Stupid Game Show Answers - Insert Brain

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 03.11.2007

[SGSA theme music]
MY CAT'S END...AT... [Audience laugh and applaud]
Name a kind of attraction you see in almost every parade. [Buzzer]
A merry-go-round.
[Richard]: A merry-go-round. [Incorrect answer buzzer]
What will your husband say is his favorite condiment?
Oh, I would say...his pool table upstairs. Definitely. [Contestant and audience laugh]
I never heard that word before neither, so I say his karate school. [Everyone laughs]
[Ray]: A food that makes noise when you eat it.
Ummm... [Times up buzzer] A really loud hamburger.
[Ray]: Did he say it in time, judge? He said a really loud hamburger. [Audience laughs]
I don't know why, but my husband acts really weird whenever I try to touch his (what). Stephanie.
His bonkers. [Audience laughs and cheers]
[Vernon]: Name a type of bean.
D'oh! D-duh...baked bean. [Duplicated answer buzzer]
[Vernon]: Another answer.
Lesbian. [Sounds like les-bean] [Audience laughs and cheers] Oh, no! something people do when they're bored.
Sing a song! [Times up buzzer]
Sing a song?
Shouldn't have said that.
I'm a dress designer. My fitting model is out and my deadline is drawing near. Would you be willing to get into my dress?
Baby, I'd be willing to get into your dress, your pants and anything else you design. [Audience laughs]
We asked 100 people to name something you wouldn't try even once. [Buzzer]
Sex on a train. [Everyone laughs]
[SGSA theme music] Sex on a train! [Uh-uh]
No! Funnily enough, our survey people didn't come up with that one.