ТСН: Notre-Dame de Paris в Киеве (8-9.12.2010)

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>> HOST: …Garou, Bruno Pelletier, Hélène Ségara and others French-speaking stars.
This is the first time for last 12 years they appeared together on the stage.
In addition, there are Ukrainian choir at back-singing and Ukrainian symphony orchestra.
Margaryta Sytnyk is listening how they sound together…
[singing "Fatalité"]
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: Finaly the fate brought them together on the same stage.
They've met not in Paris or Quebec, from where they've arrived.
They're having their first concert, after 12-years interrupt, in Kiev.
>> Hélène Ségara: France is a bit jealous, because we're having the concert in Ukraine.
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: Russian-speaking producer of French-speaking stars has convinced that
the huge success is expecting them in Ukraine and Russia.
And they have already felt it.
>> Patrick Fiori: [whistles], Merci! - Thank you!
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: They say it wasn't necessary to persuade them.
They've been singing "Belle" and "Le temps des cathédrales" together on different stages in the world for a few years.
Then they had their own ways and successful solo careers.
And now they're rejoicing like kids - they're together again.
>> Garou: L'amour est possible… - The love is possible…
>> Garou, Luck Mervil, Hélène Ségara: c'est possible. - it is possible.
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: While Quasimodo is singing high notes, The Archdeacon and The King are taking shots of Fleur.
[singing "Danse mon Esmeralda"]
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: She'll be singing not alone.
The cause of roundabout shape is the 7th month of pregnancy.
>> Julie Zenatti: The paunch doesn't hinder, because I'm playing a kind of little princess
who's walking around the stage again.
>> [distant voice]: Julie, go to the stage!
>> Julie Zenatti: A! J'irai! - Ah! I'm coming!
I will be back!
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: She says that the orchestra is helping her to take a balance.
68 musicians and 40 choristers are Ukrainians.
They got the score 3 weeks ago. And for few days they're rehearsing with the stars of "Notre-Dame".
>> Oleksandr (the violinist): It was hard a bit… The rehearsals were long.
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: The "Notre-Dame" is being performed with the symphony orchestra for the first time.
This is the concert version of the musical - different scenery, different costumes, different sound.
>> Daniel Lavoie: We feel like we're, literally, being blown away by such energetics.
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: Canadian conductor and arranger Guy St-Onge is in charge of what's happening on the stage.
He doesn't speak Ukrainian, but he tells that there're no difficulties with understanding.
>> Guy St-Onge: One part of people understand Ukrainian, another part - Russian and the middle, they just do like…
But this is a very good orchestra.
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: While Ukrainians tried to become proficient in French, Frenchmen didn't fall behind too.
>> Patrick Fiori: [in Ukrainian] Djakuju. - Thank you.
>> Bruno Pelletier: [in Russian] Moi druz'ja. - My friends.
>> Julie Zenatti: Merci beaucoup! [in Russian] Spasobo! - Thank you very much!
>> Margaryta Sytnyk: They've even adopted slavic manners of a greeting.
After Kiev, they will show the "Notre-Dame" in Moscow and St.Petersbourg, together with Ukrainian musicians.
They say that they have no idea on how long this version of the musical will exist.
Although, Hélène Ségara made a hint that she's not planning to part with her Esmeralda.
>> Hélène Ségara: Maybe, one day I will become an old Esmeralda…
[singing "Belle"] …Esmeralda…