Easy Smothered Pork Chop Recipe : Mixing in the Gravy for Smothered Pork Chops

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.11.2007

Hello my name is Karl James and on behalf of expertvillage.com. I'm sharing with you
a quick and simple smother pork chop receipt. So once we have that in there we are going
to take a couple of cups of water. Add to this. We would start with two and then we
will start mixing this up. Once you start mixing this up you would see and notice and
the thickness of it and you would see if you need to add more water in which right here
I say that we do. So we will add another cup of water. We are going to mix this thoroughly
That cream of mushroom soup is kind of thick and you want to get that broken up and mix
it really well with this. Okay lets add one more cup of water to this. Put that a half
of cup. Mixing thoroughly. Now that we have it mixed thoroughly I like to add the vegetables
that we have sweated the mushrooms and the onions and the garlic, bell pepper, Thai chilies
and mix that into our gravy mixture. Lets get it even and here it starts to spread out
throughout. Now that we have it in there one thing I want to add we add the bits and pieces
of the pork chops as they brown at the bottom of the pan. The little yummies and that is
mixed in there plus the seasonings from the pork chops where still in the pan but we are
going to add just before we add the pork chops back into this lets add a little bit more
seasoning because the water that we added.