons or explosives or anything like that,
hey, we don't even have boots!
No problem! says "Brother Mohammed"
he can get them some boots.
So, equipped now with shiny new military boots,
how would they feel about taking some pictures of the Sears tower in Chicago
and, say, an FBI building for example?
For 50 grand? Sure!
The only problem is, we don't have any cameras
and eh.... by the way, we don't own any cars.
No problem! says "Brother Mohammed"
he can get them a video camera AND rent them a car!
So now, what about a little "Al-Qaeda" swearing in ceremony?
For 50 grand? Sure! why not, we really like money!
So a few of the men half-heartedly repeat an "Al-Qaeda" oath.
All of these details were either recorded secretly
or testified to by the FBI agent afterwards,
and then, at the appointed time,
the men are arrested and brought to trial.
On news of the arrests,
two Liberty city community activists summed it up by saying that
"everyone in Liberty City is joking
that the guys were going to kick down the FBI building with their new boots,
because they didn't have any devices which could have been used to explode."
At the time Knight-Ridder news reported that
"The Justice Department unveiled the arrests
with an orchestrated series of news conferences in two cities,
but the severity of the charges compared with
the seemingly amateurish nature of the group
raised concerns among civil libertarians,"
who noted that the group had "no weapons, no explosives"
and yet the government considers the arrests a "major announcement."
The first two trials were a bust,
the jury couldn't decide if there was even a case against the men.
But the US government persisted,
and on the third attempt in 2009
five of the men were sentenced to long prison terms for,
and I quote:
"Planning to wage a full ground war against the United States.”
These guys, no boots, no money, no cars, no cameras...NOTHING...
but according to the US government
“Planning to wage a full ground war against the United States."
All of this is for YOUR benefit!
You are meant to believe that those guys were planning to wage
a full ground war against the United States
with nothing but an empty warehouse
and an IQ of about 200 between all of them.
Moving on....
The "Fort Dix 6", remember that one?
Of course you don't.
Six guys sentenced to long prison terms in December 2008
for terrorism and conspiracy to harm US military personnel.
All in their 20s, the six were contacted by an undercover FBI agent
and, having literally NO plans OR resources to wage ANY terror campaign,
the FBI took them through almost exactly the same process as the Miami 7.
One of the Fort Dix 6 even called the police and told them that a man
the undercover FBI agent
was pressuring him to obtain a map of the US military base Fort Dix,
and that he feared the incident was terrorist-related!
Yeah....pretty much.
What kind of terrorist calls the police and tells them
he's afraid he might be being pressured into terrorism!!?
Does that sound like a wild-eyed terrorist to you?
Nevertheless, five of the six were sentenced to life terms in prison.
The Portland Seven, The Newburgh four, The temple terror plot, the Hutaree Militia
and on and on it goes.
Lliterally dozens of 'terror events' that have subtly framed your erroneous belief
that there actually is an "Islamic terror threat".
Look them up,
and you will quickly realize that they all involve
the FBI approaching vulnerable and often mentally unstable young men
and taking them through a process
that they would NEVER have independently followed,
whereby they are essentially entrapped
and ultimately accused of being very unlikely terrorists.
You want an example of something a little more recent?
How about the underwear bomber of 2009?
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,
the 23 year old who was escorted through security checks without a passport
at Amsterdam airport by a "well-dressed" man,
who appeared on the plane drugged according to passengers,
and then tried to set fire to his underwear in flight.
The Muslim terror threat is real. Of Course.
A few weeks ago, The Portland Car bomb plot.
Here was a teenage Somali-American, Osman Mohamud,
taken through the same FBI 'grooming' procedure
over a six month period.
Think about that,
the FBI needs six months to convince one naive teenager
to become a terrorist.
Surely they can do better than that!
It is revealed that Osman had little terroristic inclinations
other than juvenile bravado
and absolutely no resources to carry out any attack.
The FBI agent, posing as a terrorist, 'recruits' him for an alleged attack
on the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon.
The 'bomb' is six empty plastic barrels in the back of a van.
The kid's role is to dial a cell phone number to set off the "bomb" from a nearby car.
When he dials the number and the "bomb" fails to detonate,
the FBI agent sitting beside him suggests that he
get out of the car for better coverage,
at which point he is arrested.
That was the sum total of this young guys involvement,
other than being manipulated by the FBI.
But here's the problem,
the only thing YOU know or hear about such events is headlines like
"Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Oregon"
This is a load of BULL!
But that's the way this story was reported over and over again.
But get this,
Arthur Balizan, the FBI supervisor in Oregon,
told the press that "The threat was very real!!!"
THEN we learn from White House spokesman Nick Shapiro
that President Obama was aware of the FBI operation before the arrest
and that he was assured that the FBI was in full control of the operation
and that the public was not in danger."
All new this morning
federal authorities have arrests a Somali-born teenager
who attempted to blow up a car bomb
at Portland's Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
Mohamud Osmad Mohamud was arrested last night
after he failed to detonate a van filled with explosives
Authorities first learn of Mohammed's plot back in June
after he contacted an unindicted associate in Pakistan.
They say the explosives were not active
and that the public was never in danger.
Threat very real, but public not in danger!
And you BELIEVE this CRAP?!
But I was thinking,
why stop at a manipulating a teenager into dialling a cell phone number
and then arresting him as a terrorist?
Since the FBI created this from scratch,
couldn't they come up with something a little more dramatic?
A little more HEADLINE catching
since that appears to be the whole POINT?!
So Here's an idea:
With Obama's collaboration,
the FBI could assure a date at the white house.
Then the FBI finds some disaffected, psychologically troubled young African-American,
takes him through the normal process of offering him money,
swearing him in to the FBI's branch of 'al-Qaeda'
and then they tell him that the plot, IS TO KILL THE PRESIDENT!
They could give him a plastic replica gun,
and, on the appointed day, lead him in to the Oval office
and have him point the gun at the President and pull the trigger!
Then they have security jump on him and, hey presto!
Three solid weeks of headlines screaming
The Portland car bomb plot was,
like virtually ALL others,
manufactured and orchestrated by the US government.
Look at the details and you CANNOT reach any other conclusion!
The tactic of turning ordinary people into terrorists
is nothing new for the FBI however.
As part of the Counter Intelligence Program or COINTELPRO in the 50s, 60s and 70's,
the FBI used the very same tactics
against human rights and social equality groups such as the Black Panthers.
The police department had infiltrated the Panther twenty one
and the highly publicized, highly touted trial
of twenty one members of the Panther party
for allegedly plotting to blow up department stores
turned out to be a total hype
entire harassment, entrapment by the FBI
where it was revealed that FBI agents had infiltrated the Panthers
and the people behind any ideas of a plot to blow up anything
were all government agents.
All of these staged "terror" attacks constitute clear documented evidence
that the US government is more than willing to manufacture terrorism
in order to pursue their long term agenda of population control and war.
In light of this,
I'd like to know why is it so hard for people to accept the possibility,
just the possibility,
that 9/11 attacks were also an act of manufactured terrorism?
It is vitally important that you understand the truth
about the government manufactured "Terror threat".
Because it is the root cause of almost everything else
that is going wrong on this planet today.
The banking crisis, rising unemployment, mortgage defaults and loss of homes?
The "terror threat".
Because the "terror threat" led to the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan
and the 1 trillion dollars that those bloody adventures have cost the US economy so far.
Restrictions on freedoms, airport gropings and Nazi-style airport security?
The "terror threat".
1.5 million slaughtered civilians in Iraq and 1.2 million in Afghanistan?
The "terror threat".
And then there is THIS
Along with everything else,
what you have just seen is the indirect result of YOUR belief
in this clearly bogus, manufactured "terror threat".
There are two wars being waged:
a physical war against innocent people
and a more subtle war for your mind.
As long as the government continues to win the war for your mind
and is able to convince you that their bogus terror threat is real,
innocent people will continue to die in your name.
While there is little we can do to stop the bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan,
we CAN fight and WIN the war for our own minds.
We can stop believing government propaganda and lies
that have always served to enrich a corrupt few
at the expense of you and me.
This is the SOTT Report. We'll be back next week.