Os Barbixas - Improvável - Estilos (Bruno Motta, Marianna Armellini e Daniel Tauszig)

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Our special guest Marianna, stand up
to play "Dramatic Styles" with Elidio and Daniel.
We'll chenge styles according to the audience's suggestions.
Movie, literature, comics, whatever styles you like.
Videogame. Submarine.
Wait. Now it's getting interesting!
Quentin Tarantino! Very good!
Mrs. Rosa! Do you mind giving us a suggestion for the next scene?
Tell me a present you've been given recently.
'Blender is the theme for "Dramatic Styles", starting now!
Mom, I want a smoothie!
Will you drink it this time?
'Cause last time you made me make it
and waste your dad's fruits, and you didn't drink it!
It's because you used papaya last time!
I'll pop your eyes out, kid!
What flavor do you want? C'mon!
We have kiwifruit, pear, this thing I don't remember the name, carambola...
And we have another nice fruit here, son...
The avocado, mom?
But you'll eat it with the seed!
Put your hand in the blender.
- Help! - Did anyone call for Super Smoothie Saviour?
Super Smoothie Saviour, I'm so glad you're here!
I'm here with my orange cape!
There's a smoothie in danger!
You won't touch my smoothie!
Watch out Super Smoo... Super... Oh, watch out!
Super Smoothie...
Oh no, she'll escape into the smoothie!
- My God! - Hurry, Super Smoo... Mr. Super!
- Let's go into this sea of smoothie! - Let's go!
Now we are submarining here!
There's she, submarine!
And that's how he died...
Super... Um...
Smoothie Saviour, boy!
Super Smoothie Saviour died like that.
He was a strange person, he walked into my house
and I couldn't do anything, and the police was after me...
Look at the camera! Idiot!
If only Super Smoothie Saviour had an spirit...
Stop wishing for these things, kid!
Don't you know that when you wish, these things happen?
But all I want is for the spirit
of Super Smoothie Saviour to kick your ass, mom!
Keep talking like that and I'll make you another papaya smoothie!
Quentin Tarantino!
Went through! Went through!
Mom, why are you killing me?
And for you, spirit...
I can't believe it!
That three steps to die, I forgot the name because it's too big!
Blood guy, wait...
- Wait for the blood guy! - I'm waiting!
I think we have never told a story making so much sense!
I smell an Oscar!
We don't have Oscars in Brazil.
- What's that award no one remembers... - Troféu Imprensa.
That's it!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.