Dog bakery supplies for dog bakery, homemade dog treats

Uploaded by FrostingFran on 17.03.2011

My name’s Rich Strauss. I’m with Wag-N-Wash Healthy Pet Center, Phoenix, Arizona. Let
me tell you something. This stuff – K9Cakery – is awesome. If you have a biscuit bakery
in your store, it is an ease, a joy, a pleasure to work with this stuff. It is fantastic.
It cuts down your cost. It makes things come out (snap) very fast, very simple. If you
have people that are not trained and you want to get them to do frostings very quickly with
your product, this is THE product, absolutely. It kills it, it’s the best. We love it.
We’re working with it. We’re only expanding with this company. We love them. Thank you
K9Cakery. And take!