Gaming on Windows Phone 7

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 28.01.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a video
going over gaming on Windows Phone. With Xbox Live integration
and quite a few exclusive games, let’s take a look.
The first game is Z0MB1ES on teh ph0ne. A mobile port of the
awesome I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!, this is a dual
stick shooter that guessed it, zombies. Just
like on Xbox Live Arcade what’s great about this isn’t just
the gameplay but the presentation. The music is timed with the
gameplay perfectly and the graphics look good, if a bit
seizure inducing at times. There are weapon pickups and a wide
variety of enemies from zombies to crystals which break off
into smaller shards when you shoot them. There’s also an endless
zombies mode along with an awesome mode called Time Viking. It’s
got another really catchy song and a platform where you have to
defend against ninjas. Aw yeah. For $3 and with full Xbox Live support
including achievements this is a must for anyone with a Windows
Phone. Hydro Thunder Go is another great game. Just like the original
arcade game that I grew up playing you pilot an absurdly fast boat
through pretty absurd tracks with all kinds of action. This one uses
motion controls and while it might not be the most graphically intense
game it certainly does work. The gameplay is pretty simple and learning
the maps is very helpful as there are lots of shortcuts and boost
powerups all over the place. To do well you’ll need to collect
enough boost and use it almost constantly. Overall for $5 it’s not a
must have but fun for fans of the original and games like this.
Last but certainly not least we have Snake 97. And no, you aren’t
seeing things, this is a nearly perfect port of Snake on the Nokia
5110. Some of you probably never had the pleasure of playing this
on the original Nokia but this was how I spent many afternoons
after school. In the game you control a snake who has to eat food.
Every time you eat a pixel your body gets that much longer and if
you run into the wall or your tail game over. This one’s definitely
a novelty with the original Nokia buttons and all but it’s a game I
gladly paid $1 for. So there you have it, a few examples of gaming
on Windows Phone. While there might not be the same selection of
games as on the iPhone or even Android there are definitely some
good ones and even some exclusive games tied into Xbox Live. If
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