Downloading and Installing a Full Solution Driver in Windows 8 Using a Wireless Connection

Uploaded by HPPrinterSupport on 26.10.2012

This video shows you how to download a full solution driver for your printer from HP’s
website and install it using a wireless connection.
The full solution driver provides you with all the tools and software that allows you
to use all the functions that are intended.
Before you can setup the software for your printer, you must first connect the printer
to the same network that your computer is connected to.
Because connecting your printer to a network is unique for each printer, we will not provide
those instructions here.
In this video we will use a mouse to select items. If you are using a touch-screen computer
you will tap the selection whenever the video says click.
First, you need to find the driver on HP’s support website and download the files.
From your computer, go to the Desktop. If you are at the Start screen, click the bottom
left corner of your screen.
Open the web browser of your choice.
Type into the browser’s address bar and then press Enter on your keyboard.
From the HP support page, click where you live on the map.
Select the country where you live and your language from the list shown.
Click Drivers & Software.
In the Enter a product name/number text box, type in your model number. For the purposes
of this video we are using the HP Photosmart 7510 C311a.
With the model number entered, click Search or press Enter on your keyboard.
If there are multiple models of your printer or if you type in only a portion of your model
number, like C311a instead of Photosmart 7510 C311a,
you will have to choose your printer from a list.
Click the Select your operating system drop-down list. Click on your version of Windows 8 and
then click Next.
Click “Driver-Product Installation Software” to see a list of options.
Find and click the driver with the words Full Feature in the title.
Click Download.
A prompt opens asking what you want to do with the file. Click Save to save the file
to your default download folder.
Now that you have successfully downloaded the driver, you need to install it on your
To open the file you just downloaded, click the Run button or navigate to where you saved
the file and run the application.
A prompt asks you to confirm that you want to run the file. Click Yes to start the installation.
The installation files will extract.
You might receive a prompt again asking to confirm that you want to run this file. Click
Yes to continue
From the Software Selections screen, you can customize your software selections to be installed
by clicking on Customize Software Selections.
HP recommends you install all software to get the most out of your HP printer. Click
On the Installation Agreements and Settings screen, select the “I have reviewed and
accept the installation agreements and settings” checkbox,
and then click Next.
Depending on your printer, a connection type screen might appear. Choose the “Wireless”
option, and then click Next.
The installer checks the network for connected printers. Select your printer from the list
and then click Next.
Once your printer is connected to the computer, the installation will continue automatically.
When you see the words “Successful Network Installation”
at the top of the install window, click the Next button.
The remaining instructions vary depending on your printer model. Follow the on-screen
instructions to complete setting up your printer.
Once you have finished setting up your printer, the HP Printer Assistant will open. This is
where you can control the functions of your printer.
The assistant also contains links to ink levels, Help and Support, shopping, and HP’s ePrintCenter
Your printer is now ready to use.
You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,