Downsized - Season 2 Episode 2 Clientele

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 What are you doing? The Daddy and Me competition is about to start!\
I just wanted to run through the number one more time!\
There's a bop-bop there. Bop-bop then slide then shimmy. Well, I shimmy. What do you do
when I shimmy?\ My mind's a blank! I'm a graphic designer
not a ballet dancer!\ Ok calm down.\
I can't do this!\ We talked about this. There's a special prize
for Daddy and Me and Poppy gets extra credit towards the Grand Supreme title. Don't you
want Poppy to get the big crown?\ I've never been on a stage before. Let me
ask you is there any possibility that the walls are coming towards us right now?\
Ok, look at me. Who are you?\ I forget.\
You're the Daddy.\ I don't want to be the Daddy!\
And Daddys are strong.\ No, I'm weak! My wife is the one who makes
all the decisions!\ These arms beg to differ. You are strong!\
I am?\ And incidentally I'm impressed.\
Well, I do pushups every night.\ I should say that you do. Now come on. Bop-bop
slide and shimmy. Ready? Bop-bop slide and shimmy and then the skip skip turn around,
and then we could just skip the lift because I may be less than a size 6 but I am not 6!
Woah! Well, ok then. Sweetie, those pushups are working for you!\
Hello there.\ Oh hi honey.\
Your daughter is looking for you. It is her understanding that the category is not called
... "And me."\ We were just practicing.\
Daddy is a little nervous.\ He looks it.\
Astrid was just helping me get through my nerves. I think I'm good to go now.\
What a trooper! They have Poppy in line. I said you'd be right there.\
Why don't you go ahead, Nate? And just remember bop-bop slide. If you forget the moves, you
just look for me. I'll be doing them right in your sightline.\
Cool.\ Well, we've overcome that and we're right
back on track!\ Exactly how many have a Daddy and Me category?\
Let's hope they all do!\ I don't think that's a universal hope.\
Every opportunity we have to sparkle we must take! Especially if they give us extra points!\
Isn't there an also extra FEE for this category?\ Yes but it's hardly worth the value of the
Daddy-daughter bonding time, and we do want Poppy to grow up into a woman who knows what
men will do for her when she wants something.\ Actually, that's not a lesson I want to teach
her at all.\ Of course! We have to keep that secret or
else it will stop working.\ I don't know if Nate told you, but I have
been out of work for two months, so we need to be more selective about our expenses. Do
you understand?\ You know, with just a little self-tanner,
you will feel like you've been on a vacation, and your demeanor will be so much sunnier!\
I'm unemployed. Every day is a vacation. Pale makes me seem like I'm getting a paycheck.\
I see. You're a workaholic. And it is time to change that way of thinking. I think it's
time for Mommy.\ Don't worry. After what I just saw, you'll
be seeing a lot more of Mommy.\ No, no, you mustn't feel guilty for never
coming to a pageant before. We'll just fit you in for a few Mommy and Me sessions and
we will right your relationship with your daughter but quick! Actually, hold on--\
I would just like to address all the extra fees. If you could itemize exactly-- what
is that?\ Now, I can only offer this to a few special
mommies, but when I look at you, I see someone who has worked so hard to provide for her
family that she hasn't left any time for herself! And it is just time to take a stand! You have
every right to be as pretty as your daughter!\ Excuse me!\
It is America! Everybody's equal, except you. You are special, which is why I'm giving you
a special rate!\ For what?\
A Mommy Makeover!\ Well, I've looked better. This is all I could
find. I was a Managing Director for 15 years so my whole wardrobe is suits. \
Which is why you haven't had time to exfoliate! Don't fret! We will correct this!\
All I need right now is a job, so unless you run a Fortune 500 company, I don't think you
can help me.\ Actually I can. I can make you the most desirable
interviewee on the east coast. That's what I do! I prepare you for the questions you
don't know that they're going to ask and I will let you know what they'll say about you
in the bathroom after you leave. Like that eyebrow shape, not making you seem like a
team player!\ They're gonna talk about my eyebrow shape
in the bathroom?\ And we haven't gotten to the tension in your
jaw! Do you grit your teeth?\ Do I what?!\
Now it's going to take some work, but in a few short months time, we'll have every CEO
asking for your number!\ I'm not applying to be an escort!\
Who needs HR when we have HE... Hair extensions!\ I'm gonna go watch my daughter.\
Just because us women have started bringing home the bread doesn't mean we have to eat
it!\ \
\ \
\ }