Cultural Approaches To Breast Cancer: Jean Campbell Explains

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Jay K. Harness, MD: Here in southern California I work in a multi-cultural
environment as well \'96 in the Hispanic community there\'92s sort of an attitude that \'91this
is god\'92s will\'92. In other cultures that I deal with, nobody wants to talk. They whisper.
I think it would be hugely important for you and your experience in New York to elaborate
on that for us. \ \
Jean Campbell: I\'92d be happy to. I have a classic story. It was up in Jacobi Hospital
in the Bronx and there was this one lady. She was from an Arab country and she had been
told that she needed a mastectomy and she was crying every day and coming in and sitting
in the waiting room but she would not agree to the surgery. \
\ And so the doctor came to me and she said,
\'93Can you talk to her?\'94 I said, \'93Sure\'94. So I started talking to her and she answered
me, \'93Doctor\'94, and I said, \'93I am not a doctor, I am a survivor\'94, and her head
whipped up and she said, \'93You are a survivor?\'94 And I said, \'93Yes\'94, and she said, \'93You
are not dead?\'94 And I said, \'93No, I am not\'94. \
\ And she said, \'93In my country, the women
die of breast cancer\'94, and she said, \'93So I didn\'92t want the surgery\'94, and I said,
\'93Well, you are not in your country. You are in this country and we have good doctors
and good care and from what I understand, your breast cancer is in early stage and has
a very good prognosis.\'94 \ \
She said, \'93Well okay, where do I sign up?\'94 And I thought for a minute, you know this
is tweezing and I said, \'93How do you feel? Are you all right with losing your breast?\'94
And she said, \'93Breasts are feeding units. I am not feeding anyone any more. Take it
off.\'94 \ \
Jay K. Harness, MD: Oh very good, oh wow. \
\ Jean Campbell: That was quite a lesson for
me. \ }