Clear and Present Danger (1/9) Movie CLIP - Sniper Training (1994) HD

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( bell dings )
Damn. Shit!
You see him?
All right.
Move your team two meters to the left.
That's it.
Touch that light-colored grass.
Sniper at your feet.
There's nothing here, sergeant major.
He is good.
( bell dings )
That was close.
How's he moving so fast?
I see him.
Come in. Straight in.
Now! Run!
Keep coming.
To your left, to your left.
And stop.
Sniper at your feet.
Or what is it?
He had lunch here, sergeant major.
Mcdonald's, quarter-pounder
With cheese.
( bell dings )
Damn! That's four.
All right, you won this one.
Come on out.
How did you get
That close to me?
Sniper approached the instructor by being a sneaky bastard,
Sergeant major!
Do you know the fine for littering in the state
Of california, chavez?
Yes, sir!