Learn Malay ( Melayu ) :Part 1 (with Translator)

Uploaded by ghanmy on 27.05.2011

Assalamualaikum and Hi! In this video I am going to teach Malay language.
Please press the CC button because we are going to watch some cartoon in Malay
The first word we are going to learn is Saya. Which means I. Sa-ya.
One example:
Saya Upin
I am from Jakarta
In Malaysian slang, words which ends with a is pronounced e. Like Sa-ye
One example
Hi! I am Upin
The second word we are going to learn is Dia. which means he or she.
She studies hard.
She wants to be a doctor
The third word is Kamu which means You.Ka-mu
Both of you
Upin,Ipin, Now you both
You all
You want to be a reporter