How to Make a Duck Tape Christmas Chain

Uploaded by theduckbrand on 09.12.2011

Hi I’m Kristy with duck brand duct tape
today I'm going to show you how to make a holiday chain
for this project you will need
duck brand duct tape in a variety of colors today I’m using chrome
green and candy cane
non stick scissors
first I'm going to take about nine inches of duct tape
starting with green
and then I’m folding over
the bottom
to match the top so that it’s sticky side to sticky side, fold it in half like that
and then I’m going to take my scissors to
trim off the ends to make it a little bit nicer
next I’m taking a piece of duct tape
and ripping about
third of the width off, and then
and then matching the two ends up like that
taking your duct tape
to tape the two ends together
and wrap it around a couple times
I’ve created another strip of duct tape with the two sides
folded in half together this time using candy cane
and I'm taking the first loop
putting the candy cane print through that
Overlapping the ends
and again taking a strip of duct tape
to wrap around the ends
and secure the two together
And then you just continue that process until you have
a completed chain
you can add other designs or cut outs using duct tape like for instance
Circles, or snowflakes or creating a thin stripe to
decorate your chain before your done
and that's how you make the holiday chain