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What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
E-Everyone at school... They called my father a killer...
That our family takes money to fight in wars.
They're right. It's the truth.
We've been a mercenary family for eight generations.
Ever since your grandpa's grandpa's grandpa's grandpa's time.
Even your own father was killed in Colombia.
He got in over his head trying to earn money for your birth.
What, you didn't know?
G-Grandpa... have you also killed people?!
Oh, I sure have.
A whole lot of them too.
Why would you kill someone?!
Why do mercenaries kill?
For money.
The people we fought had goals based on principles and assertions,
like overthrowing the establishment or maintaining the establishment.
For aggression, defense, and one's homeland.
For family, women, narcotics, food, and many other things.
We don't understand stuff like that,
but we know they're important.
But I also think that you can do all those things without killing anyone.
I mean, do you really need those reasons to pull the trigger?
I'd say all they really need is just a bit of spare change.
On the other hand,
our lives are worthless enough to be staked for that spare change.
We run to battlefields all over the world just to earn small pay.
We kill and are killed for it.
And it's not like anyone told us to.
We choose to.
On the battlefield, dirt-cheap rewards are more important than your own life or anyone else's.
You could say our family is the real scum of the Earth.
Sorry, but you can't really blame them for bullying you at school.
Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll understand one of these days.
After all, you're our grandson.
You were right.
Oh, man...
Grab anything you can use as a barricade, and fall back to the last line of defense!
Yes, sir!
Inform Sector B too! And hustle!
Help me!
They're getting through!
Damn it!
The bullets... Our bullets don't faze them!
Medic! Medic!
Son of a bitch, we're cut off!
Damn it!
Those bastards!
Sector B reporting.
Captain, our escape route's sealed off!
There's no way for us to get to your area!
The hell you say!
Get here no matter what!
We're preparing to take cover in a conference room.
This area is ideal.
We can hold out here for a while.
You're dead if you stay there!
Don't give up!
What are you waiting for? Get your ass over here!
That's not possible, Captain.
Most of our squad is injured, including me.
This guy's already dead.
Put him out of his misery before he turns into a ghoul.
Please give me water.
We'll try to hold out as long as we can over here.
Go ahead and secure that barricade!
Stay safe! Farewell!
If that's your decision, there's not much I can do.
Well, it's been a pleasure.
The pleasure was all mine, Captain.
Signing off.
Finish securing the barricade.
Flip that table on its side to fortify any vulnerabilities.
Stack anything you can on top of it!
Captain, how are the boys from Sector B?
They're done for.
I see.
How unfortunate.
There's no hope for us either!
We're finished if we stay here!
Shut up, dumbass!
We can't keep fighting these monsters!
We've reached our limit!
Both Integra and Alucard have deserted us!
What makes you say that?
We can't go anywhere,
and I won't let you go anywhere.
I'm going home!
I've had enough!
Where do you think you're going?
Your grave is right here.
This colossal manor shall serve as its headstone,
and that menacing Integra will be its Cerberus.
Our epitaph will read:
"Here lie badass soldiers of fortune that fought with bravery to complete an impossible task."
But because of your spineless sniveling, it'll say instead:
"Beneath this ground lie
gutless mercenaries, who cried like little girls while being slaughtered."
I don't think so!
It's my duty to make sure you die like a real soldier, even if it's by force!
We were paid to fight in this war, so we're going to do just that!
Got that?!
So whether you like it or not, you're going to fight, or at least die fighting.
Shit! Shit!
Fuck! Fuck!
Besides, there's no reason to think that our deaths are set in stone.
Our unit is on defense.
Hey, hurry up with reinforcing the barricade.
Our offense will turn the game around.
Fuck you!
Eat this!
Bring it on, monsters!
Come and get some!
Hold your position and fight!
Shit, I'm done for.
Stay strong!
Burn it! Burn it all!
Kill them! Kill them all!
Is this the extent of Hellsing's power?
This is the Royal Order of Protestant Knights?
Don't make me laugh!
That way.
What persistent vermin you are!
There's... no way.
It's my...
It's my house.
Welcome home, Papa.
Th-There's no way.
But you're... dead!
You died, didn't you?!
What's wrong, Papa?
You look frightened.
A hallucination...
This is all a hallucination!
You... must be part of it as well.
Fuck! Fuck!
Is this really an illusion?
Michelle, are you merely a phantasm?!
All lies!
What you saw was a lie, a complete and total lie!
Death is the only cure for stupidity.
Sergeant Major, how is it?
Oh, just a moment.
This tanginess...
Oh, Blood type A, Rh-negative!
Well, I got it this time, right?
You were absolutely correct.
How could you tell?
Its smoothness is the key, understand?
Is that right?
The smoothness is very distinct.
Besides, Type A is, how do I put it—
I-I'll destroy...
those bastards.
I'll annihilate all of them!
My eyes...
My eyes!
Shit, he's hit.
Medic! Over here!
Bring those chairs!
Quick, buttress that barricade!
Hurry up!
Fuck! Fuck!
Stand down!
This is...
This is useless!
Shut up, fool!
Even if we surrender, we'll be ripped apart.
Those things are monsters.
We'll be eaten alive.
Redistribute the remaining ammo!
Captain, there isn't enough ammo to split up.
We've already used the few silver bullets we had.
Kill me!
I'm already blind and done for.
Kill me!
Captain, this is absurd!
I don't want to die!
Shut up.
I'm not keen on dying in this hell-hole either.
It feels just like the situation
our airfield detachment was in during the Uganda Jungle Raid.
Reinforcements made it in time though.
This time...
Shit, not this time.
That's bullshit, Lieutenant.
She'll be here. I know she will.
She's that kind of girl.
Fuck, rockets?
They still had some?
Status report!
Lieutenant, report any damage sustained!
Hey, Lieutenant!
I'm too tired...
Let me take a short nap...
Yeah, go ahead.
Direct hit.
Shall we commence our Goose hunt?
No, not yet.
Send one more their way.
There's only one panzerfaust left.
Are you certain you want to use it now?
I don't care.
Don't ask questions, just blow them to bits!
Yes, sir!
Direct cannon support...
Yeah, she came...
as promised.
She actually made it back.
And single-handedly obliterated all the monsters too.
Oh, shit!
She truly is amazing.
I wish I'd kissed her more forcibly.
Ceres Victoria!
You're the last one remaining!
And what about that?!
It's all an illusion.
Did Ceres cause more trouble again?
One of the boys stole her toy, and she responded by hitting him with a rock.
Illusions! Illusions!
None of the teachers take kindly to her either.
I suppose the effects from that incident haven't worn off yet.
But if she continues to cause problems,
we won't be able to continue caring for her here.
None of it is real.
Delve deeper!
Why do you insist on becoming a police officer?
Can you at least consider alternative paths?
You're quite stubborn.
It's true that your father was one of the finest police officers,
but you have countless other opportunities.
You seem to be frittering them away intentionally.
It's not real!
Go deeper and deeper!
Okay, Ceres?
Listen carefully.
Do not move from here under any circumstance.
Mom! Mom!
Done yet?
Had enough?
Hey, you dead?
Is he dead? Is he dead?
Yeah. Dead as he can get.
Fucking pig.
Regret it, fucking pig.
This is what happens to a punk cop who doesn't mind his business.
Understand, lady?
You fucking brat!
That little piece of shit!
Hey, get up.
Time to get out of here.
My eye hurts so bloody much!
The pay's not gonna make up for this!
I'm going to rape the old hag.
Idiot, she's dead.
It's okay. She's still warm.
Good morning, Miss Ceres.
Were your dreams pleasant, I wonder?
And more!
You truly are an ironclad bitch!
What are you, an insect?! A frog?!
What's wrong, you?
This isn't what I was expecting at all.
You're scum.
A helpless woman.
Now I think it's time...
for you to die!
I'll be taking that pretty head of yours!
Shut up, ugly bitch!
Here's your bonus!
That shut you up, didn't it?
Hurry, Captain!
This way!
Quickly, Captain!
All right.
Don't speak.
Mr. Bernadotte...
R-Run away.
It's too late for me, Mr. Bernadotte.
Didn't I tell you to shut up?!
All your effort was for nothing, trash.
Mr. Bernadotte! Mr. Bernadotte!
Fucking idiot.
Mr. Bernadotte!
It's pretty pathetic that I had to save you...
w-when you came to save me.
Mr. Bernadotte!
I finally caught you off guard!
I finally stole a kiss!
Don't cry, Ceres.
You're a tough girl.
Feed off me, and let's defeat them as one, Ceres.
I thought I said to stop crying.
You were blinded, poor fool.
You got your arm cut off, and you look like shit.
You're a dumb girl.
She's such a sweet girl.
Dying to protect a girl like her...
is fine by me.
No way!
Shit! Shit!
Isn't that touching?
That maggot obviously didn't recognize his place on the food chain,
always buzzing around.
He had it coming.
You've done a lot of damage to my battalion, and that's a big no-no.
So, how should I return the favor?
Another set of troops?
Quiet, as I will crush the swarm of you... with the palm of my hand!
The pestering insects' lives are now officially over!
Not fucking again!
Did you just refer to him as an insect?
A mere insect?!
You'll pay...
You'll fucking pay.
You'll fucking pay!
You will fucking pay!
Let's slaughter... Captain Bernadotte.
What is that?
The illusions...
Together, you and I...
You and I will slaughter them all!
What is this?
The soldiers are terrified.
Vampires, terrified!
Veteran Waffen SS, who dominated the battlefield and dashed through artillery fire...
They're terrified of a mere girl...
They're terrified of one horribly wounded girl!
What the hell... is she?!
This is bad.
This is bad!
I don't fully understand...
but this is bad!
I'm not about to drink one drop, one bit, even one micro-liter of your blood.
I won't! I won't!
Deep! Deep!
Deeper! Deeper!
Who is this?
This isn't her!
Who and what is this?!
This isn't her!
Her "memories," her "spirit"... are in disarray.
What?! Who?!
Whose spirit is this?!
The man I called an insect!
Blood is the currency of the soul and the silver plate of the will.
The sucking of blood, the giving of blood: that's what they mean.
How are you?
Still alive?
Don't be so surprised.
I'm everywhere and nowhere.
Zorin, I have a message for you from the Major.
"Charging forward to strike first is the essence of a soldier."
"Of course, in that case,
passing judgement on incompetent subordinates
who disobey orders is the essence of a commander," he said.
If that's really the case, you'd have burned to cinders long ago!
But the Major and Doc got their hands on a very interesting toy,
so now they have no time to pay attention to you.
This monster is no longer the Ceres Victoria she once was.
This vampire will see to the matter of your punishment.
See ya!
Bitch, out of my sight!
Out of my mind!
That's the same girl?
I'm heading out.
Heading out?
Where to?
I made a promise to the Captain.
I said I'd defeat them all.
So I'm heading out to destroy them.
I see.
Captain, you died here.
Right here.
But you, you're still here.
Wait a second!
Yes, sir!
The dawn is breaking.
A new day begins.
Without regard for the light of the sun, like an arrow from a fully drawn bow,
she soars toward the city of death.
The Dawn Sortie!
This is it!
This is what I wanted to see...
It's so good.
Zorin died, Major.
Squished like a bug.
I knew it.
That foolish girl.
Our ruin has begun.
My heart dances with excitement.
You're one sadistic person.
You take every living or dead companion and lead them straight to Hell.
This is war.
Hell is all around us.
I will take and be taken without limit.
I will destroy and be destroyed without limit.
That's my raison d'etre:
standing tall and unshaken through the days of treachery and nights of resignation.
From every defeat...
comes victory!
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