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1980, gift from Shanghai Electronics Factory No. 2
1986, given by Chinese President Li Xiannian
1991, Given by Chinese Secretary General Jiang Zeming and President Yang Shangkun
About 100 meters from Kim Il-Song Hall, there is similar styled building
This is Kim Jong-Il Hall
The N. Koreans call here General Hall
It began construction in the 1980s and opened in 1996
The build has 20,000 sq. meter, it has 50 showroom and contain more than 50,000 gifts
Exchange of diplomatic gifts is common protocol today
But only N. Korea displays them in such a fashion
For all people to see, and become a importan part of polical education
Like the Kim Il-Song hall, it is beautifully decorated like a royal palace
It display the enormus prestige of the leader in this country and his influences abroad
One of the wall displays news reports of Kim Jong-Il from world's press
It ranges from critiques of his idealogy to birthday wishes
Compare to his father, many of Kim Jong-Il gifts are quite modern
Such as this LCD TV and DVD player that still cutting edge today
As well this Buick sedan produced by Shanghai GM are gifts from China
This is given from Shanghai, but it lies here and not used?
So people could understand the admiration Kim Jong-Il recieves from all over the world
So we put it here, so people all over the world would know that
The gifts from heads of state are mostly craftwork or local specialties
But some gift sends a strong political message
such as this anti-American display at center of this showroom
Yet, in a display not far way from it, there two gifts the guide is more eager to explain
This is given by US ex-presiden Jimmy Carter and his wife
In 1994, he visited N. Korea
Another speical gift is a backet ball signed by NBA star Michael Jordan, with a US Gov't seal on the stand
It is given by Secratary of State Albright in Year 2000
It is rumor Kim Jong-Il is basket ball fan and he often watches the NBA
People are curious that why enermy countries like Japan and America
When we see the gifts from enermy countries, such as countries with no diplomatic relation
These gernous gifts are proof of their respect and admiration to Kim Il-Song and Kim Jong-Il
People believe these gifts are beyond Politics, Religion and Idealogy
These are gifts of admiration, look even Jimmy Carter is friends with Kim Il-Song
He honestly come here to have a discussion, in front of this truth
Kim Il-Song and Kim Jong-Il are proven to be great
Carter has said there are 3 great American presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln
But (I believe) all of them combined are not as great as Kim Il-Song (OMG)
Song Hye-sook had once recieve American guests, and her exchanges from the "enermy" peoples have left a impression on her
Have they asked question of Korean nuclear crisis?
My experience is that Americans will ask that, "N. Korea already has nuclear weapons
are you proud of it?"
I said that we never invaded other countries, in half a century all the injustice America has done to N. Korea
we fell saddened by it, it will not recover for a thousand years
But they didn't repent, but become even more agressive towards N. Korea. Sometimes with Nuclear weapons
So in order to protect ourselves, and we developed nuclear weapons. Yes I'm proud of it
Although we deperately want to interview the visitors here, about the exihit here
But in order to respect rules here, we had refrained themselves.
But this groups of Chinese tourist just coming out of the exhbit, seems to have different understandings
How do you feel about the exhibit here?
-Hard to say. -I see that their do make diplomatic contacts with the outside
-whatelse? -So N. Korea is not a isolated country, it is quite open
The collect, I think it's pretty good.
But they, Pyongyang is not like really rich... it's a bit of... personal cult-ish. I fell at least
I think it's not bad
It really shows in the strength of our (China's) reform and opening-up. It made quite a impression on me
Deng Xiaoping did (bett...) not too bad either
Pohyon-sa is build in 1024, it has more than six thousand Infinte Life Sutra from the Goryeo period
The tower infront of the temple contains Sarira of Gautama Buddha
The Renchen Patriotic War of late 1500's or Wanli Korean war as refered in China
The monks here took up arms and fight along side Ming Dynaty troops and later repelled the Japanese Invaders
In WWII, majority of the temple is destoryed
After the war, the temple was rebuilt by Kim Il-Song, to instill Korean history and culture
and as an example of patriotism
Your holiness, I like to ask how does monk live and practice in N. Korea?
Could one freely choose to become a monk?
It is choosen freely, it is in the constitution to gurantee religious freedom
So it is okay for people to come here and burn incense, they are free to fellow other religions too
The monks in Korea are allowed to marry (just like Japanese monk, but unlike Chinese monks), but some has chosen not to
Abbot "Qingbi" said: when he was 5, his grandmother has brough him to the temple
one day, he suddenly feel a connection to the Buddha. and he could never forget it
After he graduate college as a history major, He requested to work at Pohyon-sa
That was more 30 years ago
According to international estimate, there are more than a million buddhists in N. Korea
most are from the countryside, about 4.5% of total population
But there are very few monk, a huge temple like Pohyon-sa has only 20 monks
For the monks here, you as a abbot, when during you exchanges and teachings
other than buddhist scripture, are there political education?
do you need to learn Juche too?
Of course we have to learn Juche
Juche is a idealogy Kim Il-Song have created,it emphasizes people are the essentials and decision makers for everything
It also says that people must to loyal to their leaders etc.
between the athesist idealogy and buddhist belives, "Qingbi" seems to found reconciliation.
Everyone in this country believe in Juche, much like the respect towards heaven
Chairman Kim said, the purpose of idealogy is to create happiness for the people
Buhddism have the same goal too, trying to guide people to nirvana as equals
On that point, these is no difference between the two. And the two ideas resonates with each other.
Between Mouhyang and Pyongyang is the Ch'ongch'on River valley
As 80% of N. Korea is mountains, here is major food production region
At end of 20th Century, due to several disasters. N. Korean plunged into famine