Using combatives to train for downrange

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This is a 60-second Army Now from Soldiers Radio and Television.
I'm Sergeant Earl Scott.
A combat brigade in Europe is gearing up to go downrange.
One of the ways they are preparing their soldiers is by a brigade level competition.
Confidence is key in building a warrior's trust in himself and in his team.
Combatives, the Army's standard for hand-to-hand combat, builds that confidence.
The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, a combat brigade that has years of experience in war,
knows trust in yourself and your team is everything.
If you have a good sense of confidence in hand-to-hand combat in a combatives environment,
it makes you a more competent warrior when you go into a room
or you go into a house or you go on a mission, period.
Soldiers fought against each other,
but in the end it brought the different battalions closer together.
Specialist Joe Tolliver, Vicenza, Italy. [cheering] [applause]
That's a 60-second Army Now from Soldiers Radio and Television, Washington.
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