The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 13

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 29, 2012


JEFF WINKLER: So today is actually day
nine at this location.
This is our final day here.
So it's always been great.
JEFF WINKLER: It's been really good to be at one location for
a long time, because you don't have to load crews in and get
the trucks unloaded and hair and makeup.
And everybody doesn't have to unload all their stuff.
We can come in and we can set up and we can stay here and
make it our home for a few days.
And that's kind of what we did at this location.
As we're shooting the final teams in the location, which
is Floyd's office, the rest of the guys are taking down all
these lights.
So you see that light up there.
That's like the final one.
They were all along these graphs here.
And there were lights all over the place.
That's all being taken down.
Art department is slowly but surely taking down everything
that was all along these wall.
The mannequins are going away.
We're going to be working for a few hours after we wrap
tonight, just to make this place crystal clear.
So when people come back to work on Monday they won't even
know that we were here.
That's what we always try to like to do.
That's what every good production does is they leave
a location the way they found it.
CHRIS PREKSTA: So today we are filming in Floyd's office.
Floyd, he is the president of the company.
He is the maker of the game that the characters all play.
And he was from the previous season as well, the season at
the convention.
And so we were in Floyd's office all day.
And so what was tough about it is it was such a tight space.
It was this cramped space.
And not only did you have to fit all the actors in, but
then you have a camera and a second AC.
You have another camera operator and a second AC.
And then you have a sound and boom operator.
So we're all cramped in this really tiny hot area.
And then on top of that we had to get 10 pages of the script
done in one day, which, on a good day an average number of
pages is like four.
So to do over double of that--
So it was a tall order today to get that much done.
But they did a really great job and we got through it.
We got through it and made our day.
There's like seven Chrises on this set, so Chris the
director, Chris the director of
photography, Chris the gaffer.
There was Chris who did a cameo today.
So there's a lot of Chrises.
So if you come on set and just yell 'Chris,' there's like a
75% chance that you're going to have the right person.
You just walk up to a girl and say, Chris.
Because it might be Christina.